Best Home Gym for Low Ceilings

One of the various ways to have a full-fledged gym at home is to build a multifunctional, space-saving home gym.

And if you happen to have a low ceiling room, one of the bothersome questions in your mind will undoubtedly be “how to build a home gym with a low ceiling.” 

Building a complete gym in a low ceiling space is possible if suitable machines are selected. However, the low-height options for home gyms are exhaustively pointed out and explained in this work, so read on to discover how to build your own home gym regardless of your ceiling height.

Best Home Gym For Low Ceiling

When picking a home gym for a low ceiling, one question comes to mind.

“What height should a home gym be?”

“Can I comfortably do an overhead press in my home gym?”

The average height of an all-in-one home gym is a vertical seat of 81.45”, while generally, the average size of a multifunctional home gym is 78.63 inches.

The following are the best home gym for any low ceiling room;

1. Bowflex Home Gym Series

Bowflex Home Gym Series is a durable steel frame material solid enough to hold a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

It is powered to offer 70 exercises and allows you to engage in various activities with ease. 

This home gym is perfect for low ceilings that are seven feet, and its no-change cable pulley system allows you to change positions without changing cables.

Bowflex Home Gym Series possesses 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance, maximizing your strength training and fitness goals.

Its Sliding Seat Rail allows you to perform leg-rowing and leg presses, and it offers seven free trainer-built workout regimens. Also, coming with wheels and a folding bench provides an avenue for easy storage.

It also features a LAT bar that helps build muscles and shoulders quickly and five-way ankle cuffs that enable you to have an efficient workout without the risk of injury. It is also important to note that the Bowflex Home Gym Series is a noiseless machine.


  • Made out of durable steel frame material
  • Offers 70 exercises and various activities
  • Ideal for home gyms with a seven feet ceiling height
  • Features a no-change cable pulley system
  • Possesses 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance
  • Provides a Sliding Seat Rail for performing leg presses
  • Features a LAT bar and five-way ankle cuffs
  • Noiseless


  • Tension system is inaccurate
  • Not suitable for tall people

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2. Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym

Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym is the perfect home gym for leg workouts. It has a leg developer that aligns with the knee joint and allows easy leg workouts. 

The leg developer also allows a comfortable quadriceps workout with the assistance of the in-built foam rollers. 

It is designed to fit the ceiling height of 6 feet 7 inches and allows you to increase your mass muscles and burn calories effectively. 

In addition to the above features, Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym has an ankle strap and lower cable that assists in performing lower body exercises.

This equipment features a multi-positioning high and low pulley and cables connected to 150lb adjustable weight stacking, enhancing controlled body exercises.

Not to forget, this home gym possesses a preacher curl pad that allows you to engage in curl and hammer curls. This preacher curl is adjustable to fit your own needs.

The Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym includes a weight locking pin and combination lock to ensure your plates are securely locked, preventing unauthorized use.

This fitness equipment allows you to perform over 30 strength training exercises that work the entire body and target different muscle groups. It is perfect for amateur trainers and long-time fitness enthusiasts.


  • Can transition between exercises
  • Inclusion of a workout chart
  • Super comfortable 
  • Multiple activities for all muscle groups


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Can’t be used by advanced lifters

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3. LAT Pulldown Machine Pulley Cable System

Pulley systems unlock many upper body exercises and allow for different holds when using cable machines that encourage perfect body-positioning for each activity and target specific muscles. 

It is ideal for building stronger triceps and grip strength, assisting forces around triceps, biceps, elbows, wrists, back, abs, and shoulders with different compound pushing exercises. 

LAT Pulldown Machine Pulley Cable System is specially designed for an intense workout system. 

It has several cable attachments that can be used to meet your desired results, and it’s pretty suitable for multiple environments.

Because it is produced with high-density nylon and stainless steel, it doesn’t make much noise.


  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Can be assembled easily 
  • Super affordable 
  • Has a low-row pulley


  • No inclusion of weight plates
  • Supports only 250lbs of weight 

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4. Body-Solid P2X Multifunctional Home Gym

Body-Solid P2X Multifunctional Home Gym makes it easy to carry out a variety of exercises in a compact space, and it is perfect for a ceiling height of 6 feet 11 inches. 

It comes with a fixed pulley that allows you to undertake several exercises and adjust for various activities with resistance.

It also features Multi-Press Arms biochemically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.

Its Lat Pulldown helps you perform lat pulldowns, triceps press downs, cable crossovers, and higher pulley exercises. P2X Multifunctional Home Gym comes with an Ab Crunch that enables you to quickly develop awesome abs and terrific triceps.

The Leg Curl Station helps you build muscular legs and stronger knee joints. It guides you through the most demanding leg curls and extensions.

This home gym measures 83 x 71 x 66 inches and possesses an adjustable back and seat pad that allows users to perform multiple exercises efficiently.


  • Allows for up to six workout stations 
  • Has a heavy-duty frame
  • Contains LAT bar, row bar, and ab harness 


  • Difficult to assemble 

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5. TIXTEM LAT Pulldown Cable Pulley System

TIXTEM LAT Pulldown Cable Pulley System is a multifunctional package that assists you in carrying out various exercises. 

