ideallean protein powder review

Ideallean Protein Powder Review

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “protein”? Perhaps a muscular man lifting weights. But the truth is, women need protein as much as men do because protein plays many important roles in the body, from cells to muscles. You can get dietary protein from animal products and poultry as well as

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ideallean fat burner review

Ideallean Fat Burner Review

The secret to getting in phenomenal shape will always involve smart training and good nutrition.  But finding the right fat burner can light a fire in your efforts to burn more unwanted fat and attain the best body shape you’ve always dreamt of. Aside from enhancing fat loss, fat burners also boost energy, promote fat

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monkii 360 review

Monkii 360 Review

Are you looking for a singular piece of exercise equipment that will allow you to work all the muscles in your body?  Something that can easily travel with you and allows you to easily and quickly adjust its resistance and weight?  If you are, then you’re in for a treat with Monkii 360! It’s a

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high t testosterone booster review

High T Testosterone Booster Review

Do you feel sluggish or tired? Do you lack the stamina or strength that you once had in your youth? For men, these can be symptoms of low testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that plays important role in muscle mass, energy, and sex drive. Most men have the highest testosterone levels at

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best time to take a fat burner

Best Time to Take a Fat Burner

Losing weight is not easy and ensuring that you’re losing weight while staying toned (having more defined muscles) is even more difficult.  Of course, the right combination of consistent exercise and a well-balanced diet is what you need to get rid of those extra pounds. But you must also not forget the importance of supplements,

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blade fat burner review

Blade Fat Burner Review

When it comes to losing weight or burning fat, many people love a secret formula to lose those flabby areas. Although the combination of workouts and diet will help you become more toned, sometimes they’re not enough.  That’s why some people are looking for that extra boost to burn fat and help reach their body

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shredz fat burner for women review

Shredz Fat Burner Review

When it comes to weight loss, women have a disadvantage over men (although short-term). That’s because women genetically have less lean muscle tissue, which supposedly burns more calories during exercise, than men. Plus, women have more body fat than men as their estrogen hormone reduces their ability to burn energy after eating. As a result,

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animal cuts review

Animal Cuts Review

Fat burners are becoming popular in the nutrition supplement market and for good reasons.  In the US alone, 42.5% of adults aged 20 and above are considered to be overweight or have obesity, according to the CDC. Plus, there are more people who were not included in such statistics but want to shed the extra

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ideallean BCAAs review

Ideallean BCAAs Review

Branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs help your muscles get the proper nutrition they need, especially during exercise. By increasing protein synthesis, BCAAs help prevent muscle breakdown, reduce workout fatigue, enhance fat loss, and reduce DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness). Getting BCAA through food is best, but it’s not easy to fulfill your body’s BCAA requirement if

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monkii bars vs trx

Monkii Bars vs TRX

Suspension trainers are a classic for a reason. They are useful for muscle developing workouts and bodyweight training, the reason why they are common equipment you’ll find in a gym.  Due to their portability and small size, suspension trainers let you do a full-body resistance workout – in the beach, a hotel room, in a

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monkii bars 2 review

Monkii Bars 2 Review

Maintaining your workout routine and normal eating when you travel is tough. Besides, the last thing you’ll probably think is to be cooped up in a gym when you should be exploring new surroundings and trying out new cuisines! Yet, getting a full travel experience doesn’t always mean undoing years of dedication and going hog

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ideallean pre workout review

Ideallean Pre Workout Review

Pre-workout supplements – be that in the form of ready-made drinks, shakes, and powders, are no longer just for gym-bros!  This is because more and more women have been amping up their bottles and workouts for steady gains. And one of the nutritional add-ons that are gaining popularity among the female fitness market is the

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best folding weight bench with leg extension

Best Folding Weight Bench with Leg Extension

If you want to strengthen your muscles more and improve your flexibility and balance, a folding weight bench with leg extension is a great investment.   The great thing about choosing a folding weight bench is that it is easy to store them away when not in use.  That’s a bonus for people who don’t have

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testo max review

Testo Max Review

Do you have any of these low testosterone problems? You’re getting a little out of shape or exercising quickly exhausts you, your mind is in a fog or you’re depressed/moody, the idea of sex is no longer appealing or you make excuses to avoid it. Or perhaps your doctor says your blood pressure and sugar

