Myx Fitness Bike Review

The popularity of some exercises may waver as people’s interest changes, but indoor cycling seemed to be a staple fitness trend. All the more so because of the pandemic that forced people to stay at home.

Indoor cycling is safe, less impactful, notoriously challenging (meaning you’re likely to see the results), no clean-up required, and not dependent on weather. It’s no surprise why indoor exercise bike sales have skyrocketed in 2020 even up to this year.

And one of the popular indoor exercise bikes or stationary bikes in the market nowadays is the Peloton. But as lovely as it is to invest in a high-quality home exercise bike, the Peloton bike is pricey (around $1,895 for the basic package).

So, to help pedal your worries away, I’ve decided to try an inexpensive alternative that offers almost the same professional-grade fitness bike. What I refer to is the Myx Fitness Bike.

If you want to know more about the Myx Fitness Bike, keep on reading. I decided to give this Myx Fitness bike a big test to share with you this in-depth Myx Fitness bike review. So, let’s get started!

TLDR: Myx Fitness Bike Review

Anyone who has the Myx bike....How do you like it? : MYXFitness

Myx Fitness Exercise Bike is a full-body workout system that is comparable to Peloton with its proprietary training program. The bike offers more than a hundred workout classes to help fitness enthusiasts like me get in shape. 

The 134-pound bike comes pre-assembled and there’s a team that will help you set it up once delivered at home. As for me, the servicer positioned the fitness bike on top of the floor mat and then he plugged it in and guided me into creating my account.

The process was smooth and fast, although I later changed the location of the bike after the team left. It was not difficult since the bike has wheels on the base bar (located at the front) and you can just easily adjust the feet for portability.

It has a unique swivel screen (21.5″ HD touchscreen) that opens up workout options. The pedals are also versatile enough that you can either opt for the SPD clip-ins or athletic shoes option. For sturdiness and safety, you may use both.

Basically, there are two costs that come with purchasing this home workout equipment. The actual Myx Fitness bike itself as well as the class subscription. Then, there’s also the Myx Plus that gives you the extra plus: with a 6-piece dumbbell set, a large exercise mat, Polar OH1 heart rate monitoring, resistance bad, kettlebell, and a foam roller.

As someone who bikes a lot, what I like most is that it is quiet. Thanks to its mechanical friction braking and a flywheel that keeps it smooth.

As you begin the ride or follow a Myx Fitness Bike Class, there’s a dashboard that will show you the time elapsed, heart rate, and calories burned. That way, you’ll know your pacing in class. 

Regardless of the class you join, there are verbal cues you can follow of what zone you are in. Most often, classes have warmups and cooldowns before and after indoor cycling.


  • Easy to switch for different riders
  • Excellent build quality
  • Personalized training feel
  • Half the price of Peloton for the same service
  • Swiveling display/ touchscreen
  • Quiet ride
  • One-on-one coaching available to keep you motivated
  • Allows cross-training
  • Heart rate monitor included


  • Limited interactivity between instructor and rider, unlike Peloton bike
  • The app can be a little glitchy
  • Short warranty period

Is it worth it?

I find the cost of the Myx bike worth it. I can bike with or without membership, although I think it would push you better if you avail the monthly membership. 

Interested? You can purchase it here!

In-Depth Review of the Myx Fitness Bike


Recommended rider height range: 4’11” – 6’8”.

Recommended max rider weight: up to 350 lbs.

exact dimensions: 54” L x 21” W x 47” H

Resistance: 1-100 variable

Resistance Type: Friction

Portable: Yes

Accessory tray: No

Cooling Fan: No

Speakers: Yes

Myx Fitness Bike vs. Peloton

Myx Fitness may be new to the market, but it offers almost the same great features as Peloton for a much lower price. What’s more, the Myx Fitness bike screen moves and comes with a heart rate monitor.

On the other hand, a Peloton bike has a screen that does not move (for a basic bike). It’s safer to say that the Myx Fitness bike is a budget-friendly option. I have tried the Peloton bike before and I must admit, I did enjoy its classes.

That does not mean I don’t get the same benefit as Myx Fitness bikes.

Quality and Durability

The Myx bike is rust-proof, hypoallergenic, and durable. Unlike its rivals in the market, what makes Myx Fitness unique is that it has aft and fore adjustments in the handlebar position. 

This little detail alone is beneficial for riders with shorter torsos.

Workouts and Exercises

  • Easy cycling: exertion level of 1 to 2 out of 10, easing into 3 minutes of a moderate pace, and then aiming again for an exertion level of 3 to 5 out of 10.
  • Moderate pace: where you aim for an exertion level of 3 to 5 out of 10. 
  • 45-minute cardio and strength workout (may require you to repeat for 2 to 4 rounds).
  • Speed intervals of easy spin, fast pedal, and recovery.
  • Climbing bursts: simulating a hill by raising the front wheel of the bike and exercising for 83 to 88 minutes.


If you purchase the Myx bike, it will be covered with a 1-year warranty to guarantee you of its quality.

Who is it Best for?

This indoor bike is best for beginner-to-intermediate riders who want to achieve their fitness goals while at home.

What Do People Say About it?


LearnWithTravis shared a Myx Fitness bike review on YouTube. He said, “Let’s start with one of the most important features, the resistance. Now, this uses a friction-based resistance system instead of magnetic, like a lot of the bikes out there now… The difference is very small. For most people, it does not make a difference because you really can’t tell.”

“I’m very happy with the Myx pedal set up. Good job Myx! When it comes to adjustability, it’s four-way, meaning the seat goes up and down, forward and backward. Same thing with the monitor… You can tweak this bike to make it fit you just perfectly,” he went on.

Another review from TreadmillReviewGuru. The woman reviewer said, “This is a very quiet, compact bike. It uses friction resistance and as you can see, it has a very lovely 22-inch touchscreen… It can hold your phone or your water bottle easy!”


One Reddit user shared, “when we first got our bike in December it developed a “click-click-click” noise that worsened by each day we rode. Myx sent out a replacement tensioner and their tech installed it. All free under warranty.”

Another Reddit user shared, “Got my bike today! And I’m in love! But I put it in our office room at the house which is carpeted.”

Wrapping it Up: Should I Buy It?

All told, I’m impressed with the Myx Fitness bike and what it can offer to its consumers at its price point. Although the warranty is a bit short, as I’m used to seeing warranties on workout equipment that last for 5 to 7 years, I can still put my trust in the brand.

I can say it’s worth buying. For a less seasoned rider, the alternative of using toe cages instead of the clip-in shoes is a welcome benefit, before you get used to indoor cycling eventually.

Worth mentioning also its hefty flywheel that delivers a stable and smooth ride every time you are up and off the bike.

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