Best Choline Supplement

Choline is an essential nutrient required for normal bodily function and health. Although your liver can make small amounts of choline, you must obtain most of it through your diet. 

Choline is an organic compound, neither vitamin nor a mineral, that is often grouped with the vitamin B complex because of their similarities. It affects liver function, muscle movement, metabolism, and healthy brain development. 

The richest dietary sources of choline are eggs, meat, fish, and dairy. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables contain choline as well. However, you may not get enough choline in your diet. When decreasing choline levels go unnoticed, it can lead to various health complications, later on.

So, you may consider taking a choline supplement to increase or maintain an adequate level of choline in your body. Below, we provide you with a list of the best choline supplements on the market today and what to look for when buying one. 

8 Best Choline Supplements On The Market

1. Nested Naturals Choline Bitartrate – Best in Ingredient Quality 

Product Description

This chlorine supplement from Nested Naturals promises to give its users a deeper focus, quicker muscles, a sharper mind, and a stronger memory. 

It contains L+ Choline Bitartrate, which is vital even for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It promotes normal prenatal development. What makes this special compared to other choline supplements is that it’s 100% vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

We like that it is suitable for vegans and even those with allergies. They also come in medium-sized pills, so they’re easy to swallow.

The choline supplement has likewise been manufactured in an NSF- and GMP-certified facility and has been third-party tested for quality assurance. In terms of ingredient quality, effectiveness, and price, this supplement ranks high on our list.


  • Brain-boosting supplement
  • 100% vegan
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free 
  • Helps support the liver
  • Non-GMO
  • Formulated to provide FDA’s recommended daily intake for adults


  • The label says 500 mg, but it only contains 250mg. of  Choline Bitartrate per capsule

Get Nested Naturals Choline Bitartrate Here.

2. Jarrow Formulas Citicoline (CDP Choline) – Best CDP-Choline Supplement

Product Description

CDP-choline is the gold standard in choline supplements. Such a kind of supplement provides both choline and cytidine, another essential molecule important for the biosynthesis of cell membranes, a study explains.

The Jarrow Formulas Citicoline (CDP Choline) promises to support cognitive functions, mental performance, and the brain’s structural integrity. It works by boosting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and on other neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine and dopamine.

With 250 mg of citicoline content in each pill, this smarty-pants supplement is lauded to reduce brain fog, improve attention, and support brain energy metabolism in adolescents and healthy adults.

It’s a plus point also for our team that the capsules are in a convenient gelatin form so they’re easy to swallow. Overall, this supplement is affordable, made with high-quality ingredients, and has positive consumer feedback.


  • Easy to take gelatin capsules
  • Positive consumer feedback
  • Supports brain health
  •  Manufactured in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified facilities
  • Offers age-related cognitive support
  • Established brand, formulating health for decades


  • May cause insomnia
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Softgel capsules made from bovine gelatin, may not be appropriate for vegans

Get Jarrow Formulas Citicoline (CDP Choline) Here.

3. Now Foods Choline & Inositol Supplement – Best Choline and Inositol Combo

Product Description

Next in our top recommendation for choline supplements is the Now Foods Choline & Inositol. As the product label suggests, this supplement also contains inositol, a sugar that helps provide structure to your cells and affects the chemical messengers in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin.

In a randomized controlled trial involving 60 healthy adults (video gamers) taking inositol-fortified arginine supplements, subjects are found to have improved energy, focus, mood, reaction time, and accuracy while decreasing anger levels. Inositol may also be beneficial in reducing symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorders and depression.

Combining such a type of sugar that is utilized in the brain with choline, this supplement from NOW foods proves to be worthy of the list of the best choline supplements on the market today.  Plus, it is free from all major allergens, yeast, and gluten, and is even appropriate for vegans.


  • Supports healthy never transmission
  • A supplement for nervous system health
  • Good dietary supplement
  • Vitamins
  • Suitable for vegetarian, kosher, and vegan
  • Free from all major allergens


  • You may experience water retention or weight gain

Get Now Foods Choline & Inositol  Here.

4. Alpha GPC Choline + Uridine – Most Bioavailable Form of Choline

Product Description

Another choline supplement that we highly recommend is the Alpha GPC Choline + Uridine.

It has a potent 2-in-1 formulation and promises to provide tangible benefits in terms of relaxation, cognition, mood, and focus. This product’s choline content is sourced from sunflower lecithin and not soy lecithin, making it a safer choice because soy lecithin’s extraction process involves the use of harsh chemicals.

Alpha GPC is moreover the most bioavailable form of choline, meaning it is most easily absorbed, more effective, and more potent. Both choline and uridine work together to boost overall cognitive function and memory.

