Why are Lats Pulldown Harder Than Pull-Ups?

why are lats pulldown harder than pull-ups

Lat pull-downs and pull-ups are the two best competitors of your time in the gym. In fact, they are the most preferred exercises for someone who wants to build a broader back.  Unfortunately, the lat pull down is harder than the pull-up. It may seem a surprise to you, but I’ve met some people in … Read more

Close Grip Lat Pulldown vs Wide Grip

Close Grip Lat Pulldown vs Wide Grip

If you’re torn between performing the close grip lat pulldown vs wide grip for your next gym session, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t noticed it, your body is the ultimate machine. Therefore, you need to take care of it and keep fit to avoid unnecessary complications that will affect your full … Read more

Barbell Shrugs Vs Dumbbell Shrugs

Barbell Shrugs Vs Dumbbell Shrugs

If you’re wondering the difference between barbell shrugs vs dumbbell shrugs, you’ve come to the right place. Shrugs are a well-known exercise used to build up the upper traps. One can undertake this exercise with various machines, but the barbell and dumbbell are standard. Barbell and Dumbbell shrugs are both result-yielding methods of increasing the … Read more

Dumbbell to Barbell Conversion – How to Convert The Weight Used

Dumbbell to Barbell Conversion - How to Convert The Weight Used

Weightlifting remains one of the greatest inventions in sports and fitness. Not only does it help you burn lots of calories, but it also tones your abs, builds your muscles, and corrects your posture if you do it right. Dumbbells and barbells are two handy weightlifting pieces of equipment that strengthen your arm muscles. They’re … Read more

Dumbbells Hurt My Palms, What to Do About It

Dumbbells Hurt My Palms, What to Do About It

If you’ve been experiencing pain while using your dumbbells, there are several possible reasons for this. But first, let’s dive into a bit of human anatomy.  Your hands are a connection of ligaments and bones usually categorized into three; the phalanges, metacarpals, and carpals.  The bones in your palm are the metacarpal bones, while those … Read more

How to Make Pushups Harder

how to make pushups harder

If you want to be a master of strength, you would most likely need lots of reps—for instance, push-ups. Yes, push-ups! It is a type of exercise that has been stable in fitness routines for decades. And why not? This humble exercise has been proven effective for building strength.  Being consistent with push-ups can be … Read more

I Can’t Flex My Bicep

i can't flex my bicep

Flexing your bicep is a great way to show off gym gains and is even a workout in itself. But what if one day you can no longer contract or flex your right bicep or left bicep despite it being the same size?  Is it still safe to lift as long as the rest of … Read more

Common Deadlift Injuries

A deadlift is a complete workout that allows you to work on multiple muscles simultaneously. It is one of the most productive workouts used by CrossFit athletes to build muscle, get more muscular, and improve body posture. However, you must know about some of its hitches with all these benefits. As weights are usually involved … Read more

Machine High Row Alternative Exercises

Machine High Row Alternative Exercises

A workout session is no fun when you’re not getting your desired results. It’s disappointing if you keep putting in a lot of effort but notice little to no changes. In such a situation, you could decide to search for other great exercise options. Therefore, we gathered a list of machine high row alternative exercises … Read more

Why Don’t My Biceps Get Sore After a Workout?

why dont my biceps get sore after a workout

So, you’ve been working out, eating clean with enough protein for muscle building, and probably lost some belly fat. Unfortunately, you don’t see any progress with your biceps, not once have they felt sore.  Therefore, you find yourself asking, “Why don’t my biceps get sore after a workout?” Could it be that you’re doing your … Read more