Does Pre-workout Go Bad? Tips on How to Store It Better

The common ground to admit the spoiling of a product is its expiration date, and people tend to attribute this to a pre-workout supplement. If you’ve been searching, “Does Pre-workout go bad? Tips on how to store it better” lately, you’ve come to the right place!

However, it might come as a surprise that pre-workout doesn’t only go wrong because of its expiry date, but there are other various factors surrounding the spoiling of this product.

This article will enlighten you regarding why a pre-workout can go wrong. It will also point out the tips on how to store it better and whether it is safe to take expired pre-workout supplements. 

Does Pre-workout Expire? (A Quick Answer)

The simple answer to this question without going around in circles is yes. Pre-workout goes terrible, which can be confirmed when it’s moldy, clumped, or has exceeded its recommended shelf life.

It is not yet past the expiration date of a pre-workout, which does not mean it is suitable for use. If these dietary supplements are improperly stored, they can render unsafe to use and unusable.

However, this leads us to how to tell if the pre-workout supplement has gone wrong or expired.

How Can I Tell if My Pre-workout Supplement Has Gone Bad or Expired?

1. Expiration Date

Every product tends to have expiration dates on the label, stating the period after which the product will not be fit for usage. This timeframe also applies to a pre-workout supplement, just like other consumables.

Therefore, it is vital to check for an expiration date on your pre-workout label to know the consumption period. It is then advised not to consume pre-workout supplements once it has exceeded their expiration date.

2. Mold

Mold is clear evidence of the spoiling of a pre-workout. Take a close look at the powder to detect tiny bits of clusters that often emanate from the improper storage of the supplements.

Once you find mold in your dietary supplement, dispose quickly and avoid intake.

3. Odor

When you open your pre-workout supplement for the first time, take cognizance of how it smells to know if it has changed later. If an unfamiliar smell oozes out from the supplement after opening it, do away with it.

4. Color

Pay attention to the look and color of your dietary supplements before consumption. It is no longer suitable for use if it is fading or appears darker than usual.

5. Taste

It is easy to determine the spoilage of something by the taste. However, if the supplement tastes very bad, it is implied that it is no longer fit for consumption.

6. Consistency

Another indication of the freshness of your pre-workout is consistency. Finding a few small lumps in your powder might not pose a problem as finding larger chunks of the lump.

7. Side Effects

Another thing you have to consider and pay attention to is how your body reacts to the intake of dietary supplements. 

If your experience stomach upset, release excess gas or feel funny after the intake of the supplement, there are so many tendencies that the pre-workout has lost its potency.

8. Decrease in Performance

When a supplement does not work as effectively as it used to, it has gone wrong.

If your supplement happens to scale through all the above-stated points, you don’t have to worry but if it happens otherwise, dispose of it quickly to avoid intake.

How Can I Prevent My Pre-Workouts From Going Bad?

1. Avoid removing the seal till you are ready to use

The majority of pre-workout containers have an air-tight seal that enhances the preservation of their freshness.

It is, therefore, reasonable to maintain the seal on the container pending the time you are ready to use it.

The seal on these containers is so tight that removing it is a real struggle. This tightness shows that the manufacturers are also concerned about maintaining the powder’s goodness.

2. Tighten the Lid

To prevent air and excess moisture from crawling into your pre-workout container, tighten the lid while closing it. 

If the pre-workout is stored in a resealable bag, ensure you close the bag fully and push out any air before sealing.

3. Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Most consumables purchased at the grocery store usually contain the tag “store in a cool, dry place,” which applies to a pre-workout. Ensure that you do not expose the container to direct sunlight or heat.

Store in a place with a stable temperature to prevent it from getting spoilt prematurely.

4. Protect From Moisture

Moisture can make your pre-workouts lose potency, so storing them in a place void of it is pertinent.

5. Keep the Desiccant Pack in the Container

A desiccant pack labeled ”’Do Not Eat” is usually placed in the pre-workout container. This pack contains a compound that absorbs moisture and ensures your pre-workout is as fresh as ever.

Although its presence makes the scoop uneasy, you should caution yourself and not remove it.

6. Shuffle the Content

Shake up your pre-workout content before consumption if you haven’t used it. Mixing it will help stop the inherent particles from clustering into solid bits.

7. Use From Time to Time

Use your pre-workout from time to time to prevent it from expiration. It is reasonable to have emptied the container before the expiration date.

Do you want your pre-workout to have a longer lifespan? Apply the above tips and watch your pre-workout supplement serving you for a long time.

What to Do if your Pre-workout Clumps Together?

Your pre-workout may sit longer on the shelf than expected, and you might find a container full of chunks or even a solid brick. However, is clumpy pre-workout bad? 

Not to worry, you can still save the life of the lumpy pre-workout powder by applying the following methods.

1. Shake It

If the pre-workout is still at the early stage of clump formation, severe shaking is enough to dismantle the chunks. Start by ensuring the lid is tight; continue shaking until you confirm the softness of the chunks.

