Best Dumbbell Set with Rack

In this pandemic, it is important not to give up on your workout routine simply because you can’t go to the gym, play an organized sport, or attend an exercise class. 

The good news is there are plenty of ways to get a good workout even while at home. And one of the best exercise equipment you can use for home workouts is a dumbbell. They are inexpensive, small, and suitable for a wide variety of exercises.

In addition, if you want to keep your home gym space safer, make more use of horizontal and vertical space, and keep your weights organized, using dumbbell weight racks would be useful.

Just keep in mind that the type of rack you’ll buy will depend on various factors, like the amount of space available in your home gym and the type of dumbbells you own.

We’ve looked at different options so you can find the best dumbbell set with a rack to your liking. These best dumbbell sets with rack have durable build quality, require little space, and offer remarkable storage capacity.

So, let’s get started.

Top 9 Best Dumbbell Set with Rack

1. Fitness Republic Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack Holder Combo

Product Description

First on our list is our best space saver option, the Fitness Republic Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack Holder Combo. 

It has a durable and reliable dumbbell storage rack that is made of steel and can hold up to 200 pounds of dumbbells. The reason why it’s our best space saver option is because of its space-saving design that enables you to put the weight tree track in literally just any part of your home gym for easy access.

This A-frame home gym equipment also secures not just your dumbbells, but your floors too. The base of this rack stand includes defensive spreads so your floors will remain scratch-free.

This home gym gear can likewise be moved easily. It’s not too heavy despite being made from steel construction. You may purchase one with 3 holders available or the 5-holder size.

The weight capacity of this dumbbell set is about 200 pounds for 5 holders or 200 pounds. We also like an ample gap between the two levels, making it easy to place and pick dumbbells and minimizing the risk of trapping your hands between other weights or the rack.


  • Protects dumbbells and floor equally the way it’s constructed
  • Very stable with dumbbells racked
  • The weight capacity of 3 holders (120lbs) and 5 holders is (200lbs)
  • Designed specifically for indoor use
  • Occupies the least volume in your home
  • Available in 3 tiers and 5 tiers
  • With multiple holders that can accommodate various sizes of dumbbells 
  • Space-saving design
  • With ample gap for easy handling
  • Flat wide base provides stability


  • Covers for the sharp corner pieces that hold the weights may fall off easily that you have to glue them

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2. Amazon Basics Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Hand Weight Set

Product Description

Probably the best option for beginners is the Amazon Basics Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Hand Weight Set. 

These colorful dumbbells make it fun for beginners in weightlifting to get comfortable with strength training. Not to mention that you can purchase the dumbbell sets in different lightweights – from 1 to 20 pounds available. 

The weights are made with neoprene cover, a material that is ideal for home use and is aesthetically pleasing too! Neoprene cover material is also less slippery when your hands become sweaty during the workout.

And as the dumbbells are clearly labeled weight on the end, it is easy to grab your desired dumbbell for a full-body exercise. Although the neoprene material may not be as durable as a fully cast-iron or rubber dumbbell, such may not be your concern if you are planning to eventually get heavier weights as you keep on getting stronger.

Simply set it in your space and then you will be ready to start your workout.


  • Color-coded dumbbells based on weight
  • Materials: iron, neoprene
  • 1 to 20 lbs weight options
  • A set of six cast iron dumbbells
  • Hexagonal shape prevents the dumbbells from rolling away
  • Foldable, pre-assembled steel stand
  • Ideal for home workout routines for fitness classes
  • Non-slip neoprene coating
  • Ergonomic


  • Few users find the middle of the dumbbell way too thick that it’s not easy to fit their hands comfortably around the handle
  • While the weights are of good quality, some find the stand as the issue. As it is not fully assembled when delivered, some screws cause the pieces to spin out the side pieces during assembly

Here’s a quick link to where you can buy it! 

3. CAP Barbell 150 LB Dumbbell Set with Rack – Color Series

Product Description

The CAP Barbell 150 LB Dumbbell Set with Rack – Color Series is an adjustable dumbbell set that may be within your budget. This set includes a pair of 5-pound, 10-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound, and 25-pound coated hex dumbbells.

The major benefit of such a type of dumbbell is that they do not roll away when lifting weights. Yup, standard rounded weights may roll during a workout. Not only that, hex dumbbells are great for floor-based circuits, like dumbbell pushups so they provide you stability.

As you order the dumbbell sets, it comes with a space-saving A-frame rack that maximizes your floor space. Then, there are rubber inserts that prevent the rack as well as your dumbbells from scratches.

