Can Pre Workout Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can pre workout cause erectile dysfunction

Pre-workout supplements, also known as pre-workouts, give you energy. Fitness enthusiasts usually consume these supplements before working out. They are also great for athletes and bodybuilders as they help with stamina and performance. However, pre-workouts also have some drawbacks. For example, it causes erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.  This article will discuss the possible … Read more

What is Nootropic Pre Workout?

What is Nootropic Pre Workout?

If you’re struggling to work out in the gym? Is physical strength dropping off? If yes, you might need a cognitive boost. Nootropic pre-workouts are supplements for brain health. It enhances mental wellness and cognitive performance. Nootropics are also great when it comes to improving athletic performance. They offer you benefits you never knew were … Read more

Pre-Workout Before Football Game – Is it a Good Idea?

pre-workout before football game

Taking a pre-workout may delay time to fatigue, increase alertness, improve cognitive performance, and increase overall training volume. Sounds promising, right? Well, don’t decide to just take a pre-workout before a football game or any athletic activity just yet. Responses to pre-workouts vary hugely between individuals. In this guide, I’ll share the pros and cons … Read more

Combat Protein Powder Review

combat protein powder review

Do you want to meet your health and fitness goals this year with the help of a protein powder? If so, then you may have heard of Combat Protein Powder. It’s a product from MusclePharm, a Colorado-based supplement firm recognized for its protein bars, BCAA powder, and energy drink. But how about its protein powder? … Read more

How to Make Pre-Workout Taste Better

how to make pre-workout taste better

Pre-workout is loved by many people, including me, of course. There’s no denying how it could boost your energy level and give you that rush of power to finish a challenging session. There are also pre-workouts designed to boost your metabolism, enhancing fat loss naturally. Yet despite their challenging benefits, many pre-workout powders have notoriously … Read more

Pre Workout Instead of Coffee

pre-workout instead of coffee

Do you work out first thing in the morning? If you do, then there’s a chance that you sometimes feel sleepy and force yourself out of bed for an early gym sweat session. Take a pre-workout or coffee to feel more organized. However, can you take a pre-workout instead of coffee? How do you also … Read more