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testosterone killing foods

Testosterone Killing Foods – Top 7 T-Killers

The food that you eat impacts many aspects of your health, not just your waistline. It’s because the nutrients in food give your body the instructions on how it should function, such as in the production and secretion of a male sex hormone called testosterone. Such an all-important male hormone plays many important roles in

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best smallest fitness trackers

Best Smallest Fitness Trackers

Looking for the best fitness watch that can accompany you on your swim, read your blood oxygen levels, count your steps, and tell whether you are well-rested? Then, we at got you covered! With so many fitness watches on the market, finding an ideal one for your fitness needs can be tricky! That is

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best foldable flat weight bench

Best Foldable Flat Weight Bench

A foldable flat weight bench is a great addition to your home gym. It is versatile, portable, and compact. These are great features for people who don’t have a lot of space to spare for their gym equipment. It is also lightweight, such that it is easy to store away or move if you want

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Best 2-in-1 Elliptical and Bike Combo

Best 2-in-1 Elliptical and Bike Combo

Ever since the phrases “stay at home,” “social distancing,” and “shelter in place” took root in our everyday lexicon, we have to find new means to work out without going out or don’t involve large crowds. As such, many discovered the joys of indoor cycling and this led to the surge in elliptical bike combo

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APE testosterone booster reviews

APE Testosterone Booster Reviews

Sports nutrition and hydration are the best ways for athletes to achieve optimal athletic performance.  However, there are athletes or fitness enthusiasts who have eliminated a food group due to a medical-related issue or food allergy, while some need support to enhance muscle recovery and energy production. And that’s where supplements, such as the APE

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test x180 testosterone booster review

Test X180 Testosterone Booster Review

Do you want your body to be strong, ripped, and ultra-lean? Or maybe do you want to restore your testosterone to the level that you once enjoyed in your 20s?  Then, perhaps a performance supplement is the answer! Some people take such a supplement to improve their exercise efficiency, increase their tolerance for more intense

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golds gym XRS 20 Olympic workout bench review

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench Review

Are you planning to invest in a multi-position workout unit so you can perform various exercises while at home? If yes, then the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench may be an ideal choice for you! It provides a range of different back supports, comes with a squat rack, leg extensions, and is great

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force USA myrack review

Force USA MyRack Review

Need a power rack for your strength training? Well, that’s a great idea. It can let you lift heavy with stability and safety.  But deciding what power rack is best for you can be a challenge with so much home gym equipment available! In this post, we’ll take a look at the Force USA MyRack

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T Male testosterone booster review

T Male Testosterone Booster Review

Did you know that as you enter your 20s, the testosterone levels in your body are already starting to decline?  A 2020 result published in the Urology Times Journal even states that testosterone deficiency has a prevalence of 10% to 40% among adult males and 20% among men aged 15 to 39 years old. This

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Testo Prime Review

TestoPrime Review

Are you looking to try a new testosterone-increasing supplement? If you do, then you might want to read this review till the very end. I myself am a fan of testosterone booster supplements, the reason why I’m excited to share this with you. TestoPrime is the latest addition to the market of testosterone boosters, but

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marcy weight bench review

Marcy Weight Bench Review

Fitness equipment is a must-have for workout enthusiasts and athletes everywhere.  Although it is not necessary if one wants to build strength, exercise, and stay fit, fitness equipment makes the process more customizable and easier!  Weight machines and treadmills are best for building up or conditioning certain muscle groups or for knowing calorie expenditure and

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best olympic weight bench

Best Olympic Weight Bench

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions led to the closure of health clubs and gyms, but it also paved the way for the demand for fitness devices and home gym equipment, like ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and Olympic weight benches. From a global perspective, the home fitness equipment market even reached  $9.49 billion in 2020 and is

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best vertical jump training equipment

Best Vertical Jump Training Equipment

Vertical jump, an act of leaping upwards into the air, is an effective exercise for building explosive power and endurance. Vertical jump training maximizes the muscle contraction of a person by strengthening the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which converts strength into speed and agility. This is why the best athletes in the world participate in a 

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best push pull sled

Best Push Pull Sled

Weight sleds, like weight vests, always seem to get featured in ads as intense workout gear. Yes, I’m talking about those commercials where some jacked dude tears around on a soccer field, and behind his tree-trunk legs is a weight sled. The good news for you is that a weighted sled is not really overly

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Best Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting, particularly heavy lifts, if done incorrectly can often lead to injury. Improper lifting posture, lack of core strength, and lifting excessive weight at a fast pace are just a few scenarios. Fortunately, weightlifting belts have been created. These lifting belts are undeniably beneficial to weight lifters as it helps prevent them from getting injured. 