This tip is not a hundred percent, and it can’t be said to work ultimately. In case it doesn’t produce the desired results, you can proceed to use the other steps pointed out below.

2. Break It

This tip can be applied when dealing with significant or stubborn clumps that thorough shaking can’t break down. You can break the clumps with instruments such as a knife or a spoon.

This process will break the clumps into small bits, and you can then go back to applying the above-stated tip, which is shaking, or use the method below.

3. Blend It

Super stubborn clumps find their place in a dry blender which will crush the hard lump and leave it in a powdered form again.

There is still great hope for your long-used pre-workout when you use these methods for restoration. In other words, you can fix clumpy pre-workout supplements with the above tips.

Is It Safe to Drink Expired Pre-Workout Supplements?

The answer to this question is quite complicated as it might be a little challenging to want to say yes or no. 

Most times, products that have passed their expiry date still work ideally and won’t have any side effects whatsoever, but to be safe, we will say no to this question.

Expired pre-workout supplements might result in unpleasant side effects, leaving you to release excess gas or combatting stomach upset. 

The manufacturers are said to know better, so you have to comply with the expiration date written on the container.

How Long Can You Use It Once It’s Mixed?

You can use the mixed pre-workout supplement within 12 hours, provided it has not been exposed to severe temperature changes. 

Taking the supplement at least 30 minutes before your workout is not harmful, even if you have mixed it a few hours before.

Abandoning the mixture for too long can lead to protein structure breakdown, which can cause lower energy levels, exercise performance, and other pending side effects.

Does It Expire Faster After The Container is Opened?

Dietary supplements expire faster once the seal is broken and the container is opened. This situation, however, implies that one should consume these supplements within eight weeks, which is quite a short amount of time.

While some pre-workout ingredients such as B vitamins and minerals last long, amino acids degrade with age. Also, how it is stored matters as an improperly stored supplement tends to spoil faster.

Sara Lindberg, a health and fitness writer, has this to say about the expiration and storage of products;

”The USDA says products containing a use-by date may still be safe after that date, but they may not be of acceptable quality. To help preserve the quality, always store protein powder in the container it comes in”.

What Happens If I Drink Expired Pre-workout?

Does Pre-workout Go Bad Tips on How to Store It Better

Drinking expired pre-workout might cause you to experience problems such as stomach upset and release of excess gas. 

This problem is something you could avoid by doing away with expired pre-workout. Even though the after effect, as stated above, might look so trivial and tend to pass quickly, it is likely to make you so uncomfortable that your workout session might be a waste. 

You are highly advised against taking expired pre-workouts.

Is Pre-workout Bad?

From the research perspective, the purported benefits of pre-workouts don’t have any backup whatsoever. 

Moreover, pre-workouts improve energy levels and physical performance during exercises. The majority of pre-workouts are termed safe for healthy adults, but they are not of so much importance to health or performance. 

However, the answer to the above question is two ways: dietary supplements are not harmful to you, and they are not particularly good for you.

Does Pre-workout Lose Potency Over Time?

Some ingredients in dietary supplements lose their potency with time. For instance, amino acids such as beta-alanine depreciate after about two years.

It is pertinent to remember again that the expiration date alone does not determine the spoilage of a pre-workout. However, the period at which it begins to lose its potency.

Can You Make Your Pre-workout Supplements Within the Comfort Of Your Home?

It is possible to manufacture your pre-workout supplement within the confines of your home. As a result, you save more money and get double the active ingredients. However, these supplements are required to contain caffeine, beta-alanine, and L-arginine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep pre-workout from going bad?

You can keep pre-workouts from going wrong by maintaining the container seal until you’re ready to use, tightening the container’s lid, and shaking the content before use. 

You can also preserve it by storing it in a cool, dry place, keeping it away from moisture, and leaving the preservative in the container.

Should pre-workout be refrigerated?

Yes, it is outstanding for pre-workout to be refrigerated; that’s the right and best place to store it. The refrigerator reduces the risk of moisture and mold because it’s cold and dark.

How do you preserve pre-workout?

Preservation of pre-workout involves storing it in a cool and dry place to keep it fresh and free of molds.

The cool, dry place may be your cupboard, freezer, or fridge, as it will keep your pre-workout from getting moisturized. 

How long is pre-workout good for once opened?

Once a pre-workout is opened, it tends to expire and spoil faster than usual. It can be taken within eight weeks after opening, depending on the make.

Other brands may last for three to four months, but generally, it is advised to consume within three months of opening.


Does Pre-workout Go Bad Tips on How to Store It Better

This article highlighted the various ways to keep and store your pre-workout properly. It also provided accurate answers to specific pre-workout questions that workout enthusiasts usually ask.

Before rounding up, we want to remind you that while the expiry date on your pre-workout label should be adhered to, it does not determine the spoilage or freshness of the powder. 

Also, taking a pre-workout supplement before a workout is not compulsory, and it can only be said to be necessary.

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