Best Pre-Workout For Pump And Vascularity

One way to get the most out of your workout is by getting pumped up. 

This will help you feel more confident on your lifts, fuels the muscles to perform at their peak, and supports further muscle growth and recovery due to the dilation caused by the increase of nitric oxide produced by the body, a term also called “vascularity” in the fitness world wherein veins are highly visible.

However, obtaining the pump or vascularity isn’t as simple as just eating healthy. All these nutritional requirements are not always present in the food we eat, at least not in the right amounts. This is precisely where pump pre-workout supplements come in.

A great pump pre-workout will help increase blood flow and cause your blood vessels to ease up, allowing you to deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, thus helping you improve overall exercise performance for bigger and better gains as well as improve mental focus and alertness. 

So whether you want to improve your workout session, endurance, or maximize your muscle pumps. Here are the best pre-workout for pump and vascularity.

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Best Pre Workout Supplements For Pump And Vascularity

1. Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement 

Product Description

Legion Pulse is an all-natural pre-workout supplement with a science back chemical composition. 350 mg of caffeine anhydrous, 8 grams of L-Citrulline Malate, 3.6 grams beta-alanine, and 300 mg of Alpha GPC are just a few of its main contents that help enhance strength and endurance by boosting nitric oxide production. 

Legion Pulse is popular among bodybuilders as they have one of the most unique flavors and one of the most numerous flavors to choose from when it comes to pre-workouts. They are also third-party tested by Labdoor and even obtain a high-ranking score of A-. 

Another thing to love about them, this pre-workout is available in both caffeine and caffeine-free formula, allowing those caffeine-sensitive individuals to reap its benefit without the negative side effects. 


  • 100% all-natural pump pre-workout supplement
  • No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors
  • Money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied
  • Great tasting
  • Contains electrolytes that help replenish lost fluids during intense workouts 
  • Many flavors to choose from 
  • Available in either caffeine or caffeine-free formula 


  • A bit on the expensive side considering that it’s just 21 servings per package 

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!  

2. Animal Pump 

Product Description

If you are someone who prefers convenience and is looking for a mess-free formula, Animal Pump by Universal Nutrition is a great option. It’s made to boost your workout’s energy, mental focus, performance, and allows you to achieve that vein popping pumps in convenient pills.

Animal Pump stands out since it is one of the few encapsulated pre-workouts formulas available which is ideal for individuals who are tired of the standard powdered drink mixes. 

What’s great about this supplement, it can be easily customized, if you don’t like the extra stim, just remove the red pill then you’ll have a stim-free pre-workout, great for people who are caffeine sensitive or those who workout late at night


  • Trusted manufacturer, you can be assured that it’s made with quality ingredients and processes
  • Mess-free formula
  • You can take it on the go; very convenient 
  • Customizable


  • You may need to take a lot of capsules, which others may find difficult 
  • In proprietary blends, Some individual doses are hidden

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase it! 

3. Altius Pre Workout  

Product Description

Altius is a good pre-workout supplement from Jacked Factory that comprises high doses of important components including Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and others are among the highlights of this pre-workout supplement.

While working out in the gym, the Altius pre-workout is meant to boost strength, power, endurance, focus, and delivers a great muscle pump. Overall, it’s a great recipe with only a few negligible drawbacks.

It’s made from all-natural high-quality ingredients, which means that this product won’t cause any harmful side effects, it is also keto-friendly and safe even for vegans.


  • Keto-friendly 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Made from all-natural ingredients 
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Naturally sweetened 
  • Zero fillers or dyes
  • No proprietary blends that hides contents or dosages


  • No other flavors to choose from 
  • A bit expensive considering the serving size (Only 20 servings per package)

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase! 

4.  Redcon1 Total War Preworkout Powder 

Product Description

Redcon1 total war is a pump pre-workouts that are designed to provide maximum strength and energy, allowing you to train harder until you reach your full limit for faster progress. 

It is packed with a powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors including beta-alanine, caffeine, citrulline malate, and agmatine sulfate. All these pre-workout ingredients help enhance nitric oxide levels resulting in increased blood flow, causing the “pump” effect. 

The Redcon1 total war is perfect for those serious athletes or gym enthusiasts who would love to train extra long hours without easily getting fatigued. 


  • Fast-acting
  • Wide variety of flavors to choose from
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Transparency on the label


  • Some flavors taste great however some have a bitter aftertaste according to users 
  • No caffeine-free option available 

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase it! 

