Can You Use Fat Burners Along With Mass Gainers?

Mainly, fat burners boost your metabolism while mass gainers add calories most of the time. They tend to cancel each other out, although the gainer is probably stronger and renders the burner useless.

The only way to usually gain overall body weight and muscle mass with little or no fat is through anabolic steroids. It is, therefore, reasonable to check if the problem lies in your diet.

It is advised not to simultaneously utilize fat burners and weight gainers as they are for two separate cycles. They enhance fat loss, while mass gainers are mainly for bulking.

To secure a balanced, drink your bulk and weight gainer for 12 weeks and lift weights hard. After this, cut back and take it for three to four weeks.

Fat Burners and Mass Gainers

Fat burners are fat-burning supplements that help you conveniently shed fat, while mass gainers, on the other hand, assist one in gaining weight and also build muscles at a swift pace.

Both dietary supplements and fat burners perform different activities in the body but also enhance the achievement of your body goals. The workout substances alter the body’s metabolism rate and contain relevant ingredients.

They contain green tea elements, caffeine, and other dietary ingredients, while mass gainers contain calories, protein, and carbohydrates. They help you build the perfect body composition and carve out your physique.

Mass gainers and fat burners provide the energy levels needed for your workout. They are affordable, and you don’t have to break the bank to purchase them.

Are Fat Burners Effective?

Fat burners raise your blood pressure and increase your energy expenditure, which is bound to result in weight loss over time. Therefore, it is essential to note that they can cause hypertension, and it is advised to stay away from them if you already have them. 

They work by helping you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, reducing the absorption of fat by your body, and increasing your metabolism.

The United States Food and Drug Administration does not regulate fat burners, and one cannot be sure of their ingredients. However, it is believed that they have weight loss ingredients in them.

The answer to the above question cannot be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as all the facts about it are not well known.

What are the Ingredients in Fat Burner Supplements?

Most fat burners are known to contain a couple of minerals, vitamins, caffeine, fiber, herbs, and some other plants. The active ingredients are explained below.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea helps with the reduction of fat absorbed from food and also helps to burn fat. It is a prevalent ingredient in fat burners.


Caffeine is the dominant ingredient as it helps burn more calories and stimulates the nervous system. Caffeine-based fat burners come with more caffeine than even your coffee.

Soluble Fiber

Fiber assists with controlling your appetite, and soluble fiber maintains your body type by preventing it from absorbing fat from food. This ingredient is not common in all fat burners, but some have a high concentration.

L Carnitine

L Carnitine is a compound, and an active ingredient usually found in meat and dairy products and provides energy while boosting your metabolism. It is formed naturally by your kidneys and liver.


This ingredient is bound to cause harmful effects such as high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure, agitation, anxiety, and headaches.

It is a plant compound extracted from an evergreen tree’s bark.

Cayenne Pepper Powder

This ingredient is a warming herb that helps to boost your metabolism and also makes you feel filled when it is taken before your meals for the day.

It increases heat production and this, in turn, helps you prevent caloric surplus. The ingredient also improves your fat-burning capacity by fastening the blood flow to the fatty tissues.

It creates optimum nutrition and also takes care of your overall health.

Fat supplements may contain other ingredients, but the above-stated ones are the common and dominant ones.

How Do I Know If My Fat Burner Is Working?

Creating a caloric deficit helps you lose fat in addition to fat burners, which can be made by diet and an exercise program. However, how do you know if the fat burner you are consuming is quite effective?

The various ways you can discern if your dietary supplement is working are explained below.

1. Weigh Yourself

This is the most common way to monitor your progress once you start taking fat burners. Using a scale to weigh yourself before undergoing your weight loss journey is essential.

To get an accurate picture of your weight, weigh yourself daily. And at the end of the week to get an overall average, as your weight tends to fluctuate naturally throughout the week.

You don’t have to worry if your weight goes up as you will surely lose weight if your metabolism works well and you successfully create an overall calorie deficit.

1-2lbs can be lost per week if you do things the right way. Fat burning requires consistency and patience, don’t rush the process.

2. Get Body Fat Calipers

You can purchase body fat calipers or clip-path online or get a personal trainer to measure your body fat percentage from all over your body, such as your legs, abs, back, calves, arms, and so on.

The trainer will add the measurements and then divide them by the number of measures taken to get your total body fat percentage.

3. Take Pictures

A picture sometimes speaks louder than words. It is one of the best ways to monitor your weight loss progress. Before you start your journey, take a shot and then four weeks later, take another one and compare the differences.

4. Take Measurements

A tape measurement can also help you to discern if it is working. You can do this once a week. Measure your body from your arms, legs, and stomach.

5. Listen and Ask for Comments

You can ask the people around you for comments when you start using the fat burners. Listen to their words as they tend to notice if you gain weight or have lost it. 

