Best Minimalist Home Gym to Build on Tight Budget

Nowadays, building a home gym is no longer just a luxury. Having a private training space in our current environment can be considered almost essential. 

Regardless of the weather, you can train in your own home without spending a ton of money or investing in gym equipment that is too complex. And frankly, the more adjustments and moving parts on a piece of gym equipment, the more things may break or could go wrong.

So, if you’re planning to put together an awesome minimalist home gym without breaking the bank, here are some of my top equipment suggestions.

Top 10 Best Minimalist Home Gyms on a Budget

1. TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer 

Product Description

The TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer is one of my go-to at-home workouts and I also bring it with me whenever I travel. And don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks to get started.

TRX is known for Total Resistance Exercises as it uses suspension training to improve stability, flexibility, strength, and balance by incorporating bodyweight exercises.

This all-in-one gym equipment in itself is developed by Navy Seals to improve their team’s conditioning with a fitness training system that is compact. But now, you’ll often see a TRX suspension training system in fitness centers in different countries because of its great benefits when it comes to body conditioning.

An All-In-One Home Gym Equipment

With this home gym system, you can cycle many workouts and get a full-body workout to start your day right. Personally, I like this gym equipment’s ability to strengthen my body core by utilizing the lower back and the abdominals.

Every workout I do with the TRX suspension trainer requires both my lower back and abdominals to stabilize my body weight. You can also adjust the resistance of this suspension trainer if you prefer a low-impact full-body workout that lessens the risk of injury at all fitness levels.

Even if you’re not a fitness trainer but still want to get in the best shape of your life, I would highly recommend this TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer.


  • Can be set up almost anywhere/ portable
  • Increases your core
  • An all-in-one home gym system
  • Works by using your own bodyweight
  • You can do leg exercises, core exercises, back flies, chest flys, chest presses, and more!
  • Keeps you active


  • Does not replace weight training, but helps you maintain muscle mass
  • The app is not very beginner-friendly

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2. Dumbbells or Kettlebells

Product Description

Dumbbells or kettlebells are also my favorites when weight training because of their portability, versatility, and effectiveness for both strict strength and ballistic movements in multiple planes.

You can simply pick a pair of two weights that suit your ability. Options range from 8 kilograms to 24-kilogram bells. Sure, you can do a lot with a single kettlebell, but investing in a pair of equal weights will allow you to do more advanced double kettlebell moves.

Kettlebells are technically more advanced than dumbbells because of the increased complexity of movements involved. Moreover, it’s difficult to learn without having a qualified trainer teach you. For that reason, you may opt for dumbbells. 

Many dumbbells in the market now come in an adjustable set. As much as possible, try before purchasing them. Other considerations in an adjustable dumbbell will be its type of adjustment (twist-lock, selector-pin, dial, etc.), availability of expansion packs, weight increments, and maximum weight.

One of my favorites is the Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell. That’s because by just turning a dial, you can easily change the resistance of the kettlebell from 8 pounds up to 40 pounds. This means you can rapidly switch from one workout to the next and perform a variety of full-body exercises.


  • Weight settings: 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds
  • Space-efficient
  • Easy to switch from one exercise to the next
  • Ergonomic handle
  • You can perform a variety of full-body exercises
  • Compact design
  • Good weight distribution
  • Good value for money
  • Better than having a rack of various weights


  • None

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3. Pull Up Bar

Product Description

I recommend this pull-up bar because it’s great for tall people and can fit in nearly every door type. It has a comfortable grip that allows you to comfortably perform neutral, narrow, and wide grip exercises.

This home gym equipment can also target your core and upper body muscles with hanging crunches, dips, push-ups, and pull-ups. It is easy to assemble and install.

As for its durability, ProsourceFit is made of high-grade steel and can hold up to 300 pounds. If you don’t have a door frame at home that can support this type of pull-up bar, you may want to try this health and fitness doorway chin-up and pull-up bar instead.

The second pull-up bar model I recommend also has comfortable grips and an adjustable length. That way, you can easily adjust the bar so you can take your fitness on the go. 

Still, my first choice would be the ProsourceFit as over the years, the second option starts to scratch the door frame whereas, with the ProsourceFit, you won’t experience that problem. 

