Monkii Bars 2 Review

Maintaining your workout routine and normal eating when you travel is tough. Besides, the last thing you’ll probably think is to be cooped up in a gym when you should be exploring new surroundings and trying out new cuisines!

Yet, getting a full travel experience doesn’t always mean undoing years of dedication and going hog wild. There are still ways to travel-hack the world while staying in shape aside from walking and doing pull-ups. And one of these ways is using a Monkii Bars 2 suspension training system.

Monkii Bars 2 is a suspension training gear that makes it fun and easy to workout at home, outdoors, on the road, or even in hotel rooms – no gym necessary!

With that in mind, I’ve prepared this in-depth review of the Monkii Bars 2 suspension system to help you stay fit and healthy.

Monkii Bars 2 Review: Suspension Training System & Minimalist Adventure Kit

Product Description

The Monkii Bars 2 is a compact suspension trainer that allows you to get a full-body resistance workout anywhere, be that indoors or outdoors. 

This portable, light, and easy-to-use fitness gear is even effective in helping you improve your muscle stability, conditioning, or strength wherever you are. So, although it pretty much works like other suspension training systems in providing you a total-body workout, it is unique in terms of versatility, quality and durability, and user experience.

User Experience – Allows You to Train in Epic Locations

When I first used the Monkii bars 2 suspension training system, I liked that I could instantly set it up at home or outside. Really, it promises a workout full of adventure, considering the portability of this fitness gear.

This go-to-exercise device has also helped me build and maintain muscle and improve my athletic performance. 

It’s a very simple system. Just remove the line, hang it in any sturdy structure or anchor, adjust the height, and you’re good to go! Just think of all the money you’d save on gym fees.

Or if you want to work out at home using the Monkii bars, simply attach them to your door anchor or pull-up bar. I find this adventure kit an ideal substitute for those who can’t routinely go to the gym. More so that we are now social-distancing due to the pandemic.

And in terms of versatility and simplicity, I use the Monkii bars 2 suspension trainer in my home gym and I carry it with me when I’m outdoors. Once I understood the adjustment and angles of the Monkii bars 2, I can already work out at different resistance levels.

Quality and Durability

Now, let’s talk more about what matters – its quality and durability.

The Monkii bars 2 suspension trainer is made of high-quality material. It has powder-coated aluminum handles that are weather-resistant and strong. And unlike the foam grips of other suspension trainers, the Monkii Grips™ has been built for years of use so it can withstand rugged environments.

Compared to other available suspension trainers, the strap of Monkii bars is also woven by quality webbing manufacturers to result in a wear-resistant and strong strap but with a softer edge. 

So you’ll be ready for more advanced workouts, the Monkii bars are also equipped with patented BomberBuckle™ that is dro-forged from solid aluminum blocks, ensuring you that there will be no weak points in this fitness gear.

Design – A Minimalist Kit

The Monkii bars 2 come in a neatly-packed minimalist package that uses slim-stretch bands. They also come in different colors, including Monkii Green, Glacier Blue, Denali Grey, Zion Red, Teton Purple, and Tactical Black.

What Makes it Stand Out

The Monkii bars 2 suspension trainer uses high-density protective plugs, aerospace-grade aluminum bar, is available in 6 colors and has a durable powder coat. 

This Monkii bar 2 is a gym equipment that shares your purpose, passion, and wildness for training, whether you start most of your mornings on a trail mountain hiking, in the ocean surfing, or training in your home gym.


  • Super portable, can be used outdoors or in a hotel room
  • Easy to set up (even easier to loop over tree branches)
  • Allows you to enjoy workouts in beautiful sceneries outdoors rather than crowded gyms
  • 21-day hassle-free returns
  • Does not take up too much space (either in your bag or home gym)
  • Minimalist design – available in 6 colors
  • Ready for hikes, runs, and lunch breaks
  • Includes portable carry case
  • Comes with a bomber door anchor 
  • Takes your bodyweight training to the next level
  • Equipped with independent anchor loops for infinite setup options


  • 250 lb limit. I won’t recommend it to big guys or gals.
  • Some beginners may find the Monkii bars too shaky as the independent system needs more stability

Is it worth it?

The Monkii bars 2 bodyweight training equipment is surely worth it. It is feature-packed, ultra-portable, and allows you to do insanely challenging exercises. Compared with other suspension trainers of similar price points, the Monkii bars are small and versatile. They’re very much ideal for travelers who want to remain active while they visit different places!

The versatility of Monkii bars 2 against a Pull-up bar or tree

Even if you have too little time or you currently have no access to a gym because of the pandemic or you’re traveling, the Monkii bars have a versatile setup that makes any place a potential gym.

You may even loop them over tree branches and perform dips, pull-ups, and other exercises that you would commonly do using a set of gymnasts rings. But the advantage of using this equipment is that it is lightweight and each strap is wear-resistant too!

In-Depth Review of the Monkii Bars 2: Transforming Your Workout Into Adventure


Monkii bar system weight: 9oz

Weight  capacity: 250lb.

Colors available:

  • monkii Green
  • Glacier Blue, 
  • Denali Grey, 
  • Zion Red, 
  • Teton Purple, and 
  • Tactical Black

Exercises: 250+

Removable suspension straps: Yes

Removable foot straps: Yes

Workouts and Exercises

Ready to hang tough and build strength? Here are some Monkii bar moves you can try!

  • Pull-Ups

It’s as easy as hanging from the handles of the suspension training system to do the pull-ups. Although it works the same as any pull-up bar, your body will be horizontal to the floor as you do the pull-ups using the Monkii bars. 

You may also try the L-sit pullup to increase the difficulty of your exercise using the suspension trainers. Just sit on the floor while your legs are extended in front of you. Do a pull-up but make sure that your heels are in contact with the floor and your legs straight.

