What Fitness Trackers Work With Noom?

what fitness trackers work with noom

One revolutionary weight loss program that targets removing psychological barriers is Noom. If you’re wondering what fitness trackers work with Noom, you’ve come to the right place! Losing weight tends to be a stressful battle. And our desire to achieve the ideal body or weight loss goal is amplified by social media. However, being overweight … Read more

Are Fitness Trackers Safe to Wear?

are fitness trackers safe to wear

Fitness trackers and watches are excellent devices to remind you to be active or meet your minimum daily goal. But are they safe to wear?  Is it true that it contains non-ionizing radiation emitted by wearable technology or fitness trackers that is the same yet less energetic than that emitted by an iPhone or android? … Read more

Why are Weight Benches So Expensive?

Why are Weight Benches So Expensive

Weight benches are an excellent investment for your home gym. But with so many different types and brands, you might wonder, “Why are weight benches so expensive?” This article will cover how much weight benches cost, why they are so expensive, and what you should look for when buying the best weight bench.  If you’re … Read more

What Are Dumbbells Made Of?

what are dumbbells made of

Whether you want to level up your dumbbell exercise or have that ripped body, incorporating weights like dumbbells is a big help to achieving your body or weight goals. But before you lift the nearest dumbbell, you should first know the different materials they’re made of to figure out what will work best for you. … Read more

Do I Need a Weight Bench?

do i need a weight bench

If there’s one gym equipment that can help you with pretty much all the moves needed for a full-body movement, it would be none other than the weight bench.  It’s the central piece of gym equipment in a weightlifting set and one you’ll often see in a commercial gym or home gym. But one question … Read more

Workout Bench Alternatives

workout bench alternatives

The humble weight bench makes excellent home gym equipment. It can help you build muscle, burn fat, increase strength, and tone up your upper body by isolating key muscles. But if you’re still hesitating to spend your money on a workout bench or are currently away in your training space yet would still love to … Read more

Do Grip Strengtheners Work?

do grip stengtheners work

You can knock out chest presses and perform bicep curls like a pro. Yet, your fingers feel like breaking off each time you attempt a deadlift or a pull-up. What gives? That, my friend, is a sign of poor grip strength. What, then, should you do to improve your grip strength? Should you buy a … Read more

Flat Bench Vs. Adjustable Bench

flat bench vs. adjustable bench

Are you looking to upgrade a commercial gym or set up a home gym for yourself? If so, having the right gym equipment is crucial. And one of the most significant pieces of workout equipment you can invest in is a weight bench. However, should you go for a flat bench or an adjustable bench? … Read more