Force USA MyRack Review

Need a power rack for your strength training? Well, that’s a great idea. It can let you lift heavy with stability and safety. 

But deciding what power rack is best for you can be a challenge with so much home gym equipment available! In this post, we’ll take a look at the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack, which is a solid product and with a 2,000-pound weight capacity!

Use this Force USA MyRack review to help you make an informed decision whether to buy this functional power rack or not!

TLDR: Force USA MyRack Review

MyRack Modular Power Rack - 2,000lb Weight Capacity

Product Description

The Force USA MyRack is a power rack system that lets you train safely and heavily. Even when installed, you still have a space in your garage. It’s customizable too with their MyRack attachments and accessories.

The rack itself is a beast at 12-gauge and offered at a great price, the reason why many fitness enthusiasts are enamored with this gym equipment.

Overall Construction Quality

First off, the four-post Force MyRack is both deep and heavy enough to stand on its own. You can use it either freestanding (no need to bolt in on the ground) or bolt-in base. This is an important feature for home gym owners, who may not want to bolt the functional power rack to their garage ground.

The MyRack Modular Power Rack also supports a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. Its base provides a stable foundation. Thanks to the rear support bar and the extra-long flat feet of this fully customizable Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack.

The four uprights of this Force USA MyRack are reinforced with rectangular reinforcement plates or trapezoidal gusset plates on both sides. The steel tubes that comprise the frame are 12-gauge steel, as mentioned earlier, and the upper cross bracings’ end plates are made of thicker gauge steel.

Monolift Attachment

The MyRack Monolift System enables heavier lifts by removing the need to walk toward the rack or away from it with weight on your shoulders. Yes, you can just rack and unrack on squats without even taking one step.

The monolift attachment conveniently allows you to set up your squat stance, pick up the bar, and squat. The monolift attachment gained a 2645 lb static weight rating. With the functional power of this full monolift rack, you can just rack and unrack with ease on the Force USA bench without lifting from a spotting partner.

However, unlike other monolift attachments offered by other fitness equipment companies, Force USA MyRack does not have that optional “stop bolt” or a secondary bolt that is put through the power rack frame, above the main bolt. The purpose of which is to prevent the monolift hooks from swimming beyond a certain point.

While such a MyRack power rack setup allows you to push back into a fixed bar and achieve a stronger squat setup, it works well only if you have a large monolift attachment. Working out with this kind of setup may be okay in the beginning, but you’ll soon realize that the amount of distance is not far enough from the monolift hooks that it actually feels like you may accidentally hit them.

Weight Plate Holders

Each MyRack weight plate holder comprises a plastic adapter with over a 1-inch diameter steel base. The end of the steel base fits through any 1-inch hole and is secured with a lynchpin. The purpose of which is to prevent the end of the plate holder from coming back out of the hole on the power rack uprights.

A caveat, though, is that the plate holders are short with only 8” loadable sleeve length. With such length, it’s not enough to store many plates, especially if those you use in your home gym are bumper plates.

As for the Olympic plate adapters, they are so thick that calibrated powerlifting discs and Olympic plates won’t fit.


As for the Force USA MyRack J-hooks, which are used for support, they have over 1700 lbs static load capacity and have a nylon-based plastic protective lining, not UHMW plastic.

Personally, I find the angle of the lip almost vertical or the lip itself too high. Still, if budget is your main concern, Force USA MyRack’s J-hook is a go-to option.

Low Row/ Lat Pulldown Attachment

Most of you may already be familiar with the low row/ lat pulldown attachment and one that many would want to add in their Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack. 

This surprisingly affordable and simple attachment improves home or garage gyms by adding a variety of new movements, like upper body training. Many lat pull attachments with racks are short and flimsy, but not the MyRack Lat Pull as it comes with different attachments to do overhead cable workouts, tricep pushdowns, and lat pulldowns.

Cable Crossover Attachment

I can say the cable crossover attachment is high quality in many ways, although more expensive. Instead of a bottom and top pulley, the MyRack cable crossover has an adjustable pulley system with 28 adjustment points so you can set the pulley at any height.

Then, there’s an optional lat pulldown seat attachment that enables you to transform your cable crossover into a lat pulldown station. So, even though it’s a cable crossover station, you can use it for low rows and lat pulldowns too!

In just one cable crossover attachment, you can already do several exercises, like upright rows, bicep curls, triceps pushdowns, straight arm pulldowns, face pulls (any angle and height), glute kickbacks, kneeling crunches, unilateral side delt raises, bent-over rows, and many more cable exercises that I will discuss more in-depth below!

MyRack Safety Spotter Arms

Now, if you prefer to work outside the rack, using the safety spotter arms is a great option, especially if you are planning to get the MyRack weight plate holders. 