It contains every piece of equipment needed to set up a complete home gym. It features three different handles, and you can quickly shift between the Non-slip nylon fitness rope, Triceps rope, and the Straight Bar depending on the exercise you would like to perform.

It has a 280lbs weight capacity and does not make noise while in use.

TIXTEM LAT Pulldown Cable Pulley System is easy to install. You can connect the cable pulley machine to the pull-up bars, beams, power cage, gym equipment, or any place where you can join the hanging strap. The whole set is not too heavy, so it is easy to carry while traveling.


  • Multiple exercises 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Perfect for small spaces


  • Difficult to assemble 

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6. BalanceFrom Home Gym System

BalanceFrom Home Gym System comes with a 145-pound weight stack and a multi-function dip station that allows you to train with all workout levels. It can fit under a low ceiling of 6 feet 10 inches.

It features a lat bar and low row pull-up bar with foam handles, which will ensure a better grip while engaging in your workout.

Its pulley system enhances a smooth motion when in any position, strengthens your overall muscles, and does not leave your back and arm muscles.

It is made from high-quality steel, designed to support a maximum user weight of 400 lbs. and a maximum total weight of 1000lbs. 


  • Strong and durable 
  • Super affordable 


  • Difficult to assemble 

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7. Weider Pro 6900 Weight System

Weider Pro 6900 has six different workout stations for a home full-body workout. This home gym has a 125-pound weight stack, can offer 330 pounds of resistance, an overall weight of 200 pounds, and 43 x 82 x 77 overall inches.

A total of 55 exercises can be performed on this machine, and it’s designed in a way that helps you to make a base for muscle growth. You can perform various exercises: LAT pulldowns, leg lifts, bicep curls, etc.

Even though you have a low ceiling room, you can have a fitness regime without visiting commercial gyms with the above pointed-out best home gyms.


  • Allows for multiple exercises 
  • Compact machine and ideal for small spaces
  • Easily attachable accessories 


  • Super expensive 
  • Difficult to move

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How Do You Build a Low Ceiling Home Gym?

It is not advisable to jump right into building a home gym without thoroughly researching how to go about it. 

Before picking the equipment you would like to place in your low-ceilinged home workout space, you must know the proper steps and the right things to do. 

Here’s how to go about building a home gym with a low ceiling;

1. Take the Measurement of Your Ceiling Height

Before installing your home gym, the first thing to do is to measure your ceiling height; you don’t just have to assume that your intended gym space has a low ceiling. The measurement can be done with a measuring tape or by comparing the ceiling height with yours.

Getting the correct measurement will enhance the effective picking of tall fitness machines such as a power rack and help you determine the limit for your gym machine height and the limit for your hand and free weight movement.

2. Go for an All-in-one Home Gym

After measuring your ceiling height, the next step is to consider the height of your intended workout equipment, as these machines come in various sizes and shapes. You can go for an all-in-one machine, squat rack, or power rack.

However, a half-rack or squat rack will be the best option for free weight lifting exercises, while an all-in-one home gym machine will work well for various movements.

The popular all-in-one home gym includes Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, Total Gym FIT, and Total Gym XLS.

3. Ensure Proper Air Ventilation

A low ceiling workout space tends to get hot and stuffy, so installing a proper air circulation fan is necessary to ensure at least two windows in the room.

4. Get Cardio Equipment

A cardio machine is needed for your home gym to be complete. It helps to carry out a full-body workout and also assists in burning calories. The most popular cardio machines are treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and rowing machines. 

Cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills do not fit a low ceiling home gym. However, an indoor rowing machine, a stationary bike, and a fan bike can work better.

5. Get Plates, Barbells, and Weight Storage Pegs

The barbells and weight plates you choose affect how your low ceiling gym functions. Erecting a seven-foot-long barbell on a vertical space would not work well if your ceiling height is 7 feet. Smaller barbells will be easier to erect.

Also, weight storage pegs will protect you from accidents like falling over random plates kept where it isn’t supposed to be.

6. Install Mirrors

Your low-ceiling home gym should have a full-sized mirror that will help you see the pace at which you are moving and motivate the speed at which you are moving and motivate you to do better if you are slacking.

7. Install Lights 

The basement of an apartment is often chosen when building a low ceiling home workout space. This part of the house is usually very dark even during the day, so lights should be installed therein when converted to a gym.

However, it is essential to note that recessed lighting is necessary if you use ceiling lighting.

8. Install Rubber Gym Flooring

The flooring of your home gym should be pertinent to you as the floor is where your gym sits. The best flooring to use is 3/8 or 8mm interlocking rubber tiles that are easy to install, durable, and last for years.

Rubber gym flooring ensures a safe surface to train and also helps to protect the floor underneath from any damage whatsoever.

9. Install a Cable Pulley

Cable machines allow you to engage in limitless exercises and offer many degrees of freedom and ease of resistance adjustability. However, these cable stations are large and won’t fit into a low ceiling gym. 

The correct option in this instance is to install a single or a pair of cable pulleys as a suitable replacement that can serve the purpose of the cable machine itself.