And if you’re wondering how durable this Cap barbell 150-pound equipment is for your weight training, it is powder-coated. The heats of the dumbbells are made from ASTM A48 Class 20 grey iron and the handle is made of 1018 cold-rolled solid steel with a durable coating. The A-frame rack, on the other hand, is made of steel with a powder coat.


  • Hex dumbbell for added stability during workouts
  • Space-saving design (A-frame dumbbell rack)
  • Durable
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Non-slip grip
  • Anti-roll design
  • Built tough
  • Features 200-pound weight capacity
  • Plenty of good reviews online
  • Great value for money
  • Weights are solid


  • Not easy to grab the weights from the handle so you may have to get used to grabbing them from the outside
  • Greasy film and smell at first use but will go away after a week or so of use

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4. Vortex 5lb to 50lb Pairs Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set

Product Description

Another go-to choice for office and home gyms is the Vortex 5lb to 50lb Pairs Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set.

Each of the Vortex dumbbells has a medium knurl, giving you confidence during your workouts. It also features a comfortable profile handle. The dumbbells are made from one-piece cast iron and come with a durable rubber casing.

The covers are made from a combination of new and recycled rubber. And since the dumbbells have a hexagon head, it is easy to store them on the three-tier dumbbell rack and has added stability – meaning it won’t roll away even when you put them on the floor.

One of the best dumbbells out there for any home gym or commercial gym, the weights vary from 5lb to 50lbs in 5lbs increments so it provides versatility for beginners and expert level.

This equipment is ideal for bench press, bicep curl, bent-over row, one-arm swing, lateral raise, triceps extension, triceps kickback, and more!

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  • Durable cast iron dumbbell set
  • Strong design that can hold a full 550lb set of dumbbells
  • Rubber-encased dumbbells
  • Comfortable profiled handle
  • Hexagon head dumbbells 
  • Three-tier rack


  • None

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5. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbells

Product Description

If you want to kick things up a notch and prefer an adjustable dumbbell, then pick this one from Ativafit. 

Ideal for both men and women, this allows you to quickly switch from 5.5. To 27.5 pounds easily by simply pushing the lever. You can buy one or two of these 

steel dumbbells if you prefer a full set.

What we love about these dumbbells is that you already have four weight sizes in a single dumbbell. How cool is that? They are even easy to move in your house and they take less space compared to other dumbbell sets.

This one also has a nice rubber grip handle, making the workout less of a strain. Plus, it comes with a plastic tray where you can safely put your dumbbell when not in use and you won’t even have to worry about losing any of the weight plates.


  • One dumbbell is equal to 4 different weights 
  • Clever design
  • Multiple weight range
  • Good for basic body workouts, strength exercises, heavy leg lifts, and core fitness
  • High-quality material
  • Soft grip handle design
  • Contoured and textured
  • Giftable
  • Comes with weight plates for easy storage


  • You may hear a clicking sound with every lift of the dumbbell
  • Requires more care when loading and unloading the weights

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6. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Product Description

Best for both fitness experts and even those starting to lift weights, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells adjust from 5 to 52.5 pounds. You may also adjust it in 2.5-pound increments and increase it all the way to the first 25 pounds.

The way it is designed is it allows you to quickly switch from one exercise to the next. Thanks to its unique dial system that combines 15 weights in one dumbbell.

This equipment is one of the most flexible strength-training and space-efficient options out there that allow you to gradually increase your strength without bulking up. 

It’s great for leg exercises, back exercises, chest exercises, and abdominal exercises. Do know, though, that the rack is sold separately.


  • Space-saving
  • Easy to change weight
  • Weight plates and parts are covered with a two-year warranty
  • Combines 15 sets of weights in one
  • Unique dial system
  • Good for total body results
  • Compact design – built for home
  • Durable molding
  • Compatible with Bowflex SelectTech Stand with Media Rack


  • Weight is slightly bulky, meaning you may need to modify some exercises that require a closer group 
  • It would have been better if the grippy material were longer for great overall grip

If you want to try it out, here’s where you can buy it! 

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7. DHT Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set with Rack

Product Description

Mostly preferred by women fitness enthusiasts, the DHT Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set with Rack sports a cool macaron color and they are, without a doubt, beautiful!

These lightweight dumbbells range from 4 to 22.8 lbs weight range and are the best design on our list.  It has a square design, which also means you don’t have to worry that it will roll away during your workout.

Each weight is rubber-coated so you can guarantee a quieter workout session. It has a simple locking system that holds the adjustable weights so you can go from light to heavier weights.

For the ladies who don’t want to mess up the interior or cool vibe in their space, this set fits right in with the decor. If you prefer the plain, unobtrusive black set, there’s also an option from Dynamic Health Tech Store.


