Best Space Heater for Garage Gym

You and your family’s health and safety are of great importance, especially in this challenging time.

With fitness centers and health clubs closed or open for business but at a limited capacity, you may have considered setting up a dedicated workout space in your home, such as in your garage. 

The garage is also a brilliant space for a home gym now that probably every spare room in your home has become a schoolroom or an office. It is practical and you won’t need to move the furniture out of the way every time you exercise.

One problem, though, is that garages tend to get very cold in winter. And the thought alone of workout out in a freezing garage makes it difficult to get out of bed plus it is not comfortable for physical fitness.

To counteract the low temperature, the solution is to invest in a garage heater. Depending on the architecture and size of your garage, provides you a list of the best space heaters for garage gyms to learn everything you need to know before you buy.

Top 5 Best Space Heaters for Garage Gym

1. NewAir Portable Garage Heater

Product Description

The NewAir Portable Garage Heater has a hard shell exterior that is built to last for a long time. It is durable since it is made from heavy-duty material that functions well even in tough work conditions and climates.

As part of its safety features, this heater is ETL certified, meaning it has been tested for safety standards. It is an ideal heater for a garage gym as it comes with overheating protection too.

With NewAir Portable Garage Heater, you won’t need to worry about maintenance issues, which you may encounter should you choose a propane heater.


  • Corded electric power source
  • Adjustable louvers for heat control
  • Mounting hardware included in the purchase
  • Ceiling mountable
  • Warm-up to 500 feet (temperature range)
  • Safe to operate
  • Can be mounted in the wall too


  • Some users find the fan weak
  • It is a bit noisy/ fan noise
  • Wired directly to the power source, meaning no external switch for on and off

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

2. Mr. Heater MH60QFAV

Product Description

If you have decided to insulate your garage, you may consider investing in Mr. Heater MH60QFAV 60,000 BTU Portable Propane Forced Air Heater. You may also consider the 30,000 BTU output variant.

The Mr. Heater quiet burner technology makes it 50% less noisy than other heating options out there. The great thing about this space heater is that it warms up to 1,5000 sq. ft and works in continuous ignition.

No wonder why this forced air heater generated high global ratings.


  • Impressive heat capacity (60,000BTU)
  • Safe operation
  • Portable
  • Quiet burner technology
  • Heats Up To 1,500 Sq. Ft.


  • Still generates a little noise

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

3. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

Product Description

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater is a wall-mounted heater. Its space-saving design does not take up much floor space.

It can be used not just in home gyms, but in offices, bedrooms, and kitchens too. When wall-mounted in your home gym, you may also choose to hide the cord inside the heating system itself.

This model comes with WiFi tech, making it easy for you and your family to control the heater right from your phone.

There is also a built-in thermostat that shows the present ambient temperature is in the room. It comes with a one-year warranty upon purchase.


  • WiFi-enabled
  • Space-saving design
  • Operates in 110 Volts and 1,500 watts of power
  • Stays cool to touch and stays cool in the wall
  • Safe to touch the heater grill
  • ETL safety certified
  • Portable
  • Efficient


  • No other way to use it than being wall-mounted
  • Suited in small-sized garages

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

4. Heat Storm Wave Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater

Product Description

Just like the rest of the Heat Storm heating systems, the Heat Storm Wave Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater is also ETL safety certified and is WiFi-enabled. It’s easy to control the heater using the app on your phone.

A small home garage is easy to warm up


  • Easy digital touch control
  • ETL safety certified
  • Built-in thermostat with LED display for temperature control and measurement
  • Easy to install
  • Space-saving
  • WiFi smart heater


  • Low heat capacity (3100BTU)
  • Suited to small-sized home garages

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

5. Dura Heat Propane Forced AIR Heater

Product Description

Dura Heat Propane Forced AIR Heater comes in different heat outputs. The variants include 30,000 to 60,000 BTU, 40,000 BTU, 70,000 to 125,000 BTU, and 120,000 to 150,000 BTU.

It operates 7 to 14 hours on a propane(LP) gas cylinder of 20lb. It may be physically small, but it operates well.

Some users claim that this heats up a 2-car garage in about 5 minutes. This heater may also be used to assist an electric heater to heat a large shop.


  • Simple operation
  • Comes in varied heat output
  • Built to withstand day-to-day wear and tear
  • Good value for money


  • No electrical switch, meaning you need to unplug the system from the power outlet to shut it off 
  • A little bit noisy

Interested? Here’s the link to purchase!

Qualities to Look Out For When Choosing the Best Space Heater for Garage Gym

Ready to buy a garage gym heater? We listed some things that you need to consider as each type of heater for the garage gym serves a certain purpose.

Heat Capacity

The most important quality to look out for when deciding to buy a heater is the heat capacity itself of the product. How much heat can it generate per time? 

A garage heater with 5000 watts power capacity, it can release 17,060BTU of heat. This is already very impressive and enough to heat your garage. In fact, a 500sqft or two-car garage size, at that.

Ease of Use

Heating your garage gym should not be a difficult task. So, find a space heater that is easy to use or one that can be easily transported from one area to another. 

There are garage space heaters that come in a cone-shaped appearance and are grip-friendly so it can be easily handled.

Most would prefer a Wi-Fi-enabled or smartphone-controlled garage gym heater so that it is easy to switch on and off.

Safety Features

If you prefer propane heaters, they generally come with an explosion and fire risk compared to electric heaters. So, look at the safety measures employed in the propane heater design.

Propane heaters should have a regulator that controls the quantity of the propane tanks that enter the heater. Aside from the propane tank regulator, it should also have thermoelectric safety valves.

Garage Heaters Power

Garage heaters have three power sources: electric, natural gas, and propane.

Whether you choose electric, propane, or natural gas as a source of power for your heater, there still needs to be an overheat protection function. Its shape is like a thermostat that helps monitor the temperature of the garage.

Nevertheless, propane heaters produce more heat compared to an electric garage gym heater. So, if you have a large garage gym, you may consider investing in a propane heater.


Buying an 80000BTU power capacity heater if you have a small garage space may be a waste of money as there are far lesser-priced heaters that will just do the job perfectly.

Final Verdict: Which Heater for Garage Gym Should You Buy?

For a mid-range heater for your garage, we would prefer the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater.

The black and white color of this garage gym heater makes it easy to blend in your home gym. We think it is even one of the best decorative heaters in the market today.

And if you’re not particular about achieving a fancy-looking garage, then this garage gym heater is also safe to use. Since it is strictly wall-mounted, there is no risk that other people will easily make contact with it.

But even if they do accidentally lean on this heater, it is still designed with a cool touch surface. It is cost-effective, works faster than air heaters, and arguably very easy to operate.

Warm in your garage today with this Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater.

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