Best Fitness Tracker for Stationary Bike

The search for the best fitness trackers for stationary bikes or indoor cycling can be overwhelming since the market produces a broad range of fitness trackers. 

Luckily, with the help of the online fitness community, you can still find the right fitness tracker for you.

However, most fitness trackers are better at tracking particular activities than others. So, it’s important to look at fitness trackers that can track a specific activity.

When it comes to outdoor or indoor cycling sessions, the best fitness trackers feature advanced navigation, track every rotation, and acquire accurate performance statistics. 

We’ve gathered some of the best fitness trackers for stationary bikes or indoor cycling so you don’t have to.

If you’re interested to know more about the best fitness tracker for stationary bike, keep reading.

The Best Fitness Trackers for Stationary Bike

1. Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Product Description

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus is an easy-to-use bike computer that includes a display, which measures almost two inches and is easy to read in direct sunlight or low-light situations. 

Thanks to the Garmin Connect app, you’ll get training guidance by syncing structured indoor cycling or outdoor workouts to your device. You will also get access to these workouts by using the other compatible apps such the TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks.

The heart rate monitoring feature and VO2 max will give you performance insights and help you improve your fitness journey. With the ClimbPro feature, you can manage your efforts during touch ascents. This bike computer has a  navigation system that will let you know where you’ve come from and where you’re heading. 

With the help of GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, you can get all the data on your progress and know how fast, far, hard, and high you’ve ridden.

Other dynamics that this bike computer tracks are your jump distance, jump count and hang time. This fitness watch also offers a 12-hour battery life to fuel your rides all day long, which is also provided with safety tracking. Lastly, this cycling computer features a rechargeable battery.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Features an easy-to-read display
  • Includes a Garmin connect app
  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Give you performance insights with the VO2 max
  • Manages your efforts with the ClimbPro feature
  • Offers a navigation system
  • Features GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo
  • Provides a 12-hour battery life


  • Does not last long

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2. Apple Watch Series 7 Smartwatch

Product Description

The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch is a new fitness tracker that includes some notable upgrades from the previous model, which is the Series 6. However, the greatest feature of all the Watch OS is its optimized UI with a new keyboard and customizable watch faces. This feature has the most advanced and largest display ever.

This apple watch also features an advanced navigation system. This feature is outfitted with Glonass, A-GPS, QZSS, Galileo, and can identify your location and map your routes wherever you are in the world. Other features of this excellent fitness tracker include a crack-resistant glass, a fast-charging battery, and an IP6X durability certification.

The navigation system can also send you turn-by-turn directions straight to your wrist. In case you find yourself in a dangerous situation, this fitness tracker also offers a safety tracking feature that connects you with local emergency services.

Another cool feature of this apple watch is it automatically captures the second you start pedaling and reminds you to begin a workout. If you take a hard spill, the fall detection will call emergency services.

This fitness tracker also includes a new voice feedback feature, which keeps your eyes on the road. It also reveals your workout milestones such as how many calories burned, cycling speed, and distance.

Lastly, the Series 7 offers fast charging, taking 45 minutes from 0% to 80%. On the flip side, this fitness tracker provides a battery life of up to 18 hours, but the fast-charging repays it.


  • Features an optimized UI with a new keyboard and watch faces
  • Includes an advanced and large display
  • Has a crack-resistant glass
  • Provides a fast-charging battery
  • Features an IP6X durability certification.
  • Has an advanced navigation system
  • Includes an auto cycling recognition
  • Offers fall detection and safety tracking 
  • Charges fast in 45 minutes


  • Expensive
  • Short battery life

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3. Fitbit Charge 5

Product Description

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that has more advanced features, the Fitbit Charge 5 is the best fitness tracker for you. This is the first fitness tracker by Fitbit to include Sp02 monitoring, EDA scans for stress management, and ECG scans for heart health tracking.

Another key feature to admire about the Charge 5 is the Daily Readiness Scores, which optimize your energy levels to get the most out of your cycling sessions.

This fitness tracker is also equipped with a built-in GPS, which lets you view your real-time distance and pace on your phone. With the Fitbit app, you can view maps of your workout routes post-ride. The Active Zone Minutes will reflect on your workout intensity map on how your heart rate has changed along your route.

Lastly, this fitness tracker by Fitbit provides up to seven days of superb battery life and features an all-new color touchscreen, which is two times brighter than Charge 4 in daylight.

In case you want to reduce the display’s brightness at night, you may get the Fitbit Premium membership that includes premium features like the Sp02, EDA, and ECG.


