Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

If you or someone you know is a runner and wants to track their health metrics, wearing a fitness tracker for the ankle is a great idea. Many fitness enthusiasts have also switched to wearing an ankle tracker instead of a smartwatch.

Unlike wristwatches and most fitness trackers, ankle fitness trackers can track your activities and give you more accurate workout performance. 

The search for the best ankle fitness tracker can also be difficult, so we created a list of our top picks to help you choose which one you like best. Some fitness trackers may offer continuous heart rate monitoring and other health trackers, it can also give you inaccurate data.

If you’re interested to know more about the best ankle fitness tracker, keep reading.

The Best Ankle Fitness Trackers

1. Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness

Product Description

First on our list is the Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness. With the help of this FitBit fitness tracker, you can now manage your stress, track your sleep, heart rate, and overall health.

This ankle tracker features a Daily Readiness Score, which can optimize your workout routine by revealing if you’re ready to workout or need to focus on your recovery. However, this feature requires a FitBit Premium membership.

Another great feature of this fitness tracker is the Stress Management Score, which shows your body’s response to stress. Its on-wrist EDA sensor mindfulness session helps you take steps to improve your levels.

Other excellent features of this fitness tracker include a track Sp02, skin temperature variation, heart rate variability, and Health Metrics dashboard. Take note that these tools are not intended to treat any medical conditions, but to provide information to manage your health.

With the help of its built-in GPS, you can view your real-time distance and pace without your phone during outdoor activity. You can also use the Fitbit app to see a map of your workout route.

Just like the Fitbit Flex, this fitness tracker also features a daily Sleep Score and graphs of your time in daylight, deep, and REM sleep. This feature gives you a better understanding of your sleep quality, and see how you can improve your sleep. 

Lastly, its 24/7 heart rate tracking and Active Zone Minutes let you optimize your workouts and track calories you’ve burned. This allows you to work toward your preferred intensity level.


  • Features a Daily Readiness Score
  • Includes a Stress Management Score
  • Has a track Sp02
  • Includes a skin temperature variation
  • Provides a heart rate variability
  • Features a Health Metrics dashboard
  • Has a built-in GPS
  • Features a daily Sleep Score
  • Includes a 24/7 Heart rate tracking and Active Zone Minutes


  • Not eligible for return
  • Does not include an altimeter
  • Includes finicky bars
  • Not scratch-resistant

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2. Garmin VivoSmart 4

Product Description

If you prefer an ankle fitness tracker with a great combination of stylish design and functional features, then the Garmin VivoSmart 4 is what you might be looking for.

This Garmin fitness tracker includes an Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature with REM sleep. This feature gauges your blood oxygen saturation levels at nighttime with the wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor.

This fitness tracker for the ankle also includes more fitness and health monitoring tools, such as a 24/7 stress tracker, an estimated wrist-based heart rate, Vo2 Max, a relaxation breathing timer, and a body battery energy monitor.

Other features to admire about this fitness tracker for the ankle are its activity tracker for walks, runs, strength training, yoga, pool swims, and many more. This ankle tracker also allows you to get accurate tracking during outdoor walks and runs by connecting your compatible phone’s GPS. 

Lastly, its battery life can last up to seven days, excluding its Pulse Ox sleep tracking. This makes it safe and suitable for water activities such as swimming and showering.


  • Includes an Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature with REM sleep
  • Features a 24/7 stress tracker, 
  • Provides an estimated wrist-based heart rate
  • Offers Vo2 Max
  • Has a relaxation breathing timer
  • Includes a body battery energy monitor


  • Gives inaccurate heart rate readings
  • Pulse oxymeters works sporadically

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3. Moov Now

Product Description

If you’re looking for an ankle fitness tracker and an audio coach, you might want to check out this 3D fitness tracker by MOOV NOW.

This fitness tracker for the ankle provides real-time audio coaching for cycling, running, cardio boxing, and body weight by using Moov 7 Minute +.  Apart from that, it’s also an advanced swim tracker that tracks your stroke count, stroke type, lap analysis and recommends ways to improve.

This wearable fitness coach also speaks to you by tracking your progress, actively monitoring your motion, and motivating you to reach your fitness goals. Just like the MOOV HR Sweat, it also tracks active minutes and your sleep.

