Best Whiteboard for Home Gym

Exercise works better than medication when it comes to productivity. Working out is the key to a healthy lifestyle because it improves memory, reduces stress, and speeds up the rate at which our brains operate, resulting in enhanced productivity.  As a result, it keeps your body and brains healthy and active. When you sit for … Read more

Best Home Gym for Low Ceilings

Best Home Gym for Low Ceilings

One of the various ways to have a full-fledged gym at home is to build a multifunctional, space-saving home gym. And if you happen to have a low ceiling room, one of the bothersome questions in your mind will undoubtedly be “how to build a home gym with a low ceiling.”  Building a complete gym … Read more

Best TV Stand for Home Gym

best tv stand for home gym

Having a TV in your home gym is incredible. It makes the space look like a legit weight room. Second, it helps keep you focused on your lift by giving you some visual stimulus to keep out of your phone.  Additionally, having a TV in your home gym or exercise room can be significant. It … Read more

Best Minimalist Home Gym to Build on Tight Budget

best minimalist home gym to build on tight budget

Nowadays, building a home gym is no longer just a luxury. Having a private training space in our current environment can be considered almost essential.  Regardless of the weather, you can train in your own home without spending a ton of money or investing in gym equipment that is too complex. And frankly, the more … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Large Wrist


We all know how fitness trackers or fitness watches can be a great tool to help people stay motivated and on track with their fitness goals.  Sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, calories burned, stress level, number of steps, are only some of the amazing health tracking features they offer.  However, most fitness trackers on the … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Noom

best fitness tracker for noom

I’m a personal fitness coach and because of this profession, I’ve come across Noom. Noom is a useful health app designed to help users lose weight and keep it off long term. It focuses on making sustainable and tangible lifestyle changes rather than extreme styles of eating, like cutting certain food groups. “Noomers” are given … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Lifting

best fitness tracker for weight lifting

Do you want to optimize your weight training routine? If you do, then you may want to invest in a fitness tracker that can count your reps, recognize your strength training workout, and give you the data you need to improve your strength over time and get the most out of your training. That’s why … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Rowing

Best Fitness Tracker for Rowing

If you’re looking for a superb workout to lose weight or be fit, you should try rowing.  This exercise is usually done on the water and a rowing boat, also known as outdoor rowing. But nowadays, there are many rowing machines available that allow you to try indoor rowing, which still lets you reap the … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Stationary Bike

Best Fitness Tracker for Stationary Bike

The search for the best fitness trackers for stationary bikes or indoor cycling can be overwhelming since the market produces a broad range of fitness trackers.  Luckily, with the help of the online fitness community, you can still find the right fitness tracker for you. However, most fitness trackers are better at tracking particular activities … Read more