Best 2-in-1 Elliptical and Bike Combo

Best 2-in-1 Elliptical and Bike Combo

Ever since the phrases “stay at home,” “social distancing,” and “shelter in place” took root in our everyday lexicon, we have to find new means to work out without going out or don’t involve large crowds. As such, many discovered the joys of indoor cycling and this led to the surge in elliptical bike combo … Read more

Myx Fitness Bike Review


The popularity of some exercises may waver as people’s interest changes, but indoor cycling seemed to be a staple fitness trend. All the more so because of the pandemic that forced people to stay at home. Indoor cycling is safe, less impactful, notoriously challenging (meaning you’re likely to see the results), no clean-up required, and … Read more

Life Fitness Ellipticals Reviews


If you’re recovering from a fracture injury or you just want to stay physically active, then investing in ellipticals can be a good idea. Having an elliptical machine at home also allows you to perform cardio exercises, which consequently strengthen your heart and reduces your risk of disease. And if your goal is to lose … Read more