5. Gorilla Mode Pre Workout 

Product Description

Next pre-workouts for pump is definitely not for the faint of heart as it is considered to be one of the most potent pre-workout supplements on Amazon. 

Its high dosage of L-citrulline, caffeine, creatine, and other best pump-inducing ingredients

will surely provide you laser-like focus and energy for hours, allowing you the ability to obtain massive pumps.

However, since it contains an aggressive dosage, its formula may be too powerful for some. While it will surely provide you the energy you need, its high caffeine content may cause palpitation, nausea, anxiety, and insomnia, especially for those who cannot tolerate high levels of caffeine well. 

As a recommendation that can also be found on its label, it’s better to start with half the standard dose and assess how your body can tolerate its formula. 


  • Contains a high amount of efficacious dose compared to other pre-workouts 
  • Available in 6 flavors
  • Provides maximum energy without jitters
  • Good taste with a variety of flavors to try 


  • Its powerful dosage may not be suitable for everyone 
  • Not for caffeine-sensitive individual 

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!  

6. Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre Workout Powder

Another great pump supplement that contains zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories to help avoid the crash of other pre-workouts is ENGN Shred Pre Workout Powder by Evlution Nutrition. 

What we love about ENGN SHRED is it combines proven fat-burning ingredients and science-based formula to support you through your toughest gym sessions and workouts. It’s formulated to burn fat and control appetite, pump your muscles, provide energy, improve focus, and boost metabolism so you can achieve your fitness goals. 

Beta-Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, and Betaine are some of its key ingredients that are proven to support power and pump. 

Lastly, ENGN SHRED comes in a delicious, flavorful blend developed to provide your body with an extra boost right before your workout. A variety of tasty flavors makes it even easier to stick to your regimen!

So if you would like to burn more body fat and induce thermogenesis in your body to achieve a more defined muscle mass, this is the pre-workout supplement for you. 


  • Fuels performance with fat burning formula
  • Promotes thermogenesis 
  • Available in 5 flavors to choose from 
  • Contains no sugar, carbs, and calories
  • Taste great
  • Creatine Free 


  • In proprietary blends, Some individual doses are hidden
  • No caffeine-free option available 

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase! 

Buying Guide: What Ingredients We Consider in Choosing the Best Pre Workout for Pump and Vascularity 

Getting the pump going is one of the best ways to boost your workout performance, here are a few nitric oxide booster ingredients you should look for: 

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate is an amino acid that helps boost nitric oxide in your body. Better blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to muscles, which improves performance and recovery. 

Compared to regular citrulline, citrulline malate is much better absorbed into the bloodstream than L-citrulline alone. At best, the recommended citrulline malate is with a ratio of “2:1” on the ingredients label. 

Beets, watermelon, garlic, spinach are some food sources where you can get this non-essential amino acid.


Caffeine can provide significant support to your athletic performance. Caffeine can improve your memory, alertness, and performance as well as increase your body’s fat-burning process. However, keep in mind that overuse of caffeine can result in a rapid tolerance build-up, which will diminish the benefits of caffeine on your performance. 

Those who are sensitive to caffeine should also be extra cautious as it may cause difficulty in sleeping, palpitation, and anxiety. 


Beta-alanine, an amino acid, improves your endurance and reduces muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up while you work out. This means that you can train longer and harder, improving the intensity of your workouts. 

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine, a lesser-known pre-workout ingredient, is making waves primarily because of its performance benefits that also include the ability to increase nitric oxide production (aka better pumps). It has been shown to improve endurance and power while helping with muscle gains. 

Betaine is found in beets, quinoa, and spinach, but our liver naturally produces it too.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

The products above are all top-rated pre-workout supplements in the market right now, not only do they help pump you up but they also help improve your focus too. 

But if I have to choose one on the shelves, that would be the Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement.

What we love about Legion pulse is aside from its made from 100% all-natural ingredients (This means it has no known side effects), this pre-workout supplement contains effective doses of science-backed pump-inducing ingredients that will help you get greater pumps throughout your workouts, allowing you to push more weights, get more reps and build more muscle mass.

You will also not have to worry about being caffeine-sensitive as they also offer stim-free supplements. Plus, they have a wide variety of great-tasting flavors to choose from. 

In addition, when choosing a pre-workout supplement, best to choose one that is third-party tested, this ensures its safety and potency. Likewise, the Legion pulse has acquired a number one spot in the pre-workout category conducted by the lab door. 

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