Marcy Weight Bench Review

marcy weight bench review

Fitness equipment is a must-have for workout enthusiasts and athletes everywhere.  Although it is not necessary if one wants to build strength, exercise, and stay fit, fitness equipment makes the process more customizable and easier!  Weight machines and treadmills are best for building up or conditioning certain muscle groups or for knowing calorie expenditure and … Read more

Best Weight Bench Under $200


Working out at the gym has been a part of most people’s lifestyle. This all changed when Covid 19 pandemic hit, forcing almost all government leaders around the globe to order temporary closure of gyms and other similar spaces.  This comes as no surprise as gym equipment is usually communal, and is often flocked by … Read more

Best Weight Bench Under $100


Weight benches, such as adjustable and flat, are handy workout equipment. You’ll need one if you’d like to train in exercises like dumbbell bench presses and bench dips. Therefore, a weight bench is an essential component of most exercise routines. Further adding to their value, most weight benches are simple to use, require little space, … Read more