Best Fitness Tracker for Pregnancy


As overwhelming as it sounds, morning sickness, mood swings, fatigue, back pain, constipation – are just some of the common symptoms pregnant women may experience especially during the first trimester.  But did you know that there’s a way to help lessen these symptoms? Yes, you read it right. One way to help decrease these common … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Staying fit and healthy requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. Besides having your own personal trainer, owning a fitness tracker can be a great investment to keep you motivated and focused on your goal.  Whether it’s a fitness band or a smartwatch – a fitness tracker can help you monitor various health tracking … Read more

Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

If you or someone you know is a runner and wants to track their health metrics, wearing a fitness tracker for the ankle is a great idea. Many fitness enthusiasts have also switched to wearing an ankle tracker instead of a smartwatch. Unlike wristwatches and most fitness trackers, ankle fitness trackers can track your activities … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

If you or someone you know is a professional boxer or someone who boxes for fun, buying a boxing punch tracker is a good idea.  This equipment has become a go-to device for boxers to track their metrics such as your punch count, punch speed, punch thrown, punch rate, punch accuracy, and punch output. By … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Yoga

Best Fitness Tracker for yoga

Yoga is one of the most spiritual workouts to try if you want to start a healthy life.  However, a fitness tracker is a must-have if you want to build healthy habits consistently.  Fitness trackers are great not only for yoga but for those who desire to have a healthy lifestyle.  They are a great … Read more

Best Speakers for Gym

best speakers for gym

Music can make or break you or your gym members’ experiences. It can psyche them up to go the extra mile, eliminates fatigue, and can assist in making their workouts more enjoyable. With a good gym sound system, classes are also easier to follow and post-workout routines become more relaxing.  So, whether you’re running an … Read more

Vivitar Fitness Tracker Review

vivitar fitness tracker review

Many people start their weight loss journey blindly. They are careful with what they eat, they go for a jog or even take a pre-workout fat burner, but a structured approach to losing weight relies on having data about your body, your exercise routine, and your diet. And fitness trackers are great tools to get … Read more

Best Smallest Fitness Trackers

best smallest fitness trackers

Looking for the best fitness watch that can accompany you on your swim, read your blood oxygen levels, count your steps, and tell whether you are well-rested? Then, we at got you covered! With so many fitness watches on the market, finding an ideal one for your fitness needs can be tricky! That is … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker For Crossfit


As far as fitness trends are concerned, CrossFit has been on fire for the past years. From national competition to garage workouts, I also personally think that CrossFit is here to stay. CrossFit is a good form of exercise and is based on the principles of high-intensity interval training. It gives you the best of … Read more

Best Knee Brace


Do you want to prevent injuries during high contact sports? Perhaps, you’re suffering from knee pain? Or do you simply want to provide support to your body during exercise? Then, the use of a knee brace or knee support would be helpful. Take note, though, that knee braces are made from a combination of materials, … Read more