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body champ olympic weight bench

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

To get the most out of your weight training effort, you need to consider the equipment you use for your workout. This is especially true for some upper-body exercises, like rows, chest flyers, and bench presses. You can choose either a standard weight bench or an Olympic bench. Standard weight benches are ideal for casual

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best flat weight bench

Best Flat Weight Bench

Concentration curls, reverse dumbbell fly, dumbbell bench press, and dumbbell row – the list of exercises you can do using a weight bench is almost endless. That’s what makes them so versatile! If you want to spice up your at-home workouts or are serious about strength training, investing in a weight bench is a good

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Best Cheap Weight Bench

Having an adjustable weight bench as one of your home gym equipment can dramatically improve the variation and quality of your workouts as it allows you to effectively focus on key muscle groups safely while preventing the risk of injury. You might be wondering how do you choose the best weight bench considering that there

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Weight Vest: Pros and Cons

If you want to increase the intensity of your exercise, increase your fitness level, or add extra weight when performing body-weight exercises, such as agility drills, running, and walking, then using a weighted vest is an option. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from a weight vest. However, what

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Best Fitness Tracker For Crossfit

As far as fitness trends are concerned, CrossFit has been on fire for the past years. From national competition to garage workouts, I also personally think that CrossFit is here to stay. CrossFit is a good form of exercise and is based on the principles of high-intensity interval training. It gives you the best of

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Best Weight Bench Under $200

Working out at the gym has been a part of most people’s lifestyle. This all changed when Covid 19 pandemic hit, forcing almost all government leaders around the globe to order temporary closure of gyms and other similar spaces.  This comes as no surprise as gym equipment is usually communal, and is often flocked by

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Best Knee Brace

Do you want to prevent injuries during high contact sports? Perhaps, you’re suffering from knee pain? Or do you simply want to provide support to your body during exercise? Then, the use of a knee brace or knee support would be helpful. Take note, though, that knee braces are made from a combination of materials,

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Best Weight Bench Under $100

Without a doubt, there are many benefits that you can get from doing bench presses, like increasing your upper body strength, improving your bone health, and increasing your pushing power. A bench press may look simple, but is actually a challenging piece of equipment. It involves lying flat on your back on a weight training

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Best Grip Strengthener

When planning for a workout program, fitness enthusiasts invest time closely examining every part of their back, shoulder, chest, and leg routines. However, what most of them often overlook is the advantages of grip strength. This is because grip strength is needed when you’re using half of your muscles during a workout. Plus, having a

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Myx Fitness Bike Review

The popularity of some exercises may waver as people’s interest changes, but indoor cycling seemed to be a staple fitness trend. All the more so because of the pandemic that forced people to stay at home. Indoor cycling is safe, less impactful, notoriously challenging (meaning you’re likely to see the results), no clean-up required, and

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Alpha Testosterone Booster Review

More than just boosting your gym performance or training and maintaining your masculinity, having a healthy testosterone level is important for your wellbeing and general health.  Men with low testosterone have been found to experience fatigue and have bones that could become weaker as the years pass. This condition can potentially lead to osteoporosis. Still,

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Cellucor P6 Testosterone Booster Reviews

Every man needs some healthy fats, even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as fats are essential to support cell growth, keep the body warm, and protect the organs. But too much body fat in the body and your total testosterone level may drop, which will put your health at risk. When a man has low testosterone

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best pre-workout fat burner

Best Pre Workout Fat Burner

Do you want to feel less exhausted when working out, experience an increase in energy and alertness, and kick start your sluggish metabolism at the same time? If your answer is yes to all these, then you may need a thermogenic pre-workout fat burner. Upon supplementing about 30 minutes prior to your workout, you will

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VirMax Testosterone Booster Reviews

The messages online about “Low T” or low testosterone seem to be taking hold. In the past years, testosterone prescriptions tripled for men 40 years old and above, a study has found. Yet, health experts say testosterone therapy and supplementation are not for everyone. As to who needs it depends on several factors, such as

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Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Booster Review

Healthy testosterone hormone levels in the body are important for men’s health. But it is a hormone that decreases gradually with age. Low testosterone levels may also lead to a decline in strength, physical energy, mental aggressiveness, and a decline in erections and libido. Additional symptoms of low testosterone levels may also include weight gain