  • Practical and beautiful
  • Suitable for basic body workouts, strength exercises, and core fitness
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Mute anti-rolling
  • Easy storage and identification
  • Rubber-coated dumbbells
  • Low noise
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Weight is only up to 22.8 lbs

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8. JFIT Dumbbell Hand Weight Pairs – Rack Set Options

Product Description

Next on our list that is a great value for money is the FIT Dumbbell Hand Weight Pairs with Rack.

Marketed as a dumbbell that will not rust or damage your floor, this exercise equipment features an anti-rolling hex design. As such, it is easy to stack and is ideal for overall weight management, balance, and health.

These dumbbells feature easy-to-read numbers and bright colors that do not just make exercising more design-friendly, it’s also easy to pick up the weight that you’re planning to use for the day.

As for the rack, the one made of plastic is for 18lb, 20lb, 24lb, and 32lb sets. If you choose the metal stand, it’s good for a 46 and 74 pounds set. You can even mix and match your favorite vinyl-covered or neoprene weights.

Use it together with a weight bench to further extend your repertoire and target your chest muscles/pecs.


  • Each weight is marked with numbers (weight) on the end
  • Vinyl coated, vibrant colors
  • Durable cast iron
  • Great way to tone your body, use for therapy, and add to cardio
  • Available in multiple weights
  • You can opt for a metal or plastic stand
  • Easy to assemble, you’ll only need a screwdriver
  • Hex design


  • The set is a little flimsy but holds the sets well

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9. Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set

Product Description

The Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set has a great weight range and makes an amazing piece of home gym equipment. It takes up less space compared to traditional dumbbells.

We recommend this for someone who takes muscle building at home seriously or those who want to invest in home gym equipment that will allow them to make steady progress in the coming months or years.

If you enjoy lifting with weight plates, you’ll surely like this dumbbell set.


  • Solid stand
  • Easy to operate
  • Decent weight range
  • Great value
  • Satisfying click sound when dumbbells are placed on the cradle
  • Contoured, textured, and soft-grip handle design
  • Compact
  • Quick-change weight


  • Weights feel a bit lose

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Dumbbell Set with Rack

Now that you may be eyeing a dumbbell set with rack in the options we provided above, let’s quickly outline the features that you should look for:


When buying the best dumbbell set with a rack, the quality may be a little bit harder to assess. Don’t worry, though. Just know the materials and you’re good to go.

Some prefer the traditional cast iron material while others are willing to invest in a durable rubber dumbbell set. A rubber material indeed protects your gym flooring while a steel and iron material offers more durability, even when you choose to buy adjustable dumbbells.

The three most common outer layers for dumbbells are bare steel, chrome, and rubberized.

Weight Range

Okay, this may sound obvious but you should pay attention to the weight range of the dumbbell. Everyone starts at a different strength level, does different exercises, and has different strength goals.

In practical terms, you may want to invest in a dumbbell with adjustable weights. Most dumbbells now have a range that goes from 5 pounds to 60 pounds with a 5-pound increment. 

If you don’t need all the weights of dumbbells, you can start working out with a 15-pound dumbbell for shoulder press, 10 pounds for a bicep curl, 5 pounds for lateral raise, 25 pounds for DB row, and 35 pounds for DB bench press.

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Even if you enjoy weight training but are tight on space, you should most likely avoid investing in a massive dumbbell rack. Your best option may be the A-frame rack or those with adjustable dumbbell weights.

The bottom line? Just choose the right set or sets for your setup.

Dumbbell Handles

One part of a dumbbell set with a rack that many people overlook is the handle. However, since it is the part that you will always touch when exercising, it is quite important.

As such, we suggest you consider the handles’ material, texture, shape, and diameter. The most common material of dumbbell handles is metal, which is good because it is easy to clean and hardwearing. Another option is a rubberized handle that provides a good grip.

As for the texture, metal handles have knurling (slightly cross-hatch pattern cut) into them that provides extra grip.


Before buying any home gym equipment, determine your budget ahead of time. Doing so will help narrow your research and choose one that makes sense to you. 

The links we provided in this review are from Amazon, which means that they offer free shipping to reduce your overall cost. Adjustable dumbbells may also allow you to save a little money than buying separate dumbbells with different weights.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Each of the dumbbell sets in this list has its unique strengths, but our ultimate favorite would be the CAP Barbell 150 LB Dumbbell Set with Rack.

It comes with an upright standing rack, maximizing your floor space. It is perfect for compact storage. It is also equipped with rubber that helps it from rolling or slipping. 

In addition, the grips on the dumbbells don’t hurt your bare hands. As for its weight, it ranges from 15 to 120 pounds. The yellow A-frame with durable powder coat is a stand out too.

Overall, we believe this would be one of your best home fitness purchases.

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