Daisy Keech Workout Routine

If you’re looking for a female workout for weight loss that will help you get the body of a supermodel, you might want to learn all about the Daisy Keech Workout Routine. Apart from her fitness and lifestyle content, this social media personality is well-known for the sexy and fit body that every woman dreams of having. Luckily, she decided to use her influence and platform to share her workout plan.

In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of Daisy Keech’s workout plan. We will be explaining all the exercises she performs to maintain her physique, as well as her diet or the clean foods she consumes. 

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Daisy Keech Current Stats

  • Birthday: August 2, 1999 (age 21)
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 120 lbs

Who is Daisy Keech?

In case you haven’t heard of Daisy Keech yet, she is a social media personality, fitness model, and influencer. Just like a supermodel, Daisy possesses stunning looks and a great figure. It’s all thanks to her workout routine. 

However, Daisy’s biggest asset or most noticeable part of her fit body is her butt. For evidence, plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami confirmed that her rear end is not surgically enhanced. Due to her large following on social media, she decided to use her influence by sharing her workout plan. 

Prior to pursuing a career in social media, Daisy Keech originally planned to become a doctor but dropped out of medical school shortly. In 2018, she began creating content on Instagram and soon became well-known as a “first certified real booty” with millions of followers.

Daisy Keech also founded “The Hype House” with some of her friends to create a social media brand but ended up suing her co-founders. She then created “The Clubhouse” with her best friend, Abby Rao. 

Keech owns a fitness brand and multiple endorsement deals, such as KoWatches, FashionNova, and Manscaped. She also does acting and has appeared in the film, Six Feet from the Edge. 

Daisy Keech’s Body Type

Daisy Keech possesses a slender body type and an hourglass figure. Women with an hourglass body type have almost the same bust and hip size, while the waist is narrower.

Despite Keech’s amazing and healthy physique, she still likes to remind everyone who desires to have her physique that everybody is unique. Having this kind of mindset takes the pressure off and helps you focus more on the journey rather than the result. She also encourages women with flat butts to love their bodies as well. 

Daisy Keech Workout Routine Overview

Daisy Keech Actual Training Routine

Before we dive in, we want to mention that the exercises alone will not teach you about Daisy Keech’s training methodologies. However, you can read her books if you’re interested to learn more about her training principles.


Warm-up exercises:

  • Fire hydrants: 12-15/side
  • Donkey kicks: 12-15/side
  • Side-to-side leg lifts: 12-15/side
  • Glute bridges: 12-15


  • Sumo jump squats: 15 reps x 3 sets
  • Lunge in place: 12-15 reps x 3 sets
  • Standing glute raise: 12-15 reps x 3 sets
  • Resistance band glute bridge: 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Leg Workout

  • Single leg box squat: 8-10 reps x 3 sets
  • Stiff-leg dumbbell deadlift: 12-15 reps x 3 sets
  • Dumbbell walking lunges: 10/side x 3 sets
  • Dumbbell glute bridge: 12-15 reps x 3 sets
  • Cable glute kickback: 10-12 reps x 3 sets
  • Dumbbell box step-up: 10-12 reps x 3 sets

Ab Workout

If you want to add more athleticism to your desired physique, the key is to have a well-defined core with ripped abs. For this workout, Daisy Keech likes to do all the exercises without taking breaks. Doing this keeps her core area firm and toned. 

One tip to keep your body lean and maintain its hourglass shape is to avoid workouts that target your obliques outwards. Daisy Keech prefers exercises that keep her waist firm and tighter, such as side planks and side bends.

Do one minute per exercise. No breaks in between exercises.

  • Bodyweight crunches
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Alternating jackknives
  • Russian twists
  • Toe taps
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Scissor kicks
  • Reverse crunches
  • Butterfly kicks

Upper Body Workout

  • Incline bench press: 12-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Dumbbell lateral raises: 12-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Standing dumbbell fly: 12-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Wide grip lat pulldown: 12-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Close grip cable row: 12-15 reps x 2 sets
  • Standing cable rear delt fly: 12-15 reps x 2 sets

Daisy Keech Workout Tips and Tricks

Stay Active

Prior to becoming a famous social media influencer and fitness model, Daisy Keech already started her active lifestyle when she was a kid by playing soccer. This sport allowed her to develop an impressive lower body.

Keep it Lightweight

Daisy Keech prefers her body to look lean, but not bulky. Therefore, she utilizes and sticks to light resistance bands and weights. She also uses her body weight in all her exercises.

Always Warm-Up

Before starting any type of workout, Daisy Keech firmly believes in the warm-up and doing some stretching first. This helps your muscles warm up and prevents you from having future injuries.

Daisy Keech Diet/Nutrition and Supplements

Apart from maintaining a consistently active lifestyle, Daisy Keech is also a firm believer in having a healthy and well-balanced diet plan. Daisy prefers to stick to whole, natural foods such as vegetables, lean animal protein, fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt. 

Some foods that Keech avoids are sugar, junk food, carbs, dairy, and gluten. However, Daisy Keech believes that not all carbs are equally created, so she still consumes fiber-packed carbs instead of processed foods.

As an alternative, she opts for almond milk and brown rice instead. She also eats five meals a day, including two snacks, and makes sure she includes protein and nutrients in all of her meals. Lastly, she also makes sure to always stay hydrated.

Keech doesn’t eat until after she finishes her first workout routine in the morning. After hitting up the gym, she drinks a whey protein shake for fast absorption, appetite suppression, muscle growth, and recovery.

After eating breakfast, Keech will eat a protein-packed frozen Greek yogurt bar and a kiwifruit. For lunch, she would either have beans, avocado brown rice, or chicken. Her mid-afternoon snack is usually a scoop of vegan protein, a scoop of whey protein, some frozen spinach, a banana, almond milk, and almond butter.

Lastly, for dinner, she’ll eat something similarly healthy like a large salad with olives, salmon, and feta cheese.

Things to Learn from the Daisy Keech Diet Plan

Always eat a full meal after completing a workout in the morning. Include clean, nutrient-packed foods in your diet plan. For breakfast, you can eat one avocado and drink a protein shake to build muscle and fasten recovery.

Aside from your meals, you should also include at least two snacks. One mid-morning snack and one for your mid-afternoon snack. Lastly, drinking water and staying hydrated also helps you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Daisy Keech generally eats healthy and clean food, but she also binges every once in a while. Some carb-y foods she’d consume for a cheat meal are pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, two grilled chicken patties, and donuts. 

Final Words

The Daisy Keech Workout Plan is ideal for women who are looking for bodyweight exercises for weight loss and enhancing their booty like Daisy Keech’s. The social media personality is not only known for her gorgeous looks but her workout routine especially her “Keech peach” workout. 

Aside from her other exercises, we also recommend you to try the Daisy Keech Diet, which includes eating only clean, natural, and nutrient-packed foods. Use light weights and resistance bands as well during your workouts. Lastly, always stay hydrated.

For more fitness tips and advice from top celebrities, you might want to read our other reviews at ExpertFitness.org.

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