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Best Testosterone Booster on Amazon

Low testosterone can cause a whole lot of problems in men’s health. Tiredness, increased body fat, diminished sex drive or performance, weaker bones, and mood changes are only some of the health problems that can stack up. Production of testosterone hormone is generally at its peak in early adulthood and begins to decrease with every

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Life Extension Optimized Quercetin Reviews

Ever since we were little, we are always reminded by our parents to consume enough fruits and vegetables regularly. But did you know why? Because fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy, balanced diet that would help us be in our optimal physical condition.  They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

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Best Gym Equipment for Abs and Love Handles

Love handles are the undesirable fats that sit around the midsection of our body.  If you are looking for ways to burn these stubborn fats, then this article might be just right for you.  Most people think that an ab workout, endless side crunches, sit-ups, exercises that target abdominal muscles are enough to burn these

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Muscle Milk Pro Series 32 Review

Are you putting in more hours in the gym weight room, lifting kettlebell, barbell, or dumbbell? If yes, then we think it’s natural that you’re also expecting to have stronger and bigger muscles. But in case you are not making the same effort in the kitchen to make sure that you are also consuming healthy

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MRM Massive Muscle Gainer Review

While weight loss is a goal for many individuals, some want to gain weight without gaining fat, often to improve their athletic performance or to feel and look more muscular. But whatever your reason is, the most important part of gaining weight is to consume more calories than what you burn on an everyday basis.

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Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 Review

When it comes to nutrients that are essential to life and health, protein is the jack of all trades. It plays many roles in the body, such as a source of energy, helps prevent disease and infection, and repairs damaged tissue. While protein is abundant in foods, meats, eggs, fish, dairy products, legumes, seeds, and

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Muscle Milk 100 Calories Review

From protein powders, protein bars, to ready to drink protein shakes, Muscle Milk has been dedicated to creating high-quality protein products that help provide solutions to meet our daily protein needs.  Whether you’re an athlete, gym buff, or someone with an active lifestyle, Proteins are vital for everyone. Athletic people just have higher protein requirements

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Built Bar Review

Protein bars have been a popular go-to snack amongst fitness enthusiasts ever since. However, a typical protein bar has usually a dense and grainy texture making it unappetizing to consume. Some even have a weird aftertaste.  But not Built Bar, what’s unique about this protein bar is its perfect texture – light and fluffy, covered

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Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Watchers

Achieving your fitness goal can be very challenging, more so if you don’t have the right tools to help you in your fitness journey. Nowadays, some of these tools were designed and engineered to integrate into your own lifestyle like a piece of gear you can wear daily – like a watch. It’s fashionable and

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Best Peptide for Building Muscle

Have you been working out on a regular basis, tried switching out the muscle groups you train, and are eating right but still not seeing the results you want to achieve? You’re confused, frustrated, and feel like giving up. We’ve been there and it’s understandable how upsetting it can be. But maybe the reason why

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Muscle Milk Pro Series 40 Review

We, humans, are fueled by protein. Every cell in our body contains such macronutrients. We need it to help the body make new cells and repair the damaged ones. Protein does so much more than these, of course. And although we get proteins from food, such as meat and fish, people who live an active

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EF- muscle milk smoothie review

Muscle Milk Smoothie Review

After a challenging fitness routine, a protein shake sounds like a good idea. It leaves you feeling satisfied, fuels your muscles, and it’s tasty!  But what if you don’t work out as often as others or you just want it as a protein-rich snack? Or perhaps you just can’t seem to find a protein shake

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Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder Review

When you think of protein drinks, bulky muscular men, football players, or athletes may come to mind. But a protein powder is actually beneficial for everyone who wants to stay in control of their body weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Of course, athletes and bodybuilders use protein powders to support their workouts and training,

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Weider 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Do you have limited space at home and are thinking of purchasing workout equipment to start your muscle building and strength training? If yes, then chances are that you’re comparing whether it would be better to invest in a fixed dumbbell or an adjustable dumbbell. While in an ideal workout gym, a fixed dumbbell offers

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Lynx Fitness Board Review

Many fitness enthusiasts have been aspiring for a piece of all-in-one equipment that can lead them closer to their fitness journey.  Many fitness manufacturers nowadays keep that in mind when designing and producing a product that would cater to this market niche.  There are many great choices out there, but it usually costs a fortune

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Best Lock For Gym Lockers

Gym lockers are practical investment pieces for the wise gym member or owner. These devices create a difference in the business. For one, it allows the patrons to move around freely throughout the gym. Knowing that their belongings are kept safe, gym patrons can focus more on their workout and are motivated to come back.