MOOV features an Omni Motion sensor. Unlike other fitness trackers, this utilizes three times the sensors and offers real-time accuracy. This ankle fitness tracker also includes a MOOV app, which gives you colorful and insightful data.

Lastly, this ankle fitness tracker’s battery life can last up to six months. It is also water-resistant, lightweight, and breathable. You can either wear it on your ankle for running and cycling or your wrist for swimming.


  • Provides real-time audio coaching (MOOV 7 Minute +)
  • An advanced swim tracker
  • Tracks your progress
  • Actively monitors your motion
  • Tracks active minutes and your sleep
  • Features an Omni Motion sensor
  • Gives you colorful and insightful data
  • Offers a six-month battery life


  • Not optimized for iPhone
  • Not suitable for HIIT workouts
  • Has a ripped band

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4. Garmin Foot Pod

Product Description

The Garmin Foot Pod is perfect for those looking for a running dynamics pod that computes and gives meaningful data. This ankle fitness tracker calculates and sends your compatible device six running dynamics metrics.

The Garmin Foot Pod has a compact size that weighs only 0.5 ounces, making it lightweight. This ankle fitness tracker also automatically turns itself on and off. You can also use your compatible devices and connect with the Garmin Connect Mobile app to automatically sync your data and connect with others.

One optional feature you can utilize for running is the heart rate monitor chest strap. Once paired with your compatible smartwatch, simply clip it to the back and center of your waistband.

Lastly, it features a replaceable battery that can last up to one year, assuming one hour of daily use.


  • Computes and gives meaningful data
  • Calculates and sends six running dynamics metrics
  • Weighs only 0.5 ounces
  • Automatically turns itself on and off
  • Features a Garmin Connect Mobile app
  • Has an optional heart rate monitor chest strap
  • Includes  a replaceable battery that can last up to one year


  • Costly
  • Poor design
  • Not compatible with all devices

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5. Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray

Product Description

Last on our list is the MisFit Wearables S500BMORZ Misfit Ray. This ankle fitness tracker is minimal but very versatile, delivering both fitness and sleep tracking such as distance traveled, steps taken, activity tagging, calories burned, and sleep duration and quality.

This ankle fitness tracker has a water resistance of up to 50 meters and does not require constant charging, giving you more accurate data, better insights, and more motivation for your fitness goals. 

Other benefits you can enjoy with this ankle fitness tracker are its vibration alerts, where you can receive text and calls, alarms, and movement reminders. It also includes a smart button, which enables control of connected household devices. 


  • Has a minimal design
  • Versatile
  • Features a fitness and sleep tracker
  • Tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Does not require constant charging
  • Allows you to receive vibration alerts
  • Includes a smart button


  • Gets broken in saltwater
  • Inaccurate

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What to Look For in an Ankle Fitness Tracker?

Here are a few features you might want to consider when looking for the best ankle fitness trackers:

1. Battery Life

When looking for the best fitness tracker, battery life is one of the most essential features to look at. This is important if you’re a professional runner, athlete, or someone who actively participates in marathons. 

A fitness tracker with a longer battery life allows you to enjoy and focus on your workout sessions without worrying about your battery’s status.

2. Water resistance

Water resistance is another feature to consider when looking for the best ankle fitness trackers since you’ll be sweating a lot during your frequent gym workouts. You will also have a higher exposure to water during your outdoor activities.

3. Design

Fitness trackers come in different designs and styles. We suggest fitness trackers that are lightweight and comfortable instead of bulky ones. Whether you’re a minimalist, high-maintenance, or adventurous, there is a fitness tracker with a style that perfectly suits your personality and preference.

4. Durability

The best fitness tracker includes an excellent and durable construction. Most fitness trackers can be cheap and affordable, but fragile. A durable fitness tracker allows you to use the device in the long run without easily replacing it.

5. Overall quality

The best fitness trackers are those that have excellent overall quality, from their functional features to their durable material, ankle band, and stylish design. 


Wearing a fitness tracker for your ankle is a great idea if you want to track your health metrics. Searching for the best ankle fitness trackers can be time-consuming, so we created a list of some of the best finds.

We highly recommend the FitBit Charge 5 Advance Fitness as your new fitness tracker. This ankle fitness tracker allows you to manage your stress, track your sleep, heart rate, and overall health. Whether you’re exercising or sleeping, this ankle tracker will give you accurate results to manage your well-being.

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