Surprising Gym Membership Statistics


I’ve been a gym owner for over 10 years. And NEVER, in my experience in this industry, did I imagine that one day the local gym would be closed down for an entire year nor will it be considered as a “high-risk environment.” But then, as we all saw, COVID-19 sweeped the world. And as … Read more

How to Use Fat Burner for Weight Loss

How to Use Fat Burner for Weight Loss

If you are someone who is looking for a weight loss solution, you probably came across fat burners or weight loss supplements. Fat burners are among the most popular dietary supplements available in the market. As the name suggests, it promises to help you burn more body fat, provide the body an extra energy boost, … Read more

Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

Do you have a spacious garden or outdoor gym set up? Then, you might want to consider owning your own outdoor pull-up bar!  Pull-ups are a great way to tone your muscles up. And when done outdoors, you’re also getting while breathing in fresh air from open spaces with beautiful sceneries.  Not only are these … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Menopause

best fat burner for menopause

Do you feel like your metabolism is slowing down, sudden hormonal changes, mood swings, low quality sleep, and food cravings? If you’re a woman in your late 40s, you might be experiencing the classic symptoms of menopause – a natural part of aging wherein the menstrual cycle comes to an end, marking the end of … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Diabetics


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight.  Obesity, as well as accumulation of excess belly fat or abdominal fat, are linked to increased risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer.  For some, … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Runners


Running is a form of exercise that helps improve cardiovascular health and aerobic fitness. Plus, it helps in burning fat and calories.  Alongside, taking a fat burner before running or working out can give an extra buzz of energy and helps in shedding weight during physique exercises.  Fat-burning supplements for runners is not just about … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Teenagers

Best Fat Burner for Teenagers

Looking for the best fat burner for teenagers who want to lose weight can be a challenge since there are many available options on the market. At the same time, most brands usually produce weight loss supplements that are targeted at adults.  Aside from having a regular exercise routine and a healthy eating plan, taking … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Men Over 40

Best Fat Burner for Men Over 40

Looking for the best fat-burning supplements to lose weight faster can be a challenge, especially if you’re aged 40 years old and above.  Luckily, there are many natural fat burner brands that produce natural fat burners for overaged men. To help you save more time and energy, we created a list of some of the … Read more

Best Compact Home Gyms

best compact home gym

Not that long ago, building a home gym was considered quite a luxury.  That all changed when the pandemic took a big cough-cough across the planet, forcing countless fitness centers and gyms to close and leaving us to get serious about working out while at home. So, if you’re looking for some of the best … Read more

Dumbbell Chest Workout Without Bench

dumbbell chest workout without bench

Dumbbell workouts may not be as sexy as barbell exercise however for most people, it offers less risk of injury and is a better road to a stronger and bigger set of pecs. And working your pecs or chest muscles does more than just improve your physique.  These key muscles are involved in the important … Read more