Uridine functions as a choline enhancer. Another reason why we included this supplement in our top recommendations is that plain choline may not significantly raise choline availability in the brain as compared to how Alpha GPC functions. That’s because choline does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier.


  • Soy-free 
  • No fillers
  • Helps reduce brain fog
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gives you more focus and concentration
  • Easy to swallow
  • Good value for money


  • Since it contains two supplements in one, the formula may be too strong for people sensitive to supplements and medication.

Get Alpha GPC Choline + Uridine Here.

5. NusaPure Choline Bitartrate

Product Description

The NusaPure Choline Bitartrate is beneficial for keeping your brain mentally focused and sharp. With 650 mg of premium choline bitrate per serving, means you get an adequate intake recommendation for choline.

As a result, you get everything you need for cellular efficacy, cognitive development/ healthy brain function, and healthy metabolism. In adults, the average dietary choline intake from food is 402 mg in men and 278 mg in women. For pregnant women, the recommended choline intake was set at 450 mg per day for all trimesters.

We also like that the NusaPure Choline Bitartrate is allergen-free and non-GMO. It is also 100% vegetarian and comes in a cellulose-based capsule, making it more effective for digestion. 


  • Capsules are easy to swallow
  • Trusted brand
  • Plenty of positive consumer feedback
  • Allergen-free
  • Non-GMO


  • Does not present the same positive results to everyone
  • It is not the most bioavailable choline form compared to other dietary supplements on this list

Get NusaPure Choline Bitartrate Here.

6. Double Wood Supplements Phosphatidyl Choline

Product Description

Double Wood Supplements Phosphatidyl Choline provides 420 mg of phosphatidylcholine per serving. Since the bottle contains up to 210 servings, we believe this choline supplement provides the best value for your money.

Studies have shown that PhosphatidylCholine supplementation may improve memory, increase neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, or have a positive impact on brain health in general. It may even aid in liver repair. The product has been manufactured in New York and is tested for purity.

Phosphatidylcholine is also known to be vital to cell membrane health. It is the enhanced version of soy and sunflower lecithin as it is derived from lecithin. Its effects are moreover comparable to Alpha GPC because it helps increase the acetylcholine levels in the brain.

This is best for people with choline deficiency. Although rare, it can cause abnormal deposition of fat in the liver and can cause muscle damage.


  • Supports cognitive function
  • Made and tested in the USA
  • Tested for purity
  • Supports brain health
  • Contains Phosphatidylcholine, a key component of cells
  • Non-GMO 
  • In softgels capsules
  • Gluten-free
  • A good number of servings per container


  • Although in soft gel form, the pills are a bit huge than other supplements

Get Double Wood Supplements Phosphatidyl Choline Here.

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7. BulkSupplements Choline L-Bitartrate Powder

Product Description

If you prefer taking choline in powder form, then search no more as BulkSupplements’ choline l-bitartrate comes in powder, capsules, and gelatin form. Both the powder and capsules supplements do not contain fillers, artificial flavors, and additives.

Choline Bitartrate is the salt form of choline, helping stabilize choline and turn it into a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine that is essential to memory and learning. Taking this choline supplement may even help reduce your risk of muscle damage, fatty liver disease, and other health conditions.


  • Supports liver and heart function
  • Available in powder, capsule, and gelatin forms.
  • No additives and artificial flavors
  • Helps boost athletic performance
  • May aid in cognitive function
  • Helps with muscle recovery


  • Few people may not like the tart flavor

Get BulkSupplements Choline L-Bitartrate Powder Here.

8. Ultra Clean Alpha GPC Choline Supplement

Product Description

Ultra Clean Alpha GPC Choline Supplement or  Alpha-glycerophosphocholine is choline that contains phospholipid. This one is among our favorites in the list because this type of choline is known for its highest bioavailability.

We also like that the supplements are in veggie capsules. They are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and have been produced from a GMP-compliant facility.

In addition, this best choline supplement provides maximum choline levels with a dose of 600mg Alpha GPC. And as a nootropic brain supplement, it works by aiding in acetylcholine production in the body. acetylcholine is the chief neurotransmitter in the nervous system.

Try it out for yourself and you’ll be surprised how you’ll be much better at focusing.


  • Highest bioavailable form of choline
  • Keto-friendly
  • Vegan/vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Manufactured in the US


  • Contains a higher dosage of choline supplement vs. other choline supplements. 

Get Ultra Clean Alpha GPC Choline Supplement Here.

