Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

To get the most out of your weight training effort, you need to consider the equipment you use for your workout. This is especially true for some upper-body exercises, like rows, chest flyers, and bench presses.

You can choose either a standard weight bench or an Olympic bench. Standard weight benches are ideal for casual users and beginners who want a general fitness level from weight training, while Olympic weight benches are meant for advanced training. 

This is because an Olympic weight bench is a competition-grade of fitness equipment and it is made of durable high-grade composite steel so it can handle extremely heavyweight. And if you prefer such high-quality Olympic equipment, I highlight to you the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.

By the end of this review, you will know:

  • whether the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is really worth it in terms of quality and durability,
  • what are its benefits and drawbacks, 
  • what sets it apart from other Olympic weight benches in the market today, and 
  • what others are saying about this product so you can make an informed decision before buying it.

Let’s get started!

TLDR: Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

Product Description

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench does accommodate Olympic weights and is designed to enable fitness enthusiasts and top-tier fitness experts to expand their workouts to include leg lifts, military presses, and chest presses.

What I noticed is that this bench can accommodate a bench press upright (freestanding), allowing you to perform walk-in squats. Then, there is also a leg lift lock that allows you to do sit-ups.

This bench also has a squat rack stand that can accommodate a 6- to 8-foot long bar. It is sturdy and stable enough to use as a squat rack. There is also a leg extension, preacher curl, and a crunch handle that will help you do isolation crunches.

And for added stability and safety, the weight bench is equipped with a U-shaped leg stabilizer (leg developer) at the front. Aside from that, there’s also an adjustable seat or backrest that enables people to train at six different levels, including flat, incline, and decline position.

There are also locking safety hooks and a no-pinch grip that offers safety during your workout. Then, there’s an Olympic bar adaptor, which is nice as you can use the Olympic bar or a standard bar.

As to its dimension, it’s just right that you can move in an unrestricted manner. 


  • Provides full-body workout for strengthening and toning
  • Allows extensions, curls, and presses
  • The backrest is adjustable for the decline, flat, incline, and military position
  • Removable or adjustable squat rack
  • Designed to prevent hand injuries
  • Compatible with 6 to 7 inches bars
  • Heavy-duty mainframe tubing
  • Comes with safety hooks for extra protection
  • It has a leg developer and crunch handle


  • Switching between bench presses and squats is time-consuming
  • The decline and incline pinning is a little bit tricky
  • Bench height may be quite high for shorter individuals
  • No wheels on the bench

Is it worth it?

Yes, in my opinion, it’s a high-quality workout bench and gives you the best value for your money. It supports various exercises and helps boost muscle strength, size, and endurance. 

As of writing, it cost less than $200, which is quite a steal since it is compact, made of durable materials, and already comes with a squat rack stand and a leg stabilizer extension curl lift development attachment.

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

Best Alternative

If you ask me what would be the best alternative within this unit’s price range, it would be the Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench. It has five back pad positions, a rack, and a curl bar to help you create a comprehensive workout, just like the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.

In-Depth Review of the Titan Fitness Adjustable Bench


Maximum Olympic Weight Set: 300 lbs

Maximum Body Weight: 300 lbs

Maximum Weight on Leg Extension: 150 lbs

The unit also comes with a two cushion bench, a rack, and a leg developer and crunch handle/ attachment. It does not come with weights and a bar, although these can be easily purchased alongside the bench.

Quality and Durability

This unit is well-built for a great core workout. It is made of heavy-duty robust mainframe tubing, ensuring its durability. Even its foam rollers and cushions are comfortable enough.

Workouts and Exercises

olympic weight bench

Some of the best workouts you can do using this Olympic weight bench that comes with a preacher curl leg developer includes:

-Bench presses with dumbbells

-Dumbbell flyes

-Decline pushups

-Incline bicep curls

-Concentration Curls

-Dumbbell pullovers

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Dips

-One-arm dumbbell row, and 

-Dumbell shoulder presses, among others.

Additional Features

This unit comes with lots of accessories, like the preacher curl pad, spring clip leg developer, arm curl bar, and an Olympic plate adapter.


Not mentioned in Amazon, but Body Champ products are usually covered with a 1-year limited warranty. 

Who is it Best for?

Being a well-rounded weight bench, does this mean that it’s only meant for advanced weight lifters? In my opinion, no. It can even be used by beginners. It has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds, meaning lifters can lift within the allowable range. It’s just that perhaps, most home gyms people have been using this Olympic weight bench since the beginning of lockdown.

What Do People Say About it?


An Amazon customer said, “I was looking for a 2 piece bench for a reasonable price. I like the fact I can pull the bench away to do squats. This also allows doing skull crushers without the uprights getting in the way using the bench separately. “

However, another Amazon user rated the product only with four stars. He wrote it’s a “good bench with some solvable flaws… The bench incline adjustment pin can be very hard to insert – even if you jiggle the bench to align the holes better. Often [I] need to use a hammer or wrench handle to bang it in.”


One user of this Olympic weight bench with preacher curl leg developer commented on a YouTube video

[I]just got mine… It’s durable. you will need a ratchet set to put it together. The tools included are junk. I am 6 feet tall and can fit on the bench but the leg extension pads ride on my shins. So, I solved that by wearing soccer shin guards while lifting. Overall, [I’m] pleased with the bench at this price point [and I]would recommend [it]for the average user. Make sure you counter tighten every bolt for safety.”

Meanwhile, Story of Elliot bought the Body Champ bench and squat rack setup. He said, “I think this is very convenient…very cost-effective. [With] that same money you can put for a gym membership yearly, you can start investing in equipment at home. That way, you can save time and still have the things that you need at home… very easy to assemble, very sturdy!” 

The Verdict: Should I Buy It?

body champ weight bench

At its price point, I think the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench offers the best value for your money. And as it comes along with the preacher curl leg developer, it does offer plenty of exercises.

It is stylish and compact and is great for developing biceps (that’s my favorite of all :D) It has safety hooks, meaning there is less risk of accidents and the overall weight bench itself is stable. It’s comfortable to do your workout with this equipment.

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