Best Foldable Workout Bench 

Best Foldable Workout Bench

Globally, fitness habits are evolving, and there is potential for further change in the future. Moreover, saving money is a top priority, especially in hard times and when it comes to your fitness.  When trying to save cost on your fitness, consider the prospect of having a home gym with simple workout equipment. Having a … Read more

Best Wall Mounted Folding Weight Bench

Best Wall Mounted Folding Weight Bench

Folding weight benches are one of the most vital workout equipment you need to have in your gym. It assists you with undertaking strength training exercises and gives you your desired result in no time. Before getting a folding weight bench, you must consider various factors like the available space, foldability, accessories, and J-hooks. They … Read more

Is Incline Bench Harder?

is incline bench harder

The incline bench is one of the three pillars of bench presses. Moreover, it is a standard weightlifting workout in which many proud pectoral muscles have been crafted.  Along with flat and decline bench presses, an incline bench press promotes chest growth in many ways. However, is the incline bench harder than the other traditional … Read more

Best Weight Bench with Pull-up Bar

best weight bench with pull-up bar

Pull-ups are to exercise regimens what veggies are to nutrition. We know we should eat them, but only a few of us do. The same is true for pull-ups.  And if there’s one exercise to help you get better at pull-ups, it’d be bench press and vice versa. Doing both workouts creates a more stable … Read more

How Much Should I Bench For My Weight

how much should i bench for my weight

The bench press is a popular weightlifting and bodybuilding exercise. It strengthens the upper body muscles, including the shoulders, arms, and pectorals.  Once you’ve mastered the proper bench press form and basic movement pattern, you’ll see rapid gains in this classic chest-builder. However, if you’re new to lifting weights or the gym, how will you … Read more

Best Golds Gym Workout Benches

best golds gym workout benches

You can do so much with just a weight bench, making it one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment you can invest in. The range of workouts you can use is wide and you can even hit every muscle of your body. And if one of the best brands of workout bench … Read more

Best Folding Weight Bench with Leg Extension

best folding weight bench with leg extension

If you want to strengthen your muscles more and improve your flexibility and balance, a folding weight bench with leg extension is a great investment.   The great thing about choosing a folding weight bench is that it is easy to store them away when not in use.  That’s a bonus for people who don’t have … Read more

Best Foldable Flat Weight Bench

best foldable flat weight bench

A foldable flat weight bench is a great addition to your home gym. It is versatile, portable, and compact. These are great features for people who don’t have a lot of space to spare for their gym equipment. It is also lightweight, such that it is easy to store away or move if you want … Read more

Marcy Weight Bench Review

marcy weight bench review

Fitness equipment is a must-have for workout enthusiasts and athletes everywhere.  Although it is not necessary if one wants to build strength, exercise, and stay fit, fitness equipment makes the process more customizable and easier!  Weight machines and treadmills are best for building up or conditioning certain muscle groups or for knowing calorie expenditure and … Read more