Dumbbell Forearm Exercises


Most gym enthusiasts tend to put more emphasis on building their chest, pumping their upper arms, and abs. But did you know that forearms should also be given equal importance as much as they are? Forearms are considered to be the primary doorway to strength. This only means that if you have a weak forearm … Read more

Dumbbell Leg Exercises


Dumbbells should be a component of your exercise routine no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  Dumbbells are highly versatile pieces of equipment making them highly functional for almost all kinds of exercises, thus including strengthening the upper body, core, and lower body.  Aside from their versatility, dumbbells are also relatively easy to … Read more

Dumbbell Chest Exercises


Chest workouts are essential if you desire a broad and well-defined upper body.  Although barbell lifts are great in developing those pecs, you can also achieve your desired hypertrophy and pec sculpting using just a pair of dumbbells. Moreover, dumbbells offer less risk of injury, are more versatile, and are inexpensive.  Dumbbells are a great … Read more

Dumbbell Abs Exercises

Dumbbell abs exercises

Wanted to level up your ab exercises routine? You can try getting a pair of dumbbells and sculpting your abs and obliques with some of the effective circuit workouts we identified.  Having a well-chiseled ab not only looks good but will also help you accomplish daily duties more quickly such as carrying stuff into the … Read more

Dumbbell Biceps Exercises


Given their position in front of the limb, it is no doubt that pump-up and toned biceps muscles are one of the most noticeable and striking features anyone can hone. Aren’t they just rock on sleeveless shirts or even on simple white t-shirts?  Aside from the fact that it works wonderfully and looks great in … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Lifting

best fitness tracker for weight lifting

Do you want to optimize your weight training routine? If you do, then you may want to invest in a fitness tracker that can count your reps, recognize your strength training workout, and give you the data you need to improve your strength over time and get the most out of your training. That’s why … Read more

Dumbbell Back Exercises

dumbbell back exercises

The back is one of the most significant muscle groups in the human body. It supports the weight of the body, allows flexible movement, and protects nerve structures and vital organs. By strengthening your back muscles, you are basically developing the main support structure of your entire body. Come to think of it, a strong … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Insulin Resistance


Insulin resistance happens when fat or muscle cells don’t respond well to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.  Over time, this can lead to prediabetes, which in turn puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain which may result in obesity. While there are … Read more

Lat Pulldown Machine with Weight Stack

best lat pulldown machine with weight stack

If you are new to fitness and are wondering what a lat pulldown machine is, it’s a piece of gym equipment that can work your lats (V-shaped muscles on the back that stretches to the sides) the same way that chin-ups and pullups do but with less weight. To perform a lat pull-down, you are … Read more