10. Get an Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Benches assist one in targeting different muscle groups and offer you a comfortable place to sit during your exercise. The bench can be used with varying positions of the backrest.

11. Get Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells save space in your low ceiling gym. Various gym brands offer adjustable dumbbell sets, weight adjustable from 5 pounds up to 100 pounds.

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12. Lower Your Pull-up Bar

Doing pull-ups in a low ceilinged space might be quite strenuous as you have to bend your legs while hanging or constantly hit your head on the ceiling. In this instance, the right thing to do is lower the pull-up bar to the point where you have the 18” of headroom. 

Most of the steps mentioned above, if not all, have to be followed when installing a home workout space in a low ceilinged area to get a perfect result.

Erecting Gym Equipment in a Long Ceiling Basement

People often ask, “what can I do with a low ceiling basement?” 

A basement is usually used for many things such as working, studying, or engaging in leisure activities. In addition to all these, you can pass visiting most commercial gyms by setting up a personal gym space in your low ceiling basement. 

The basement is separate from the main house building, making it easy to set up a gym without interfering with the main house space. This section of the house is also dark, calm, and quiet, making it the best option for a home gym.

However, the earlier mentioned best home gym for low ceiling can be erected and fit perfectly in a basement, making it easy to carry out your workout at your own pace and convenience.

Other equipment that can be erected in a low ceiling basement gym includes:

A Climbing Wall

Climbing helps strengthen your glutes, lats, calves, biceps, and hands. In short, the entire body weight is supported by climbing, and this is why a climbing wall stands as valid equipment that can be featured in your basement gym.

Colorful Equipment

The basement is usually dull and dark. However, most of the equipment to be chosen is advised to be colorful to bring light into the room and make it a fascinating space to work out.

A Yoga Mat

A Yoga Mat can also find a place in a low ceiling basement gym. The basement has much space to contain it, and you can conveniently engage in your yoga exercise and the exercises other equipment can offer.

From everything stated above, you should be convinced that your low ceiling basement can be converted into a functioning gym where you can carry out your exercises with ease without bothering much about space, noise, and convenience.

It is also important to note that converting a basement to a home gym is not that expensive. 

Drawing a budget helps you pick the equipment within your price capacity and work with it. Most of the earlier mentioned equipment is within $100-$3000.

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Best Home Gym Flooring for a Basement Floor

Basement floors are mostly concrete making it hard to carry out an exercise, so it is pertinent to cover the bottom with softer materials. Most of the materials that can be used to protect your gym floor are made of rubber, high-density EVA foam, or flexible PVC. 

Some of them are explained below:

Plyometric Rubber Home Gym Flooring

Plyometric rubber enhances cardio exercises. It is less dense than a standard rolled rubber. It is also designed with a cushioned surface that makes jumping, lunging, and other aerobic activities easy.

Rolled Rubber Home Gym Flooring

This is the most popular type of flooring for home gyms. It is designed to allow it to create seams on your workout space floor. Rolled Rubber Home Gym Floor is the most affordable and least expensive basement option.

Interlocking Basement Flooring Gym Tiles

Interlocking basement flooring gym tiles are easier to install and do not require glue installation. It protects your floor and incredibly inaccessible weight areas, and it is pretty durable.

Waterproof Basement Gym Flooring

This flooring option protects your original floor from the effects of heavy equipment. It is non-absorbent, easy to install, and the best choice for a moisturized gym space.

Natural Look Home Gym Flooring

This flooring type is easy to install, and it can be erected directly on your original basement floor. It has the right cushion for aerobic and cardio exercises, yoga exercises, and even martial arts. It is also long-lasting and can rhyme with your initial floor color.

Plywood Flooring

A plywood floor works better than concrete; it is cheap and protects your floor. However, it doesn’t provide maximum protection, and it is often essential to cover it with mats or other flooring options.

The flooring of your gym space is quite essential as it contributes majorly to how you perform your exercises and the results you get. 

The floor space of a low ceiling basement is mostly concrete making it a wrong option for exercise. 

Still, the above-stated flooring allows you to create tasteful floor space, enabling you to enjoy your workout with convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about building a home gym for low ceilings.

Does a home gym add value?

Generally, a home gym does not directly add value to your home, but it increases the probability of getting a suitable buyer thoughtfully.

Suppose you’re selling your home to an exercise enthusiast. In that case, your home will most likely appeal to them because they have the advantage of continuing their workout routines from their home, especially if you splurged money on your home gym.

What is the average size of a home gym?

The average size of a home gym is around 100-500 square feet making it easy to contain all your desired gym equipment. However, make sure you leave room for expansion if you want to add more gym equipment.

Ideally, you should be able to expand your home gym at least by 250 square feet.


The fact that your intended workout space has a low ceiling shouldn’t stand as a restriction to setting up your home gym. We included several home gym options to suit your area and give you a smooth ride in setting up a gym in your low ceiling space.

The steps in this article include building a low ceiling gym, determining how your low ceiling basement can be converted to a home gym, finding the right equipment to be placed there, and your gym’s flooring.

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