For extra peace of mind, you can also install the optional z bracket so that you will still feel secure even in the most intense workout sessions.


  • Multiple ways to train
  • Durably designed
  • Space-saving design
  • Simple to assemble and install
  • Includes optional mounting hardware 
  • Can be used for core strengthening, push-ups, pull-ups, and dips
  • 3 grip positions available for a range of exercises


  • It is a bar that is composed of 2 pieces joined in the middle. When you use close grips, it moves a little.

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4. Adjustable Bench

Product Description

Next on our list of the best minimalist home gyms to build on a tight budget is an adjustable weight bench. And this is my favorite for a home gym. Its design is great because it has 7 back positions and 3 seat positions so you can do a full-body workout.

Another nice thing about this home gym equipment is that it cost less than $200. Plus, it is made of commercial thickness steel that has passed thousands of weight tests to ensure your safety each time you workout.

It is foldable so it’s easy to carry. No assembly is required. You can put it under the bed or in the corner when you finish working out. It saves 80% space. The backrest and seat are also made of leather and have a soft foam padding. 

With all these features to consider, this weight bench truly represents outstanding value. And if you’re powerlifting, iron plates also make a good option for a more versatile workout.


  • Easy to carry
  • Provides full-body workout
  • Comfortable pad/ soft foam padding
  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Could handle the weight of a big guy
  • The stitches are straight and nice
  • It arrives assembled


  • If you’re not tall, your feet may be off the floor
  • The wobble may be noticeable if you increase the angle (although it has multiple angles)

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5. Yoga Mat

Product Description

As a personal trainer myself, I understand that stretching the body at different angles can sometimes result in slipping. That’s why I consider a yoga mat an absolute must-have for a home workout space or in a commercial gym. 

A Yoga mat can help you keep your hold strong on the surface, whether that would be a marble floor or a wooden floor due to the mat’s anti-slipping nature. As part of your home gym setup, a yoga mat provides insulation between the ground and your body, preventing any loss of heat, energy, or charge from the body.

When choosing a yoga mat, choose one that is tear-resistant, has a non-slip surface, and is easy to clean and carry. I prefer this mat because it has a closed-cell surface that locks out moisture and dust to keep odors and sweat at bay.


  • Has a double-sided non-slip surface
  • Provides excellent traction
  • Suitable to practice many forms of yoga
  • Non-slip on tile floor, cement floor, or wood floor,
  • Easy to clean
  • TPE-friendly material
  • Can be stretched 
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • The carrying case may not be as durable as the yoga mat itself
  • Few buyers would love it to be thicker

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6. Jumping Rope

Product Description

It may be difficult to manage a workout without going to a gym, but skipping rope is one of the most effective and super-convenient home exercises.

Having this equipment in home gyms brings multiple benefits. Skipping rope improves heart health, improves coordination, increases concentration, gets rid of fatigue, increases stamina, boosts mental health, and increases body flexibility, to name a few.

A jump rope could even work your calf muscles and engage your entire upper body the same way when you do bicep curls. And this jump rope is a great choice because it has comfortable handles, has adjustable length, and is durable and stable. I’ve been using it for months now and I love how I can easily swing the skip by 360°rotation.


  • Adjustable length
  • Affordable
  • Fast and smooth
  • With anti-dust ball bearing system to keep more stable
  • Great for fitness
  • Easy to swing
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Thickened braided steel wire (tangle-free)


  • The handles are pretty basic; may come off if you don’t ensure it is tightly screwed on

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7. Balance Trainer

Product Description

Are you looking for equipment that forces you to engage your muscles from the foot, leg, and ankle to maintain balance and will also engage your core? Then, a balance trainer is perfect equipment for your home or garage gym.

This was actually first introduced in physical therapy to help people with leg stability, ankle strength, and balance issues because it does work. It could even increase core activation more than doing crunches on the ground.

And this balance disc trainer is super worth it. It has a dual-textured surface to ensure a non-slip grip with raised massaging bumps. The purpose of this tool is to improve your posture, stability, and fitness.

Because it is low-impact it can even be used in pre-op, early stages of injury, or post-op, and users can progress through more challenging movements on their way to recovery. For active recovery on non-training days, users may also combine using this balance trainer with things like kettlebell goblet squats, lightweight marches, and single-leg deadlifts.

