Chris Bumstead Workout Routine


When it comes to the world of bodybuilding and fitness, there is no doubt that Chris Bumstead is one of the most well-known, accomplished, and highly admired bodybuilders in today’s generation.  He is just no other than the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Winner and has won the competition for 3 consecutive years – 2019, … Read more

David Goggins Workout Routine

david goggins workout routine 2022

David Goggins also referred to as the “Hardest/Toughest Man Alive,” is a fitness icon to many. He is not only a motivational speaker and an author, but also an ultra-distance cyclist, ultramarathon runner, triathlon (includes long-distance running, cycling, and swimming), and the only personality who achieved Air Force Tactical Air Control Training, Army Ranger School, … Read more

Dumbbell Triceps Exercises

Dumbbell Triceps Exercises

Doing dumbbell triceps exercises is one excellent way to make your arms look better. One thing you should also understand about your triceps muscles and their functions is that it’s vital to include them in your workout routine to develop and train them.  When it comes to arm workouts, many often think that they should … Read more

Dumbbell Lower Back Exercises

Dumbbell Lower Back Exercises

Dumbbell lower back exercises are a great workout to try if you want to strengthen your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Not only that, but this exercise also helps enhance your poor posture and avoid potential injuries.  One of the most essential body parts we should train and strengthen is the lower back, which joins … Read more

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

Our shoulders are the most extremely mobile part of our body, compared to our ball-and-socket joint areas such as our knees or elbows. This helps our shoulders move upwards, sideways, backward, or in any direction.  Training shoulders usually mean the deltoids or simply “delts.” Our external shoulder also consists of three main parts or deltoid … Read more

Dumbbell Forearm Exercises


Most gym enthusiasts tend to put more emphasis on building their chest, pumping their upper arms, and abs. But did you know that forearms should also be given equal importance as much as they are? Forearms are considered to be the primary doorway to strength. This only means that if you have a weak forearm … Read more

Dumbbell Leg Exercises


Dumbbells should be a component of your exercise routine no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  Dumbbells are highly versatile pieces of equipment making them highly functional for almost all kinds of exercises, thus including strengthening the upper body, core, and lower body.  Aside from their versatility, dumbbells are also relatively easy to … Read more

Dumbbell Chest Exercises


Chest workouts are essential if you desire a broad and well-defined upper body.  Although barbell lifts are great in developing those pecs, you can also achieve your desired hypertrophy and pec sculpting using just a pair of dumbbells. Moreover, dumbbells offer less risk of injury, are more versatile, and are inexpensive.  Dumbbells are a great … Read more

Dumbbell Abs Exercises

Dumbbell abs exercises

Wanted to level up your ab exercises routine? You can try getting a pair of dumbbells and sculpting your abs and obliques with some of the effective circuit workouts we identified.  Having a well-chiseled ab not only looks good but will also help you accomplish daily duties more quickly such as carrying stuff into the … Read more

Dumbbell Biceps Exercises


Given their position in front of the limb, it is no doubt that pump-up and toned biceps muscles are one of the most noticeable and striking features anyone can hone. Aren’t they just rock on sleeveless shirts or even on simple white t-shirts?  Aside from the fact that it works wonderfully and looks great in … Read more