These safety spotter arms are 19½” long and often sell for a pair. To protect your bars knurling as well as easily adjust into the power rack, the MyRack safety spotter arms have nylon on the top. I don’t really have a problem with using spotter arms, although I would not buy them as my only safety option in a power rack. And if you plan to squat inside the power rack, I recommend you to use the MyRack Safety Slings.

Safety Slings or Straps

The benefit of using safety slings is that the bar rolls out to the front of the power rack in case a rep fails. It protects both you and your equipment. Straps are also a nice option if you think that your preferred safety location is in-between the two pairs of holes on the gauge steel uprights.

You can place each end of the safety strap in a different location to create an angle or slope. It is relatively easy to adjust, the color is attractive, and is also affordable. But if you are an elite-level powerlifter, this feature may not be worth purchasing anymore.

Box Tube Safeties

Another type of safety spotter system aside from the safety slings is the MyRack Safe Box Tube Safeties. These types of safety catches are also sometimes called flip-down safeties.

They are durable and rated for 1500 lbs or 50% higher vs. safety slings.


  • Packaging of the product is well done, boxes are thick and strapped together
  • All the hardware (screws, washers, bolts, etc) are delivered in laminated cards with corresponding numbers
  • The MyRack Power Rack itself is durable, strong, and affordable
  • In case of a failed bench press, it comes with safety slings to prevent the barbell from rolling on you
  • Easy to get into a solid squat position even with free swimming arms
  • J-hooks have over 1700 lbs static load capacity
  • With a safety strap system that offers the best possible protection for you as well as your equipment
  • Meets weight ratings and safety standards of the highest quality power rack
  • Lat attachment is completely functional 


  • Weight plate holders are short with a mere 8” loadable sleeve length
  • Too thick Olympic plate adapters
  • Not as strong when compared to other high-quality competitors, like the Rogue Fitness

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack: Is it worth it?

With over 20 attachments, such as J-hooks, MyRack box tube safeties, cable crossovers, and chin-up bars, and endless training options, the Force USA MyRack power rack is worth buying.

Its uprights use robotic welding and fully automated laser cutting technologies for consistent durability, stability, and reliability as well, giving you a good value for your money when you invest in this home gym equipment.

In-Depth Review of the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

MyRack Modular Power Rack - 2,000lb Weight Capacity


Base rack:

Laser-cut steel construction

Height – 87″

Width – 47″

Depth – 55″

Interior Depth – 29″

Extra-sturdy Steel Construction

12 GA Steel Uprights

Westside spacing

54 adjustment points front and back

5/8″ accessory holes

2.4″ x 2.4″ uprights

Freestanding and bolt-in options

Lifetime structural warranty

Product Weight – 176 lbs.

Arrives in 3 separate boxes

Product Specs: 

Pull-Up Bar: Yes

Laser-Cut Hole Numbers: No

Westside Hole Spacing: Yes

Length: 55″

Color: Black

Made In USA: No

Hardware Size: 5/8″

Steel Notes: 2.4×2.4″ 12-Gauge Steel

Height: 87″

Width: 47″

Workouts and Exercises

There are plenty of exercises you can do with the MyRack Modular Power Rack!

This includes:

  • Bench presses
  • Squats
  • Cable crossovers
  • Deadlifts
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Overhead presses
  • Chin-ups
  • Rows,
  • Curls, and more!

If you prefer a heavy-duty FID bench to fit well with your MyRack, you may also want to check out the Force USA MyBench. This is a three-workout station that adjusts easily and quickly from flat to incline or decline. Thanks to its shark tooth design. Plus, the home or garage gym equipment includes a height-adjustable preacher curl attachment and a leg developer for versatility in your workouts.

Additional Features

  • Deluxe J-Hooks – These are the beefier style of standard J-hooks and have a welded support bracket. These are significantly stronger.
  • Dip Handle Attachment – Even when you do heavy weighted dips, this dip handle attachment is sturdy. Not to mention it’s well-designed too!
  • Landmine Attachment – This consists of a swivel point (connects the sleeve to the power rack), a sleeve (holds one end of the barbell and a smaller sleeve for standard bars), and a handle (attaches to the far end of the Olympic barbell). 

Some classic landmine workouts you can do with this attachment include a landmine press, landmine squat, landmine lunge, landmine floor press, landmine z-press, landmine hack squat, rotation, twist, twist, clean and press, and many more!

  • Chin-Up Bar/ Pull-Up Bar Attachments – Actually, there are four pull-up bar attachments: the monkey bar, classic grip chin-up bar, hammer grip chin-up bar, and the globe grip chin-up bar.

I think the attachment that gives the best value for your money, especially if you are a lifter, is the classic grip chin-up bar. Why? It’s because it’s the least expensive among other pull-ups attachments. It has a distinctive design (two parallel bars that are connected by two obliquely angled bars and two short perpendicular bars).

