Shredz Fat Burner Review

When it comes to weight loss, women have a disadvantage over men (although short-term). That’s because women genetically have less lean muscle tissue, which supposedly burns more calories during exercise, than men.

Plus, women have more body fat than men as their estrogen hormone reduces their ability to burn energy after eating. As a result, more fat is being stored in women’s bodies. While this bodily process may be important to prime women for childbearing, dropping pounds tend to be hard work for women.

Another difference in a weight loss war between women and men lies in food preferences. Women are attached more to carbohydrates while men love meat. Eventually, it may take six months for the rate of weight loss to even out between genders. That’s why I said earlier that the difference is just short-term. 

Still, this led supplement manufacturers to introduce weight loss pills or fat burners suitable for female users. And if you’re in the market for these types of supplements, you may have come across the Shredz Fat Burner.

So, if you want to know more about Shredz Fat Burner for Women, read our in-depth Shredz Fat Burner Review to know more about this thermogenic pill! 

TLDR: Shredz Fat Burner for Women Review

Product Description

The SHREDZ Fat Burner Supplement works by using a homemade formula, which helps women lose weight, control appetite, increase energy, and boost metabolism. 

Marketed as a premier thermogenic supplement, the female-focused weight loss product is designed to melt fat away, promote better mental focus, and provide energy so you can do intense workouts. Here’s a rundown of Shredz fat burner’s primary ingredients and how they work: 

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine –  Acetyl L-Carnitine is known to help the body produce energy and plays an important role in muscle movement, brain and heart functions, and other body processes. Studies have also demonstrated that Acetyl L-Carnitine helps boost metabolism.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – As one of the key ingredients of Shredz Burner,  Alpha-lipoic acid has antioxidant properties that help reduce skin aging, inflammation, and promote healthy nerve function. This antioxidant also helps with weight loss by decreasing food intake and possibly suppressing an energy sensor called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Inhibition of AMPK leads to reduced food intake, a study shows.
  •  Biotin 1% – Also known as vitamin B-7, biotin is involved in many aspects of metabolic processes. Aside from boosting a person’s metabolism, this vitamin also aids in weight loss. Vitamin B-7 also helps keep the skin and nerves healthy.
  •  Caffeine Anhydrous – This is a potent stimulant found in the Shredz fat burner that works to improve athletic performance and promote weight loss. It can also help reduce feelings of hunger.
  •  Cayenne Fruit – Shredz Burner contains cayenne pepper powder that is believed to help people burn calories. Since it is spicy, this ingredient causes your body’s temperature to increase and can speed up the burning of calories or weight loss, particularly in the belly area.
  • Guggul Extract – Guggul has been recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from its promising benefits to treat anti-inflammatory conditions, like eczema, acne, and arthritis, it has also been used to manage blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. 


  • Contains green tea and cayenne that boost metabolism
  • A thermogenic blend that helps increase your energy
  • Can fit in a weight loss program
  • Used only clinically-tested ingredients that show maximum effectiveness
  • Helps boost energy levels
  • Cocoa extract content improves blood circulation by vasodilation
  • Good price for value
  • Contains Yohimbe Bark Extract that can block fat receptors


  • The stimulant content of this fat burner seems too high for some female users
  • Some users don’t find it a powerful appetite suppressant compared to other fat burners.
  • Few users experienced side effects (heartburn, upset stomachs, and sound in ears)

Is it worth it?

Shredz Burner is a fat-burning supplement that can fit in your weight loss program. Thus, it is worth adding to your  I can say it’s not the best fat burner for women but it does contain a blend of thermogenics that can increase calorie burn and jumpstart your metabolism. 

The reason why I said it’s not the best diet pill out there because there were a few female customers who find the stimulant of Shredz too high for them that they can’t take the product in the afternoon because by then they would still feel so energized at night or some feel jittery.

Interested in this fat burner for women? Here’s where you can buy it!

Other products for women produced by Shredz Supplements LLC are Shredz Burner Max Made For Women, Shredz Detox Greens, Collagen Peptides, Detox Supplement, and Shred CLA designed to help people reach their goals faster compared to most weight loss programs in the market today.