The manners mentioned above can help you know if you are progressing in your fat-burning journey.

How Do I Use Fat Burners for Weight Loss?

Fat burners speed up your metabolism by increasing your body temperature and making you sweat, which, in turn, helps you shed weight. All these happen through the inducing of thermogenesis in your body by the fat burners.

To get the maximum result, take it when you wake up, before your morning workout, or thirty minutes before breakfast. In other words, bring it on an empty stomach. 

It is advised to take fat burners within this period as your body’s metabolism slows down during sleep. Taking the supplement first thing in the morning will mark the beginning of your day and give you more energy for your workout.

Intense workouts maximize fat-burning effects, significantly enhancing your weight loss goal, and you will surely get your results in due time.

Best Body Fat Burner for Weight Loss

From our research, we came across a fat burner, which we are convinced is pretty effective as it stands out as the best among others. This is DMoose Fat Burner.

This unique weight loss formula with the most potent ingredients for instant and long-term fat-burning effects. It contains almighty and proven weight loss ingredients such as green tea extract, cayenne pepper, raspberry ketones, and so on.

DMoose Fat Burner is one of the perfect pre-workout supplements that assists you with burning fat at a breakneck pace throughout the day while at the gym, school, or workplace.

It is composed mainly of natural ingredients and does not produce harmful side effects on your body. It is the best fat burner for both men and women.

How to Use Fat Burners for Best Results

Can You Use Fat Burners Along With Mass Gainers?

Set Reasonable Expectations

Fat burners are super effective, but they are sure not to help you lose fat overnight or in the blink of an eye. It comes with a gradual process, and it is advised that you set your weight loss specific goal from week to week.

After hitting the goals, you will be motivated to do more

Cycle Off Your Fat Burner

Just like other dietary and pre-workout supplements, cycle off your fat burner. Use your fat burner for about four to six weeks, then take a little time off before using it again.

This enhances the balance of hormones in the body and also keeps you motivated. It is pertinent also to note that fat burners are just a tool to keep you on track regarding weight loss and not a permanent solution.

You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter on bodybuilding which could recommend a fat burner cycle. 

Stop using fat burners for some weeks, then begin again with doses at a lower level than last time.

Prioritize Muscle Gain

Fat burners cannot increase your muscle growth overnight. Building muscle mass if you want to lose weight as a fat burner will help you increase the rate at which your body uses calories as energy.

It is advised to add a fat burner to your supplement shelf, stick with a proper nutrition plan, train regularly, and get plenty of rest.

Begin With a Low Dose

Start with a lower dose of the fat burner, after which you will increase the dosage if necessary. Don’t take more than the recommended dose, and follow the required directions.

Too high doses will make the fat burners ineffective; therefore, start with a low amount and take it slowly to get great results.

Fat Burning and Mass Gaining

These two activities cannot be said to work together efficiently as they are two separate cycles. However, you can do this by choosing the right pre-workout supplement that contains the right ingredients and can serve a double purpose.

The ingredients in a fat burner, such as caffeine, carnitine, and forskolin, are also included in a mass gainer. That makes the activities a two-in-one thing with just a minimal amount of differences in the supplements.

The Mass gainer contains 50 grams of whey protein with 1000 calories in one scoop of powder which you might not be able to get in your food. Additionally, you can find this in your fat burner, and this evidence is what we have stated earlier.

Lastly, you can achieve fat and mass gain if the right dietary supplement is picked and used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Mass Gainer and Fat Burner Together?

It is advised not to take mass gainer and fat burner together as they are two different cycles. A fat burner helps you to lose weight by cutting fat, while a mass gainer is for bulking.

Take your mass gain and bulk for 12 weeks, engage in weight training, cut for about three to four weeks, and then take your fat burner.

Should You Take A Fat Burner While Trying To Gain Muscle?

It is recommended not to take fat burners while trying to gain mass. Fat burners minimize fat gain by helping to suppress appetite and speed up your metabolism. 

These processes seem counterproductive to taking in calorie surplus while gaining muscle.

Can I Take Fat Burners And Whey Protein Together?

Yes, you can take a fat burner and whey protein together. Fat burners will help you increase your metabolism and also kick-start fat oxidation inside your body throughout the day. 

To optimize the usage of fat-burning supplements, after four weeks of using them, proceed to take two weeks off. On the other hand, whey protein will help build muscle mass and keep the muscles well-fed.

Does Mass Gainer Put On Fat Or Muscle?

Mass gainers are mainly people who cannot eat enough protein, calories, carbs, and fat to add muscle.

Mass gainers will provide extra calories and measured macros like high-quality fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Can You Use Fat Burners Along With Mass Gainers?

Burning fat and building muscles take much more hard work than you can imagine. However, taking mass gainers and fat burners together is not advised as they are two different cycles.

However, you can achieve both activities when you utilize the right supplement with the suitable ingredient.

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