Why Do My Dumbbells Smell and What to Do About It?

Why Do My Dumbbells Smell and What to Do About It

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do my dumbbells smell and what to do about it?”  It is typical for a brand new set of rubber dumbbells to have a strong, unpleasant, and toxic odor. However, this odor is not unusual for dumbbells and unknown rubber weights.  When this happens, you need not worry. In … Read more

How to Clean Dumbbells

How to Clean Dumbbells

Every equipment and machine requires maintenance to function well, which applies to dumbbells.  Before cleaning dumbbells, you have to discern the type to understand whether it is an iron dumbbell, steel dumbbell, chrome dumbbell, rubber dumbbell, or neoprene dumbbell.  If you’re interested to know how to clean dumbbells, keep reading to find out! How To … Read more

Best Dumbbell Set with Rack

best dumbbell set with rack

In this pandemic, it is important not to give up on your workout routine simply because you can’t go to the gym, play an organized sport, or attend an exercise class.  The good news is there are plenty of ways to get a good workout even while at home. And one of the best exercise … Read more

Weider 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review


Do you have limited space at home and are thinking of purchasing workout equipment to start your muscle building and strength training? If yes, then chances are that you’re comparing whether it would be better to invest in a fixed dumbbell or an adjustable dumbbell. While in an ideal workout gym, a fixed dumbbell offers … Read more