If you prefer staggered pull-ups, you may want to set the strap system at different heights.

  • Push-Up

Your target muscle for this exercise would be the arms, chest, and shoulders. To begin this Monkii workout, hook your hoops through the Monkii bars so that the top of your feet faces the floor. 

The next movement you’ll do is to lift your body up. That way, your weight will rest on the palm of your hands. Then, bend your elbows to your lower chest while you keep your core tight. 

  • Inverted Row

To achieve a more toned physique, especially your lats and biceps, do an inverted row. You can do this by first setting the Monkii around waist height. Do know that the lower the height, the more difficult your exercise movement becomes. 

Next, lie directly underneath the Monkii bars and bend your knees. Grasp the handles until your body forms a straight line. Then, pull yourself up to the handles until your chest touches the Monkii and lower yourself back down again as you maintain proper form. 

This movement is ideal for those who are not yet strong enough to do a traditional pull-up. For a proper inverted bodyweight row, make sure not to let your butt sag, flex your stomach, and maintain your body rigid – head to toe.

  • Kneeling Triceps Press

One of my favorite exercises on Monkii bars suspension trainers is the kneeling triceps press. It is an isolation exercise that works on your triceps but this workout also trains your upper body (forearms, lats, chest, and shoulders). 

To do this exercise using the Monkii Ultralight Kit, attach the equipment using the door mount and kneel facing the anchor. Next, grab the gear’s handles with an underhand grip and stretch your arms straight out in front of you. Make sure to hold the handles shoulder-width apart. 

For the next step, bend elbows so you’ll lower your upper body toward the floor. As you begin to feel your triceps burn, return to the starting position and just repeat the movement.

Other training techniques you can do using the Monkii equipment (which also works using the Tactical Kit and Pocket Monkii) are military press, deadlifts, squats, chest press, push-ups, and other exercises that hit every lower body, upper body, and core muscle in between.

Warranty/ Return Policy

Monkii promises that if you aren’t moving more, thinking differently, and feeling wild in 21 days after purchasing this product, you can send it back to them for a full refund. 

Want to know more about the company’s hassle-free return policy? Check this page out!

Who is it Best for?

The Monkii bars 2 suspension trainer is designed for the true minimalist, outdoor adventurer, and people who want to get fit without going to a regular gym. It works more than just fitness gear. It’s your personal trainer, your own private gym, and an adventure guide all-in-one.

But you don’t necessarily have to be a full-time adventure-seeking fitness enthusiast to turn into Monkii bars. It’s just that they’re mostly preferred by dream chasers, the city dwellers, and the adventurers!

What Do People Say About it?

monkii bars 2 suspension training


An Amazon customer was happy with his purchase and considered the Monkii bars 2 “liberating” to own such a piece of gym equipment.

I never knew how liberating a simple set of workout tools could be! I’m a former gym rat who’s gained some weight since we had our daughter about 2 years ago. I know some people can do it but, with having to juggle work, school, a side business, and spending quality time with family, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time or desire to drive over to the gym.”

Still, there were few customers who were a little bit disappointed with this suspension trainer that can be attached to a door or pull-up bar. 

He said, “I realized I don’t enjoy being a public spectacle when I workout, and that it was quite difficult to find a friendly door in my own home or on the road, and that our trees don’t appreciate Monkiibars.”


RedDeltaProject said, “I’ve always been a big fan of just products and companies that make things that kind of just wrap up into a nice casing/ packaging. [The Monkii Bars 2] is compact. It’s got everything in one nice tight unit. All we simply do to make it work is we unhook the velcro…

And one of the things that I like that they’ve done with the foot straps [of the Monkii bars] ] is that they’re not nylon.”

Meanwhile, TrainingPal reviewed, “The kit contains two straps, two handlebars, a piece of rubber that is supposed to be a phone holder, two-foot straps that are hidden inside the handles, and a carrying case that doubles up as a door anchor. Every item has a very sleek design and the materials used are high-quality.”


One Reddit user shared his experience using the Monkii Bars 2. He wrote, “I picked up the Monkii Bars 2 about 3 months ago and I highly recommend them. For what they are (an extremely compact suspension trainer), there aren’t any better options unless you want to make your own.

The cons (since that’s what most people are interested in) are that it takes a few minutes (5-10) to set up and another few minutes (5-10) to take down.”

Another Reddit user shared in a different conversation thread about Monkii bars 2 core exercises, “I have a Monkii too that I’ve been testing out for a while (Pocket Monkii) and I like it a lot as well…These are my favorite exercises as they target most of the movements of the upper body, you can hit pretty high resistance with a suspension trainer. pull-ups, overhead press, high pull, dip, row, and assisted push up / suspension trainer push up.”

The Verdict: Should I Buy It?

suspension training system

Overall, I find the Monkii bars 2 a badass fitness product. I can’t even compare it to other suspension trainers out there today. It is lightweight, helps to keep my body in shape even when I’m outdoors, and the materials are really strong. 

It can provide you the most challenging workouts, whether you’re indoor, outdoor, or even in your hotel room! It’s also easy to master the Monkii bars quickly. And with all the workouts you can do in this gym equipment, I can truly say it is a great suspension training system and is worth buying!

But let me be honest with you too that the price tag of this suspension training is not the cheapest. Whether you choose the Ultralight Kit, the Adventure, Pocket, or Tactical. Still, whether this gear is worth it depends on your fitness needs. 

If you are committed enough to completely ditch the gym or you’re the outdoorsy type of person who is self-motivated enough to stay fit, I would absolutely recommend you to use this gear!

I hope this inspired you to keep adventuring, train hard, and get moving! If you like this article, you might want to read our other reviews at