Best Olympic Weight Bench

best olympic weight bench

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions led to the closure of health clubs and gyms, but it also paved the way for the demand for fitness devices and home gym equipment, like ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and Olympic weight benches. From a global perspective, the home fitness equipment market even reached  $9.49 billion in 2020 and is … Read more

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

body champ olympic weight bench

To get the most out of your weight training effort, you need to consider the equipment you use for your workout. This is especially true for some upper-body exercises, like rows, chest flyers, and bench presses. You can choose either a standard weight bench or an Olympic bench. Standard weight benches are ideal for casual … Read more

Best Flat Weight Bench

best flat weight bench

Concentration curls, reverse dumbbell fly, dumbbell bench press, and dumbbell row – the list of exercises you can do using a weight bench is almost endless. That’s what makes them so versatile! If you want to spice up your at-home workouts or are serious about strength training, investing in a weight bench is a good … Read more

Best Cheap Weight Bench


Having an adjustable weight bench as one of your home gym equipment can dramatically improve the variation and quality of your workouts as it allows you to effectively focus on key muscle groups safely while preventing the risk of injury. You might be wondering how do you choose the best weight bench considering that there … Read more

Best Weight Bench Under $200


Working out at the gym has been a part of most people’s lifestyle. This all changed when Covid 19 pandemic hit, forcing almost all government leaders around the globe to order temporary closure of gyms and other similar spaces.  This comes as no surprise as gym equipment is usually communal, and is often flocked by … Read more

Best Weight Bench Under $100


Without a doubt, there are many benefits that you can get from doing bench presses, like increasing your upper body strength, improving your bone health, and increasing your pushing power. A bench press may look simple, but is actually a challenging piece of equipment. It involves lying flat on your back on a weight training … Read more