Why is Protein Powder So Expensive?

why is protein powder so expensive

Have you ever wondered, “Why is protein powder so expensive?” Protein powder is necessary for those who want to build muscle, but it can be pricey. While most of us don’t know why and how expensive it is, some factors contribute to the high price. Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps with muscle growth … Read more

How to Store Protein Powder

how to store protein powder

Protein powders are a convenient and easy way to get protein in your body. It’s also beneficial in muscle building and weight loss. But how do you store protein powders to ensure they stay fresh with such wide varieties of protein powders on the market? Protein powders come in various flavors, so you can mix … Read more

How Does Apple Watch Track Steps

how does apple watch track steps

Your Apple watch is designed with health and fitness tracking in mind. It can display your health profile, heart rate, and medical ID.  Depending on the model, it can also detect a fall, measure your blood oxygen levels, record the electrocardiogram of your heart rhythm, help you unwind via a mindfulness app, track steps and … Read more

Are Dumbbells Enough to Build Muscle?

are dumbbells enough to build muscle

Building muscles is not easy. It’s not simply about eating pounds and pounds of protein or going to the gym. However, it’s more about pushing your muscles to the limit and letting them recover.  To do this, you must have a proper recovery environment, build the right weight, and use the right equipment to strengthen … Read more

Does Whey Protein Cause Constipation?

Does Whey Protein Cause Constipation?

Whey protein powder is known to have various advantages, from muscle growth to an increase in daily protein intake. However, it also causes digestive issues like constipation, protein fats, and even bloating. It may result from the mode of preparation or the brand you are taking. Constipation through the intake of whey protein might also … Read more

Does Pre-Workout Make You Sweat More?

does pre-workout make you sweat more?

Many pre-workout supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are looking for ways to improve their physical performance. Many pre-workouts are on the market, each with its ingredients and claimed benefits. One common question about supplements is whether or not they make you sweat more. Sweating is a natural … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Taller

does creatine make you taller

Have you ever wondered, “Does creatine make you taller?” Several studies show that creatine helps inhibit myostatin, a human growth hormone that allows protein synthesis in the body and increases muscle size. Additionally, creatine is an amino acid that can contribute to human growth. Theoretically, if creatine increases muscle mass, it could also make you … Read more