Weider 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Do you have limited space at home and are thinking of purchasing workout equipment to start your muscle building and strength training? If yes, then chances are that you’re comparing whether it would be better to invest in a fixed dumbbell or an adjustable dumbbell.

While in an ideal workout gym, a fixed dumbbell offers durability, ease of use, and convenience, investing in an adjustable dumbbell would be a better choice if you don’t have plenty of space to spare in your workout gym. 

An adjustable dumbbell would also cost you less than buying a fixed dumbbell set of different weights. And if the space-saving benefits are what you’re after, then the Weider adjustable dumbbell would be a favorite.

The Weider adjustable dumbbells are compact and versatile weights that allow you to maximize your home gym storage capabilities without sacrificing the quality of your exercises.

If you want to know more about the Weider Adjustable Dumbbell, keep on reading. We provide you this in-depth review of the features of the Weider adjustable dumbbell.

TLDR: Review of the Weider 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbells

Product Description

The Weider Adjustable Dumbbell allows you to replace 10 fixed dumbbells, thus it saves up space. To easily adjust the weight, Weider adjustable dumbbell’s Smooth Selector System enables you to slide the selector pin and you’re good to go! 

The weight plates of the Weider dumbbells are also easy to read. It simply takes a glance to determine the weight you are currently working in. 

With a weight range that adjusts up to 50 pounds, users can continue to work out and see the results of their training. And as your fitness level improves, you can adjust this dumbbell to 10 lb or 4.5 kg. increments.

The Weider adjustable dumbbell weight set delivers the same result of 10 fixed dumbbells in one dumbbell and occupies only minimal space in your home.

You’ll also have free trial access to the iFit app, where you can see thousands of trainer-led interactive video workouts on the go or at home. From your tablet or smartphone, your trainer will teach you throughout your fitness journey.


  • Easy to read weight identification
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Quiet workouts
  • Total body results
  • Storage trays (rack tray) included 
  • Smooth Selector System that allows users to easily pick weight they want
  • 10 to 50-pound weight range per dumbbell
  • Stands firm despite minor falls


  • More expensive than non-adjustable dumbbells although it would naturally cost more if you’re planning to buy 10, 20, 40, and 50 pounds fixed dumbbells separately

Is it worth it?

As users of the Weider Select-A-Weight Adjustable 50 Pound Dumbbell have been all praises for this product, we can fairly say that this is worth buying. 

You can do heavy exercises, such as lunges and shrugs, as well as lighter exercises, like raises and curls, with these dumbbell weights.

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase it!

In-Depth Review of the Weider 50 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells


Item Weight: 111 pounds

Item display height: 11.4 inches

Color: black

Storage: Storage trays/ rack

Material: metal plates

Quality and Durability

The metal plates of the Weider dumbbells are made from metal plates, meaning they are unbreakable. The gear also has a finishing molding covering, preventing the crashing sounds of metal between the weight plates.

Another worth mentioning is that the Weider adjustable dumbbell set has a comfortable grip. Picking these adjustable dumbbells up and stowing them away is easy. 

And even if these adjustable dumbbells fall from your hands during a workout, there’s a rip that will keep your feet safe and the floor secure.

Workouts and Exercises

Some exercises you can perform using these adjustable dumbbells include a goblet squat, bicep curl, and lateral shoulder raise.

Other workouts you can do using the adjustable dumbbells are a step up, Turkish getup, pullover, walking lunge, and lateral lunge. 

As you adjust the weight plates, you may also do Tate press while lying back on a flat surface or a bench, floor press, Arnold press, and seated military press.

Additional Features

For user convenience, this adjustable dumbbell comes with a Weider dumbbell rack so that your gear can be safely stowed away after training or when not in use.


This product is covered with a 90-day warranty.

Weider Select-A-Weight Adjustable Dumbbell Set: Who is it Best for?

In our opinion, this compact dumbbell is best designed for people who want to keep their body fit and those who prefer strength training, weather for endurance, or increased strength.

The Adjustable dumbbells are also ideal for people who love to sculpt their biceps.

What Do People Say About it?


A customer purchased this adjustable dumbbell set and he said, “great quality. Will definitely buy again in a heartbeat. [It ]replaces a rack of dumbbells.” 

With above-average star ratings on Amazon,

However, Amazon user AC, said that although he likes the Weider dumbbells and how he can quickly change the pound increments, people should not hold them over their heads. 

Just don’t hold them over your head when you’re doing bench press, etc.! One of my weights suddenly started falling off – I never dropped or abused them,” he wrote.


Rob Kaminski reviewed the Weider adjustable dumbbells after about two weeks of using them. He said, “I’ve got to say, these things really kept me in shape. I’ve been working out from home because this whole coronavirus is keeping everybody inside and there are no gyms available.”

“I love the way the handle feels. It feels really good for dumbbell bench presses or shoulder presses,” he adds.

YouTube channel PovertyPointCustoms also did an unboxing of the Select-A-Weight Weider dumbbells. 

When he tried adjusting the weight plates in pound increments, he commented “they’re a little bit clunky while you’re getting used to them… [but] it’s quick as moving it like that,” referring to the slide selector pin.

The Verdict: Should I Buy It?

If you want to get really toned or wanna lose some weight, then then the Weider adjustable dumbbells are worth considering. It is reasonably priced and you can easily adjust the weight between 10 to 50 lbs per dumbbell.

We also like the locking mechanism of the equipment and it allows users to exercise without any problem. And if properly taken care of, the Weider dumbbell weights won’t get sticky and stays with you for years.

So, whether you are making the most of your time in the gym or you’re indoors, there is no denying the fantastic amount of space-saving convenience and versatility that this gear provides.

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