Exercises to Do On a Weight Bench

Exercises to Do On a Weight Bench

A weight bench is not just a bench; it is a piece of gym equipment that helps build muscles in your body. Moreover, doing weight bench exercises boost your stamina and strength.  It is quite a versatile tool, and you can do several exercises with them. You can perform workouts such as bench presses to … Read more

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

are fitness trackers worth it

Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Polar, Samsung Watch, Coros, Xiaomi, and Honor – if you’ve been searching for fitness trackers lately, you may have heard of these brands and more. But are they worth the money? Will they really help you get fit? Well, that’s what we’ll find out in today’s post. Keep reading to discover … Read more

Pull Ups Alternative Exercises

pull-ups alternative exercises

Do you want to achieve that enviable V-shaped torso? Or target different muscles from different angles with one exercise? If so, then the pull-ups have to be in your repertoire. But since your training should include a variety of exercises for continuous progress, that’s where pull-ups alternative exercises come into play.  This article lists some … Read more

How Does Apple Watch Track Steps

how does apple watch track steps

Your Apple watch is designed with health and fitness tracking in mind. It can display your health profile, heart rate, and medical ID.  Depending on the model, it can also detect a fall, measure your blood oxygen levels, record the electrocardiogram of your heart rhythm, help you unwind via a mindfulness app, track steps and … Read more

Are Dumbbells Enough to Build Muscle?

are dumbbells enough to build muscle

Building muscles is not easy. It’s not simply about eating pounds and pounds of protein or going to the gym. However, it’s more about pushing your muscles to the limit and letting them recover.  To do this, you must have a proper recovery environment, build the right weight, and use the right equipment to strengthen … Read more

Is Incline Bench Harder?

is incline bench harder

The incline bench is one of the three pillars of bench presses. Moreover, it is a standard weightlifting workout in which many proud pectoral muscles have been crafted. However, you might be wondering, “Is incline bench harder than any other workout?” Along with flat and decline bench presses, this exercise promotes chest growth in many ways. … Read more

How Much Should I Bench For My Weight

how much should i bench for my weight

The bench press is a popular weightlifting and bodybuilding exercise. It strengthens the upper body muscles, including the shoulders, arms, and pectorals.  Once you’ve mastered the proper bench press form and basic movement pattern, you’ll see rapid gains in this classic chest-builder. However, if you’re new to lifting weights or the gym, how will you … Read more

What Is the Best Diameter for a Pull Up Bar

what is the best diameter for a pull-up bar

Pull-ups are a functional and fundamental movement pattern. In fact, they are worth adding to any well-rounded fitness training program because of their ability to sculpt and strengthen your body and boost your overall fitness. For those of us with smart home gyms, we need to find the right pull-up bar and determine the best … Read more

How Much Is the Leg Press Machine Without Weight

how much is the leg press machine without weight

Do you keep a workout log and want to track your weight progress in a leg press machine? If so, then you may be curious how much weight is on the leg press machine before adding weight to it. Whether you want to try new workout equipment or prefer to save your back from discomfort … Read more