In-Depth Review of the Shredz Fat Burner

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule (Total Daily Amount: 2 Capsules Per Day)

Servings Per Container: 60

IngredientsAmount Per Serving% Daily Value
Biotin (as D-biotin) (Vitamin B7)500mcg167%
Pantothenic Acid (as D-calcium Pantothenate) (Vitamin B5)5mg50%
Cacao Seed Extract (Theobroma Cacao)200mg*
Caffeine Anhydrous135mg*
Green Tea Extract (Camollia Sinonsis) (Leaf)62.5mg*
Cayenne Pepper Powder (Fruit) (Capsicum annuum)59.5mg*
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI50mg*
Alpha Lipoic Acid50mg*
Choline Bitartrate50mg*
Yohimbe Bark Extract (Pausinystalia  Yohimbe)25mg*
Guggul Extract20mg*

* Daily Value Not Established. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Blue #1. Produced in a facility that may use tree nuts, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, and egg ingredients.

Warranty/ Return Policy

SHREDZ Supplements LLC accepts returns of their products as long as they’re directly purchased from their official website or over the phone and following their policy restrictions. For instance, the return must be requested by the customer within 14 days of delivery. Here’s a quick link to the company’s policy restrictions applicable to those purchased within the United States and outside of the USA.

Who is it Best for?

This female fat burner is best for women who are trying to burn a few more pounds, curb their cravings, achieve a bikini body, or have more energy for their workout.

Shredz Burner for Women Review: What Do People Say About it?


I’m on my second bottle of Shredz for Her. What keeps me coming back is that this is the ONLY product that I have in my arsenal right now, that gives me a natural boost of energy. Honestly, I took two pills this morning because I really didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and start my day. I took them and I was naturally energized and my mood was more optimistic. When I use it before a workout I feel like working harder, lifting more, and pressing forward with having the best workout. I love Shredz!,” An Amazon customer from the United States shared.

However, there are also some who believe the fat burner is not effective for them. “Very poor thermogenic. Only helps flush water weight, not fat. Also gave me the worst heartburn. Avoid,” one reviewed.


Jennifer Dior said, “I decided that I’ll take Shredz [weight loss supplement] to give me more of a boost with my workout… I will say that I am extremely impressed with this product. I paid for this with my money. They didn’t tell me to make a video on YouTube about Shredz. If you’re thinking of using Shredz to enhance your workout, you can definitely give this a try.

A lot of people say they experienced jitters with this. It does contain quite a bit of caffeine…  [As for me,] I didn’t get the jitters, but I will say that my energy was through the roof… It increased my heart rate [and] the number of calories that I was working in the gym.”

Meanwhile, CelesteRenee said, “They’re little pink pills… I take one before I work out. It’s legit, like really good. It lasts me a long time. But lately, I stopped because sometimes they weren’t working because my body was just getting so used to it because I’m doing hard cardio. But I’ve also been taking them for like, three years.” 

Reddit and the official Shredz website

One Reddit user shared that although Shreds seem a good supplement for women who want to lose weight, it’s not that affordable though. “I have done a lot of searching online and have not come across anything very convincing in regard to female supplements. Shredz seems the most geared toward women, but is super expensive,” she wrote.

I also observed that reviews on the Shredz official website were pretty much positive, but there were still some who were not so happy with their purchase. “Waste of money. Did nothing to help with weight loss,” one Shredz fat burner review reads. 

Nevertheless, there was one who can attest to what it’s done for her weight loss goal. “I was able to shred 15 pounds in 3 months,” she said.

Shredz Burner Max Formula for Increase Gains

shredz fat burner

The Shredz Burner Max is a maximum-strength thermogenic supplement. This supplement is promised to help you cut two pounds per week until you finish your Shredz Burner Max bottle (30-day supply). It is also specifically designed for body toning, muscle recovery, and detoxing.

Difference Between Shredz Burner Max and Burner

Both the Shredz Burner and the Shredz Burner Max for Women supplement contain almost the same formula, except that the Shredz Burner Max contains two “clinically-tested” ingredients for weight loss and these are:

  • African Mango Extract – African Mango Extract, which is not found in the Shredz for Women, is a popular ingredient in weight-loss dietary supplements. The African Mango Extract is believed to be a healthy and natural way to improve a person’s overall health and weight loss.
  • CQR-300 – It also contains Cissus Quadrangularis CQR-300 (aerial parts). This proprietary formulation is shown to promote weight loss and reduce glucose levels, according to a study that appeared in the Lipids in Health and Diseases journal.

As to what customers are saying about this product, some said its thermogenic effect is amazing. One Shredz burner max review on Amazon even reads, “I’ve used this off and on for many years. It’s very effective and helps with weight loss. It definitely made me jittery at first but that wore off after I got used to it. I only take 1 pill per day and I get good results.”

What I didn’t like, though, of the Burner Max is that it has too strong a dosage. But other than that, it has the makings of a good dietary supplement/ fat burner.

To know which is the right fat burner (Shredz supplements) for your weight loss journey, you may contact the Shredz team by emailing them at or click here to chat with their customer support.

