Why are Weight Benches So Expensive?

Why are Weight Benches So Expensive

Weight benches are an excellent investment for your home gym. But with so many different types and brands, you might wonder, “Why are weight benches so expensive?” This article will cover how much weight benches cost, why they are so expensive, and what you should look for when buying the best weight bench.  If you’re … Read more

Dip Alternative Exercises

dip alternative exercises

Dips are a great bodyweight exercise that targets the triceps and chest muscles. However, they’re not for everybody. If you don’t have the coordination to do this workout correctly, find dips too challenging, or simply want to add variation to your routine, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover other effective exercises below … Read more

Is Overhead Press Necessary?

is overhead press necessary

Do you want to build more muscle and strength? Stabilize your muscles and joints? Or improve your balance, core stability, and mobility?  If so, the overhead press is an ideal upper-body weight training exercise for you. It brings a whole lot of benefits. You’ll notice these benefits in your daily life, not just in the … Read more

Exercises to Do On a Weight Bench

Exercises to Do On a Weight Bench

A weight bench is not just a bench; it is a piece of gym equipment that helps build muscles in your body. Moreover, doing weight bench exercises boost your stamina and strength.  It is quite a versatile tool, and you can do several exercises with them. You can perform workouts such as bench presses to … Read more

Pull Ups Alternative Exercises

pull-ups alternative exercises

Do you want to achieve that enviable V-shaped torso? Or target different muscles from different angles with one exercise? If so, then the pull-ups have to be in your repertoire. But since your training should include a variety of exercises for continuous progress, that’s where pull-ups alternative exercises come into play.  This article lists some … Read more

How Often Should You Go to the Gym?

how often should you go to the gym

Consistency is the key to progress. Therefore, you must put enough hours into your gym sessions to reach your fitness or weight loss goals. But, how often should you go to the gym? Are three times a week enough?  Here’s a guide on how often you should go to the gym and all you need … Read more

Are Dumbbells Enough to Build Muscle?

are dumbbells enough to build muscle

Building muscles is not easy. It’s not simply about eating pounds and pounds of protein or going to the gym. However, it’s more about pushing your muscles to the limit and letting them recover.  To do this, you must have a proper recovery environment, build the right weight, and use the right equipment to strengthen … Read more

One Pec Bigger Than the Other – What to Do About It?

one pec bigger than the other - what to do about it

Bodybuilders and gym-goers don’t just aim for the leanest body fat percentage and the biggest muscles. They’re also after physical symmetry – from shoulders to quads. However, things can get very frustrating when they don’t get that sense of proportion.  If you’re among these people and notice unevenness in your pecs, fret not because there … Read more

Does Lifting Weights Make You Shorter? 

Does Lifting Weights Make You Shorter?

The myth that weightlifting stunts growth has endured for a long time because it is plausible enough to stick in people’s thoughts for a very long period. While lifting weights can be dangerous if it’s not done correctly, there is no evidence that the workout will make you shorter than you would otherwise be.  Many … Read more