Overall, this home workout equipment will surely save you the cost of a gym membership.


  • Enhances balance and core strength
  • Travel-friendly and lightweight for convenience 
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Comes with a free hand-pump to make deflating and inflating easy
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Can do wonders for fore training and toning muscles


  • Good for exercise, not as a seat booster
  • Not as firm as those used in physical therapy

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8. Lat Pulldown/ Weight Cable Pulley System

Product Description

A lat pulldown machine or weight cable pulley system is also great for fitness settings.  It can strengthen your latissimus dorsi muscle, the broad, flat muscle in your back, which promotes spinal stability and good posture.

If you’re looking for a great low-impact exercise at home, a lat-pulldown machine can help you reach that goal. Performing a wide grip lat pulldown of four sets at a moderate effort can even help you burn around 50 calories.

Moreover, this strength training machine can function on its own or as an attachment to a power rack. This model of lat pulldown and low cable machine provides the best value for your money or you can opt for this weight cable pulley system so you can choose your way to do various exercises, such as lat and lift, fly, row, cable crossover, triceps pull down, biceps curl, etc.


  • Good for a full-body workout
  • Complete tricep pulley system
  • Ideal for muscle building
  • For improved coordination and core stability
  • Can be used for physical therapy to prevent muscle atrophy
  • With extra straps
  • Good handles for cable crossovers


  • The lat pulldown bar is not designed for wide grips but is workable

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9. Multi-Function Exercise Bench

Product Description

I know we’ve already mentioned an exercise weight bench earlier, but if you want to incorporate challenging exercises and you have the extra money to splurge for your minimalist home gym, then go for this total-body training home gym workout machine with leg pull, squat stand, 2 ankle cuffs, and an exercise chart.

You can choose up to 80 routines in this machine and have 6 levels of resistance for a total body workout. This minimalist home gym concentrates on all major muscle groups and is best for stretching, strength training, and cardio.

This pick is even popularized by American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris, whose job demands that he stays in top shape. 

See the tremendous difference workout at home with this home gym, whether you want to build muscle, boost cardio endurance, increase overall fitness, burn fat, or see weight loss.


  • Safe for all fitness levels
  • Wide weight capacity range
  • Easy to store
  • Best for small spaces


  • Set-up may be complicated

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10. Folding Treadmill

Product Description

I like using a folding treadmill because it occupies less space. It can fit a small area in the gymnasium, a club, or at home. It makes cleaning easier too by simply folding it up.

On most treadmills, a user can change the settings to adjust different factors, such as incline, resistance, and speed. To lessen the risk of injury, you can start at a lower setting and gradually increase the level of workout difficulty over time.

Moreover, it is important to maintain proper posture when using a treadmill. And here’s a folding treadmill I can recommend with 12 preset programs. It also has an easy pull knob that releases the deck to fold or unfold.

Treadmill exercises are great at increasing heart rate to a healthy level so they’re good and effective for warm-up exercise. This is great gym equipment for abs and love handles too!


  • Smooth and quiet high torque motor power
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Cushioned deck technology to keep joints safe
  • Designed for a home environment


  • Lack of automatic power off

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How to Choose Your Best Minimalist Home Gym Equipment

Consider Your Fitness Goal

If your goals are flexibility, weight management, general fitness, and muscle tone, then a minimum home gym equipment could be several sets of dumbbells, a fitness ball, a yoga or exercise mat, and an adjustable bench. You may also consider adding resistance bands for variety.

How Much You Can Afford

There’s really no need to spend big the first time you set up your home gym unless you are rock solid in knowledge and commitment about your home gym requirement and fitness goals.

If you’re into strength training, you may consider investing in power racks, weight plates, or a set of adjustable dumbbells in your budget home gym.

How Much Space You Need

You must figure out the exact external dimensions of the home gym equipment you are buying, especially if that is multi-station equipment. Include also all possible attachments and add any extension that may occur during the actual workout.

The Number of Users

Lastly, consider the number of people who will be using the equipment. Getting an affordable multi-station machine could be a good choice if your partner or kids would also love access to your home gym at the same time you do.

Build Your Minimalist Home Gym Today 

Building a home gym is not always the cheapest endeavor, but it is very achievable. Consider some options I shared above to finally get the exercise you need without a gym membership.

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