10 Foods That Kill Testosterone and 3 That Boost It

10 foods that kill testosterone and 3 that boost it

Men with low testosterone production may suffer from low sex drive, extreme fatigue, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Daily stress and diet might also cause your testosterone levels to drop. In short, you may be eating foods that kill testosterone. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the foods you consume to understand what helps and … Read more

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Raw Eggs

why do bodybuilders eat raw eggs

 A bodybuilding diet that packs lean muscle draws bodybuilders and those who train for weightlifting competitions. And one of the most popular foods they include in their diet is the egg. While there’s no question that eggs are a nutritious slam dunk, some bodybuilders prefer to consume eggs raw rather than cooked. Meanwhile, some bodybuilders … Read more

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Rice Cakes?

why do bodybuilders eat rice cakes

The key to excellent bodybuilding training starts in the kitchen. Getting the proper nutrients pre-and post-workout can maximize exercise performance, improve recovery time, and keep you healthy. And when it comes to fueling up your body, it’s hard to beat carbohydrates. A rice cake, for instance, is a good source of high GI (glycaemic index) … Read more

8 Health Benefits of Iced Tea

8 health benefits of iced tea

Tea has a long and illustrious history, purportedly discovered about 5,000 years ago by Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, aka “The Divine Healer,” when leaves from a wild tree blew into his pot of boiling water. He was then immediately interested in the pleasant tea scent and drank some. He even described it as a warm feeling, … Read more

The Importance of Good Nutrition

the importane of good nutrition

Good nutrition is the key to good physical and mental health. The amount and kind of food you eat affect the way how your body works and the way you feel.  Below are some of the benefits gained from eating healthy foods and maintaining good nutrition. Why It’s Important Good nutrition can help: Lower high … Read more

Jason Lee Weight Loss

Jason Lee Weight Loss

In case you haven’t heard of Jason Lee, he is a well-known radio personality and gossip columnist. Before he became a trend for undergoing weight loss surgery, Jason Lee is more known for being a part of the FOX Soul show, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”  After his stint on the show, he founded a … Read more