Jason Lee Weight Loss

In case you haven’t heard of Jason Lee, he is a well-known radio personality and gossip columnist. Before he became a trend for undergoing weight loss surgery, Jason Lee is more known for being a part of the FOX Soul show, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” 

After his stint on the show, he founded a gossip blog and media company called, “Hollywood Unlocked: Uncensored” and pursued a career as a radio personality.

In this article, we will be talking about the Jason Lee Weight Loss story and find out how the media personality lost 30 pounds. 

We compiled all the details such as his diet plan, workout routines, gastric sleeve surgery, and other information to know how Jason Lee reached his fitness goals.

If you’re interested to know more about the Jason Lee Weight Loss story, keep reading to find out!

Getting to Know Jason Lee

Jason Lee shared that he struggled during his younger years. His mother battled with drug abuse, so he was raised in a nursing care system in Stockton, California. The radio host is openly gay and biracial.

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, Jason Lee is best known for his supporting role on the second season of the FOX Soul show, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” He also played a supporting role as Kamiah’s friend, who reveals the details of her fling with Lil’ Fizz.

However, Jason Lee left after the show’s third season’s reunion special. Currently, he is busy with his broadcasting career. In 2015, he founded and worked as a radio host, CEO, and chief editor of “Hollywood Unlocked [Uncensored].” He also spoke about his weight loss journey in 2020, citing how his fitness goals helped him lose 30 pounds.

Besides being a member of the TV show, Jason Lee also pursued different careers such as a media personality, gossip blogger, and brand ambassador.

Jason Lee’s Weight Loss Overview

Jason Lee received many comments on Instagram about his weight loss, so he decided to talk about how he went through a weight loss surgery on an episode of “Hollywood Unlocked [Uncensored]” in July 2020. 

Jason Lee told his story by sharing that he has been discriminated against for his weight his entire life. However, the radio host also claims that he had a “thick skin” so the criticisms he received didn’t bother him that much. 

Jason Lee also expressed how happy he was with his size. Regardless, he still decided to lose weight after facing some serious health issues.

Before joining the cast of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee lost 40 pounds by eating a proper diet and exercising. After some time, he stopped his workout routine. He eventually decided to return to working out again once he finished taking a break. However, something went wrong, and he couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Jason Lee decided to work with Gentra, a company that does micronutrient testing and stem cell research. The firm also offers UV therapy, which Jason Lee has tried and got different medications for his weight loss.

Aside from getting UV therapy, Jason Lee also tried Gentra’s micronutrient testing, which revealed to him how he lacked Vitamin D. The test also showed that his testosterone level was low, while his cardiac markers were high.

Jason Lee took a Sleep Apnea Test, as consulted by his doctor to have a better understanding of his condition. After taking the said test, the results revealed that he stopped breathing for 63 seconds. 

The test result was an instant red flag for him, so he decided to take his weight loss goals more seriously. Soon, we underwent gastric sleeve surgery to achieve rapid weight loss immediately.

Diet and Workout Routine

Jason Lee was diagnosed as pre-diabetic due to his high sugar levels. Therefore, he cut down his sugar intake. When Jason Lee took Gentra’s micronutrient testing, he discovered that he was deficient in Vitamin D. 

The test also showed that the radio host of “Hollywood Unlocked” has low testosterone levels and high cardiac markers. He also stopped drinking alcohol to help lose weight, which did not help much.

Jason Lee’s physical therapist, Omar, told him that the cause of his body’s swelling might be inflammation. Therefore, he started drinking vitamins and supplements, but the inflammation persisted. 

Jason Lee’s Weight Loss Surgery

After being tested for Sleep Apnea, Jason Lee immediately underwent an hour-long gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure was a success, and the Hollywood Unlocked radio host lost 80% of his stomach. A few weeks after his weight loss surgery, his body went through a ketosis state, making him burn 30 pounds of extra weight in 15 days.

Aside from weight loss, Jason Lee’s breathing also improved. He shared that it left a positive impact on his physical and mental condition.

Jason Lee said on the radio show, “This is very much not at all about how I want to look, in terms of why I decided to do it. It was more about wanting to be alive and long enough for my team, me and my family.” 

He explained that his weight loss surgery was also for the brand and media company he built so that people would benefit from all the labor and hard work he put into it. After undergoing successful surgery, the next goal of Jason Lee is to focus on loving himself. 

Currently, Jason Lee is no longer associated with Viacom. His contract was terminated by the network after a series of disputes when an executive pushed him to represent a stereotypical gay black man. According to Jason Lee, he refused to work with the network instead of agreeing to denigrate black people. 

Final Words

The Jason Lee weight loss story became a trend on the internet back in 2020, so we decided to take a closer look at the radio personality’s weight loss surgery. We gathered all the details of the Jason Lee weight loss journey, from his diets, workout regimen, sleep apnea test results, and weight loss surgery.

The radio host and founder of “Hollywood Unlocked” successfully went through weight loss surgery after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Jason Lee started a healthy lifestyle by taking vitamins and supplements, cutting down sugar, quitting alcohol, and doing multiple workout routines. 

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