Does Pre-Workout Have Calories?

With the growing demand for at-home fitness equipment (like stationary bikes and treadmills) and fitness trackers, the number of calories you burn each workout has been in the spotlight. It’s no surprise, as calories are among the essential indicators of a workout’s effectiveness. Simply put, this measure of energy refers to the energy you get … Read more

Pre-Workout and Alcohol – What You Have to Know

Are you someone who likes to hit the gym after a night out with friends? Do you often find yourself reaching for a pre-workout supplement to power through your workout, even when you’ve had a few drinks the night before?  If so, you’re not alone. Many fitness enthusiasts believe that pre-workout supplements can help them … Read more

Taking Pre-Workout at Night – What Are The Risks?

taking pre-workout at night - what are the risks?

Pre-workout supplements have gained immense popularity among fitness enthusiasts in recent years. These supplements boost energy, focus, and endurance during workouts. However, many people are unaware of the risks of pre-workouts at night. In this blog post, we will discuss the risks associated with consuming a pre-workout at night and provide tips on how to … Read more

Can Pre Workout Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can pre workout cause erectile dysfunction

Pre-workout supplements, also known as pre-workouts, give you energy. Fitness enthusiasts usually consume these supplements before working out. They are also great for athletes and bodybuilders as they help with stamina and performance. However, pre-workouts also have some drawbacks. For example, it causes erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.  This article will discuss the possible … Read more

What is Nootropic Pre Workout?

What is Nootropic Pre Workout?

If you’re struggling to work out in the gym? Is physical strength dropping off? If yes, you might need a cognitive boost. Nootropic pre-workouts are supplements for brain health. It enhances mental wellness and cognitive performance. Nootropics are also great when it comes to improving athletic performance. They offer you benefits you never knew were … Read more

Pre-Workout Before Football Game – Is it a Good Idea?

pre-workout before football game

Taking a pre-workout may delay time to fatigue, increase alertness, improve cognitive performance, and increase overall training volume. Sounds promising, right? Well, don’t decide to just take a pre-workout before a football game or any athletic activity just yet. Responses to pre-workouts vary hugely between individuals. In this guide, I’ll share the pros and cons … Read more