Can You Bring Pre-workout On a Plane?

Pre-workouts have become increasingly popular among workout enthusiasts. They use it as a dietary supplement to enhance energy, focus, and performance during exercise.  However, if you’re planning to travel by plane and want to bring workout supplements, you may wonder if it’s allowed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You may wonder, “Can you bring … Read more

Ingredients to Avoid in Pre-workout

ingredients to avoid in pre-workout

If you’re considering buying a new pre-workout supplement, you’ve come to the right place.  With so many fitness brands on the market, finding one that will meet your needs and goals can be challenging. So, we gathered a list of ingredients to avoid in pre-workout products to help you make better choices. Many supplements nowadays … Read more

Can Pre-workout Make You Constipated?

The most common question I get from athletes and weightlifters in the gym is, “Can pre-workout make you constipated?” So for this blog post, I figured I’d answer it and find the link between pre-workout supplements and constipation. So, Can Pre-workout Make You Constipated? Yes, some pre-workouts can make you constipated or cause digestive problems, … Read more

Is It Bad to Drink Pre-Workout Without Working Out?

Pre-workout supplements have become a staple for fitness enthusiasts for enhancing exercise performance, focus, and muscular endurance. However, what happens when you guzzle down a scoop of pre-workout without actually hitting the gym? You may ask, “Is it bad to drink pre-workout without working out?” Is it a harmless pick-me-up, or could it lead to … Read more

Does Pre-Workout Have Calories?

With the growing demand for at-home fitness equipment (like stationary bikes and treadmills) and fitness trackers, the number of calories you burn each workout has been in the spotlight. It’s no surprise, as calories are among the essential indicators of a workout’s effectiveness. Simply put, this measure of energy refers to the energy you get … Read more

Taking Pre-Workout at Night – What Are The Risks?

taking pre-workout at night - what are the risks?

Pre-workout supplements have gained immense popularity among fitness enthusiasts in recent years. These supplements boost energy, focus, and endurance during workouts. However, many people are unaware of the risks of pre-workouts at night. In this blog post, we will discuss the risks associated with consuming a pre-workout at night and provide tips on how to … Read more