  • Includes more advanced features
  • Manages your stress with EDA scans
  • Scans your heart health with ECG
  • Features Sp02 monitoring
  • Provides a Daily Readiness Scores
  • Equipped with a built-in GPS
  • Lets you view your post-ride data with the Fitbit app
  • Has Active Zone Minutes
  • Long battery life up to 7 days


  • Not eligible for return
  • Poor customer support

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4. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

Product Description

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch is perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly fitness tracker with excellent features.

This fitness tracker has a built-in GPS mode and Amazon Alexa. These key features allow you to ask questions, set alarms, get translations, create shopping lists, check the weather, and so much more. Thanks to the integrated GPS, you will also receive precise fitness tracking of your calories burned, distance traveled, and daily steps.

Another feature to admire about the Amazfit smartwatch is its long battery life of 14 days. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about charging your phone every day. Thanks to its 220mAh battery, you can enjoy two weeks of fitness activities while keeping the energy flowing.

This fitness tracker also includes more than 70 built-in sport modes, which covers sports enthusiasts indoors and outdoors. The GTS 2 also provides a 5 ATM water resistance, making it suitable for light water activities such as swimming.

Aside from being a fitness tracker, Amazfit also makes a great all-around health management tracker. Other training metrics or activities that it can record are your heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, blood oxygen saturation measurement, stress tracking, and menstrual cycle for women.

Furthermore, this fitness tracker’s PAI health assessment system operates complex health data with an advanced algorithm. This feature presents your physical condition in a simple, single-value score.

The Amazfit GTS 2 also features a super light and thinly built-in display, which adopts a borderless design. Lastly, it provides smart notifications and compatibility, which reminds you of texts, calls, alarms, weather, and so much more on your smartphone.


  • Features a built-in GPS tracking and Amazon Alexa
  • Offers a 14-day long-lasting battery life
  • Includes 70 + Sport Modes
  • Provides a 5 ATM water resistance
  • Manages all-around health
  • Measures blood oxygen saturation 
  • Lightweight
  • Has smart notifications & compatibility


  • The sleep tracking monitor does not track afternoon naps
  • Does not include a user guide manual
  • Does not feature an ECG

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5. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Product Description

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a perfect fitness tracker for daily use. This fitness watch records all areas of your health such as your respiration, stress, sleep tracking, optical heart rate monitor, menstrual, hydration, and so much more.

This Garmin watch comes with a hefty price. However, it is also fully outfitted, so we assure you that it’s worth the purchase. Users have reported Bluetooth connectivity issues and sync issues with Spotify.

This fitness tracker can easily download your favorite music from Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer. You can connect with your headphones for phone-free listening while you ride. This tracker also comes with 20 preloaded GPS modes and indoor sports apps, such as yoga, cycling, swimming, and running.

When used in smartwatch mode, it offers a battery life of up to eight days. Meanwhile, it can last up to six hours when used in GPS and music mode. You can also personalize this customizable watch by using thousands of other free fitness apps, faces, and widgets from Garmin’s Connect IQ store.


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Tracks your overall health
  • Easily downloads music from Spotify, Amazon, and Deezer
  • Comes with 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps
  • Offers a long battery life of up to eight days in smartwatch mode; six hours in GPS and music mode
  • Customizable


  • Expensive
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity issues and sync issues with Spotify

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What to Look For in a Fitness Tracker for a Stationary Bike?

1. Budget

Fitness trackers for indoor cycling can be hefty, especially if it includes all the features you need. Luckily, the market offers a wide range of options for you to choose from, including cheap but good-quality fitness trackers. So, it’s best to opt for an affordable tracker then upgrade to a better one.

2. Battery Life

One of the most important features to consider in buying a fitness tracker for indoor cycling is the battery life. Having an activity tracker with a superb battery life can help you enjoy and focus on your outdoor or indoor cycling sessions without constantly charging it.

3. Accuracy

Another important thing to look at when looking for a device for cycling indoors is its ability to give accurate data. Some examples are a GPS tracker, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, health tracking, sports modes, and active zone minutes. Receiving accurate data allows you to assess your performance and improve your indoor cycling workouts.

4. Durability

What makes a great fitness watch for indoor cycling is its durable construction. A durable sports watch allows you to use it in the long run without easily breaking it and replacing it. Try to avoid fitness watches or sports watches that are cheap but poorly made, since this will only be a waste of your money.


The search for the best fitness trackers for indoor cycling can be difficult since the market offers a wide variety of options. Owning a fitness tracker can help you track and assess your insights of every session to help you improve on your health. So we gathered a list of some of the best ones to help you out. 

We highly recommend the Apple Watch Series 7 as the best watch for indoor cycling. Despite the hefty price and short battery life, the apple watch still offers excellent features such as an advanced navigation system, auto cycling recognition, and fall detection and safety tracking. Not to mention, it is fast-charging, which repays the watch’s short battery life.

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