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Best Space Heater for Garage Gym

You and your family’s health and safety are of great importance, especially in this challenging time. With fitness centers and health clubs closed or open for business but at a limited capacity, you may have considered setting up a dedicated workout space in your home, such as in your garage.  The garage is also a

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Surprising Gym Membership Statistics

I’ve been a gym owner for over 10 years. And NEVER, in my experience in this industry, did I imagine that one day the local gym would be closed down for an entire year nor will it be considered as a “high-risk environment.” But then, COVID-19 sweeps the world. And as states introduced lockdown orders

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Total Gym Apex G3 Review

Replicating the gym experience at home has been a challenge for many fitness equipment manufacturers for many years now. Manufacturers had to consider first and foremost how to make it affordable to the market and yet integrating as many workout variations as possible covering both cardio and strength training into one piece of equipment.  The

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Total Gym Xtreme Review

Choosing the right muscle-building or weight loss workout equipment is important if you want to target different muscle groups and achieve clear body-changing results. You may even find the need to invest in different equipment, such as treadmills, recumbent exercise bikes, elliptical machines, cardiovascular machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other types of gears. But equipping your

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Bally Total Fitness Scale Review

Have you started this year with a resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle or to lose weight? Interestingly, this good intention is not difficult to achieve with discipline but many people can’t stick to their weight loss goals after a few months. It could be because they started a plan that is too general or

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Gold’s Gym XRS 50 vs XR 55

Many gym and fitness clubs across the globe had to close down temporarily, some permanently to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result of these continuing lockdowns and periodic government restrictions, a huge demand for home fitness equipment is on the rise. In choosing the best equipment to replicate the gym experience at home,

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Muscle Milk vs Gold Standard

Proteins are macronutrients that are made up of amino acids which are vital for growth, muscle building, muscle recovery, repair of our body’s cells and tissues, immune function, and other metabolic processes.  An individual’s protein requirement varies depending on their age, sex, health condition, and intensity of physical activity. For example, An athlete or bodybuilder’s

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Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Review

We’re aware that proper regular exercise and a balanced diet are still the best ways to lose extra pounds. But what about waist trainers or trimmers? Do they work too? Some say that waist trimmer belts can only produce a temporary reduction in waist circumference and you will not really see immediate results. Yet, it

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Life Fitness Ellipticals Reviews

If you’re recovering from a fracture injury or you just want to stay physically active, then investing in ellipticals can be a good idea. Having an elliptical machine at home also allows you to perform cardio exercises, which consequently strengthen your heart and reduces your risk of disease. And if your goal is to lose

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EF- Total gym fit vs XLS

Total Gym Fit vs XLS

The popularity of high-intensity workout programs has changed the way people design spaces for fitness centers and home gyms. Today, there are dedicated spaces for body conditioning workouts that target the whole body. Fitness enthusiasts and fitness centers likewise invest in full-body workout machines for beginners and gym-goers. Among the must-have home gym equipment for

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Muscle Pharm Combat vs Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein

Of all the essential nutrients that our body needs, protein is perhaps one of the most important. Proteins help repair muscle, improve sports performance, and carry oxygen around the body. Proteins likewise boost metabolism, which consequently curbs your hunger and leads to consuming fewer calories during the day. While there are healthy sources of protein,

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EF- Best muscle milk

Best Muscle Milk Flavors

Protein powders are beneficial to help ensure that your body is satisfied and nourished while working out. They can be used to build muscle mass, improve sports performance, lose weight, or for overall wellness.  But there are just so many protein powder options to choose from. How will you know what type fits your personal

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Cheap Under Armour Gym Bags

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or a regular gym member, a gym bag is an essential accessory to own. Many brands and companies produce stylish and high-quality gym bags to get for your money. However, Under Armour is one brand that is known for its creative bags. Under Armour is known’s approach to design has

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EF- Best cheap mirrors for home gym

Best Cheap Mirrors for Home Gym

It sure would spell a difference to work out in a bright fitness hall than in a dimly lit environment because it creates a positive effect on your alertness.  And speaking of an open and brighter environment, one should not forget the aesthetic value of home gym mirrors. Not only do they make the space

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