With such a design, you can do various wrist position and grip width combinations. You can also do grip chin bar variations, like narrow grip chin up, hammer grip pull-ups, muscle-ups, and chin-ups (medium width), among others.

However, if you love doing muscle-ups or kipping pull-ups, the best option for you would be the monkey bar attachment.


Force USA offers a lifetime structural warranty, a 2-year warranty on all pulleys and cables, and a 90-day wear and tear warranty on rack accessories.

Who is it Best for?

The Force USA MyRack is a great investment for people who have limited workout space, want a power rack with many attachments, or have a lower ceiling height at home or in a garage.

What Do People Say About it?


This Force USA MyRack power rack gained plenty of positive feedback on Amazon. In fact, one buyer from the United Kingdom wrote, “

An Amazon buyer said in a Force USA MyRack review, “I managed to put the entire setup together on my own. Everything fits perfectly – all the screws, washers, bolts and holes align and fit properly. The shrink-wrapped identification system for all the nuts and bolts is outstanding.

The result is a rock-solid rack – without even being bolted down. Nothing wobbles, bends or twists. [Truly] outstanding!”

However, few Amazon buyers of the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack are not so happy with their purchase. One review reads, “This item, in addition to being overpriced for what you get, will only work if you have a way of holding yourself down to your bench when you’re doing pulldowns.”


Sharing the USA MyRack review summary of Stevie Richards on YouTube, he said, “The way the base is designed, it’s kind of cool and your legs don’t get caught up with the bar. So, the shape of the base is really good… Also with this rack, making it modular, once again is my favorite thing to be able to extend this out and customize for a small room like this (referring to his home gym), or when I get a garage gym setup, I can really just expand it out and put all the accessories in there.

Linzey Beister of Gold Coast Weightlifting Club also shared in a YouTube video, “It’s a piece of equipment that I’ve always wanted in my weightlifting gym, mainly so I can use it as something to squat out of with safety bars and specific exercises to weightlifting.

What I think the real benefit of having a MyRack system is it allows you to have multiple attachment points for accessory movements, like pull-ups. It also has an extra arm or two that you can put on that allows you to do accessory movements with the cable machine (cable attachments).”


One Reddit user asked whether Force USA MyRack would be the best deal for his dollar, to which one fitness enthusiast replied, “I have one, and it’s pretty awesome for what you pay…I have a couple of issues – the dip bars are unusually wide, which sucks for me as a short guy; the plate pegs are junk (I’ve inverted them to use as handles for Hatfield squats now, they’re basically useless for plate storage). But apart from that, it’s an awesome setup.”

Another Reddit user shared, “The only issue I really see is the “odd” size of the uprights limiting the use of accessories from different manufacturers. The MyRack is 2.4″ x 2.4″ w/ 5/8″ pins and Westside spacing. The majority of Rogue and Titan racks are mainly 2″ x 3″ or 3″ x 3″, and I use those as examples because of the large variety of accessories available.”


Is Force USA a good brand?

Force USA offers a high quality of strength training equipment that passed through hundreds of hours of Research and Development testing in various commercial conditions.

Founded in the early 2000s, Force USA now operates in more than 25 countries and the people behind the company believe that everyone deserves to build healthier, stronger, and happier lives.

Does Force USA ship to Canada?

Yes, Force USA does USA and Canada shipment. To know more about the company’s shipping policy, you may visit the link here!

What attachments come with MyRack base?

The MyRack strength training equipment is fully customizable, but each attachment is sold separately. The advantage of which is you only pay for attachments you want. The best attachments recommended to start your workout would be a J-hook, one chin-up bar, and a safety attachment. 

The chin-up bar is necessary to maximize the durability and structural integrity of the MyRack.

Final Verdict: Should I Buy It?

After using and revising the Force USA MyRack, I assess that it’s a good option for people who want a rack with many attachments. Sure, it’s not the best power rack on the market (its uprights have thinner 12-gauge steel compared to high-end power racks), but it is a versatile power rack.

It is designed to be bolted into the floor or freestanding to perform deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, squats, and more! And if you’re worried that it may not last long with you, the home gym equipment is covered with a Lifetime Structural Warranty plus two years coverage on pulleys and all cable attachments.

For its price point, it’s pretty competitive than other racks. Not to mention it’s the only power rack on the market (at least, to my knowledge. I came across many power racks by the way) that have a cable crossover attachment. 

Another reason to buy this Force USA MyRack equipment is that there’s bar storage built for both a standard bar and an Olympic bar. As for its uprights, they don’t fade over time. Throughout its bench area, MyRack features Westside spacing (1”), which makes adjusting the power rack’s J-cups easy.

Truly, this modular power rack can make a great addition to your own home gym.

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