Convinced? Buy the product here!

Best Alternatives: Fat Burners/ Weight Loss Supplements

If you’ve tried Shredz and it doesn’t seem to be working for you, here are some of the best supplements for women that may support weight loss goals: 

1. Leanbean (Best Customer Reviews)– Leanbean contains glucomannan that makes you feel fuller between meals. It can also help you drop so much weight. Thanks to its blend of natural thermogenic and minerals to boost your metabolism. 

2. Skinny Gal (Best for Appetite Suppression) –  This thermogenic diet pill for women supports fitness and weight loss goals. It is designed by women and for women. You’ll find a well-balanced blend of ingredients, such as CLA, African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Garcinia Cambogia.

3. HerbTonics Apple Cider Vinegar + KETO (Best Vegan Fat Burner) – The Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules Plus Keto is the best fat burner for vegans. Its proprietary formula is sourced naturally from Apple Cider Vinegar to support weight management, metabolism appetite suppression, and body detox. It also contains a blend of Bhb ketones for longer-lasting energy and stamina that is often experienced in a ketogenic diet.

4. Nobi Nutrition – Night Time Fat Burner (Best Nighttime Fat Burner) – Designed as a weight loss pill, this night time fat burner includes melatonin to support restful sleep. What’s unique about this supplement’s formulation is that it contains white kidney bean extract, green coffee bean extract, and other natural ingredients that not only work as a fat burner but also help reduce feelings of hunger.

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FAQs on Shredz: Fat Burner Made for Women

How can Shredz help you lose weight?

As a thermogenic supplement, Shredz helps you lose weight by burning calories in your body, boosting your metabolism, increasing your energy to maximize your workout capacity, and suppressing your appetite. If we also based it on online reviews, though, more people attested to the naturally energy-lifting qualities of Shredz than what it’s done for weight loss.

 When should I take my fat burner?

Both on workout and non-workout days, take one capsule of Shredz with a meal followed by one pill four to six hours later. Consuming your weight loss pill or fat burner at the right time can help maximize the effectiveness of the supplement. [Related: Best Time To Take a Fat Burner]

Are fat burners a waste of money?

Well, not really. There are good fat burners that sure help speed up people’s metabolism, suppress their appetite, and burn fat. As for Shredz for Women, it contains a blended formula of natural ingredients that can help people lose more weight than by not taking it and just sticking to workout and diet.

Yet, some can be a total waste of money because they stop working after a week or two because the body adapts quickly and eventually figures out how to be normal while on these fat burners. It’s like you’ve been drinking coffee every day (some fat burners contain high doses of stimulants btw). It feels good the first time, but eventually, you’ll need it just to feel normal.

Is it safe to drink a fat burner?

Yes and no. If we consider the speed of getting the results of your weight loss goal, a fat burner for men and women wins more than just sticking to traditional means of burning fat. Another pro is the mental and physical boost it gives you.

But don’t clap too early. These supplements can be sold without the need for FDA regulation. So, the responsibility of effectiveness and safety lies with the manufacturer. I recommend that you do your solid research first before you purchase to make sure that you are getting a quality fat burner.

Do fat burners burn belly fat?

As of writing, there is no direct study that shows fat-burning pills can effectively target belly fat. The good news is that it is possible to target fat loss to certain body parts in a natural way. This type of exercise is called “spot reduction” because you focus on certain areas of the body.

To burn belly fat naturally, keep moving. Engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days. These exercises include bicycling at a casual pace or brisk walking. Or you may add motion to your routine tasks.

Final Thoughts: Should I Buy This Fat Burner?

shredz fat burner for women

In all honesty, I can say the ingredients of the Shredz fat burner do work to increase fat metabolism impair fat absorption, boost energy expenditure, increase fat oxidation during a workout, increase weight loss, or cause adaptations in your body that promote fat metabolism.

However, customer testimonials are mixed. Some said it worked for them, others point that they still struggle with food cravings. Including some ingredients, like Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones, would have been effective choices to block cravings. There’s also no Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber that helps reduce cravings.

And another point – one thing that this fat burner won’t do is to fix a broken diet. This means that you need to take your fat burner in conjunction with a healthy fat loss diet and regular exercise. You need to also set reasonable expectations and don’t just expect to drop 10 pounds in one week just because you’re taking this diet pill.

I recommend that you use this diet pill or other weight loss pills in the Best Alternative section of this review to help reach your weight loss goals in a shorter period than not taking female fat burners at all. 

FDA Disclaimer: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This weight loss pill/ fat burner is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. 

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