Fat Burner or Appetite Suppressant

fat burner or appetite suppressant

New Year. It’s that time of the year again that is rife with fresh starts and new opportunities, especially after holiday indulgences. If you are among the people who are filled with optimism and motivation to lose weight, achieve goals for self-improvement, and lead a healthier life, then you may have heard some buzz about … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens

best fitness tracker for tweens

Tweens – children who are not kids anymore but are also not teenagers – have a unique fashion statement. Most people in this age group prefer a more mature version of primary colors but such styles do not necessarily match the adult trends.  And speaking of fashion, tweens want a watch that is more than … Read more

Dumbbell Back Exercises

dumbbell back exercises

The back is one of the most significant muscle groups in the human body. It supports the weight of the body, allows flexible movement, and protects nerve structures and vital organs. By strengthening your back muscles, you are basically developing the main support structure of your entire body. Come to think of it, a strong … Read more

Best Low-Calorie Protein Powder


Building muscle mass while losing weight is not an easy thing to do.  Apart from a combination of proper diet, discipline, and exercise, increasing your protein intake is necessary for muscle building and recovery. This is especially true for gym enthusiasts or anyone who is struggling to meet their daily protein requirement.  While protein powders … Read more

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review


If you’re a dedicated bodybuilder or an athlete, you’ve probably heard that muscle-building supplements can help you get the most out of your rigorous workouts and healthy eating habits.  Most of the time, working out and taking supplements will not work on its own without the other. You need to find the balance between these … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Pregnancy


As overwhelming as it sounds, morning sickness, mood swings, fatigue, back pain, constipation – are just some of the common symptoms pregnant women may experience especially during the first trimester.  But did you know that there’s a way to help lessen these symptoms? Yes, you read it right. One way to help decrease these common … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Staying fit and healthy requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. Besides having your own personal trainer, owning a fitness tracker can be a great investment to keep you motivated and focused on your goal.  Whether it’s a fitness band or a smartwatch – a fitness tracker can help you monitor various health tracking … Read more

Best Fat Burner for Insulin Resistance


Insulin resistance happens when fat or muscle cells don’t respond well to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.  Over time, this can lead to prediabetes, which in turn puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain which may result in obesity. While there are … Read more

Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

If you or someone you know is a runner and wants to track their health metrics, wearing a fitness tracker for the ankle is a great idea. Many fitness enthusiasts have also switched to wearing an ankle tracker instead of a smartwatch. Unlike wristwatches and most fitness trackers, ankle fitness trackers can track your activities … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

If you or someone you know is a professional boxer or someone who boxes for fun, buying a boxing punch tracker is a good idea.  This equipment has become a go-to device for boxers to track their metrics such as your punch count, punch speed, punch thrown, punch rate, punch accuracy, and punch output. By … Read more