What to Look for in Choline Supplements

Type of Choline

Not all choline supplements are the same. Some types of choline supplements are superior in terms of purity, quality, and how they promote brain health and cognitive function.

The most effective forms of choline for promoting brain health, boosting mental energy, and enhancing cognition are Alpha-GPC, Citicoline, and Choline Bitartrate. Here’s how they differ:

  • Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC is a highly bioavailable choline supplement and is about 40% choline by weight, which means every 100mg of Alpha-GPC carries 40 milligrams of choline. 

Along with citicoline, it is the most bioavailable form of oral choline supplement on the market. Numerous studies have shown that taking this type of supplement improves different measures of cognitive performance, including learning, mental energy, information processing speeds, and focus.

  • Citicoline

Citicoline, on the other hand, is the most effective nootropic for quickly enhancing one’s overall cognitive function. It is about 18% choline by weight.

Also referred to as CDP-choline, Citicoline is most efficient for raising phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine in the brain. 

  • Choline Bitartrate

When it comes to enhancing cognitive performance, the choline bitartrate type of choline is the least effective of the three types of choline. That is because it is not particularly bioavailable, but that does not mean that they are not a good supplement for boosting one’s choline level.

There are other types of choline supplements aside from these three. You may also find a choline supplement combined with inositol to present similar effects for regulating cellular activity and building cell membranes. Using them together can help enhance brain function because of their complementary mechanism for promoting phosphatidylcholine in the body.


How many milligrams of choline one needs per day for long-term brain health or to maintain optimal cognitive performance remains a hotly debated topic. However, dietary intake of choline certainly is enough to support optimal cognitive development.

The ideal dosage you should aim for depends on your diet, goals, circumstances, and the type of choline supplement you are using. The recommended dosage for Alpha-GPC is between 300 to 400 mg per day. 

To produce similar effects for choline bitrate, the recommended dosage appears to be around 400 to 500 mg. For citicoline, it’s 200-250mg.

Meanwhile, here’s a guideline on the adequate intake (AI) level for choline from the National Academy of Medicine:

  • Male: 550 mg/day
  • Female: 425 mg/day
    • Pregnant: 450 mg/day
    • Breastfeeding: 550 mg/day

Form and Purity

Choline supplements are available in different forms. The most common forms include tablets and capsules. Choose vegetarian capsules if you are a vegetarian or vegan. You may also buy the gummy or powder forms if you are having trouble swallowing pills.

Other than form, it is also best to consider the purity of the choline supplement you are planning to take. Top-tier supplements are those that don’t contain preservatives, additives, and other fillers to compromise their potency and efficacy.

Choline supplements that underwent third-party testing can also help you gauge their potency, composition, and purity.

FAQs About Choline Supplement

What is choline?

Choline is a compound that is found in the cell membranes of both animals and plants. Although a human body can make choline on its own, it may not be enough to support all the beneficial roles that choline plays, such as producing the neurotransmitter that helps regulate memory, intelligence, and mood.

What are some effects of choline on health?

Some research has shown that choline reduces one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Can choline supplementation improve cognitive function in older men and women?

Yes, choline supplementation during gestation and the early postnatal period has been shown to improve cognitive function in childhood, adulthood, and even into old age. Choline intake into adulthood may moreover be important for normal cognitive function.

The adequate concentration of choline in the brain may protect an individual against certain types of dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

Can children take a choline supplement?

Yes, children can benefit from a choline supplement as it is beneficial to brain development. Some evidence shows that choline may help with learning disabilities and ADHD. As always, it is best to consult with a pediatrician before starting your child on a choline supplementation as the recommended choline for children differs.

Who should not take choline?

Choline supplementation is not advised for people with bipolar disorder. 

Is choline supplement safe?

A choline supplement has a general safe profile when consumed based on the recommended amount. 

Getting too much choline can cause heavy sweating, salivation, liver damage, low blood pressure, vomiting, and fishy body odor. 

Can you take choline every day?

Pregnant women or breastfeeding moms should talk to their healthcare providers first before taking a choline supplement. There are no known interactions between choline supplements and any food or medicine.

Final Verdict: Which Choline Supplement Should You Buy?

Our favorite from this list of the best choline supplements is Jarrow Formulas Citicoline (CDP Choline). The first reason, it is manufactured by a trusted brand. Second, it is in citicoline supplemental form and third, it has positive consumer feedback. 

As to how our team decided which supplements to include in this list, we considered the type of choline supplements, their effectiveness, purposes, purity, consumer feedback, and price.

Safety Information: Always consult your doctor or licensed qualified healthcare professional before using any of these supplements. Human variation allows every individual to be unique, but also means that one’s health care may be unique.

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